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Accepting My hero academia revised (lilian)(OOC)


Lily Flower Goddess
this is still Lilian, just a new account so bare with me. New rp site for mha so give me your character description. Anyone is welcome!
I also have some revisions to my characters quirk so...


Lily Flower Goddess
Name: Lillian Aizawa
Occupation: High school student at UA High
Quirk: The ability to look at someone and take their quirk. She can use it any time she wants! The way to return the quirk is by skin contact.
Appearance: Her hair is black at the roots and ombre's to burgundy at the tips; her left eye is covered by a burn like todoroki's . Her eyes are Grey(left) and baby blue; she is really freckly. Lilian's skin is very pale.

Relationship status: Single(being shipped with todoroki though)


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Seventeenth summer written by Yukio may
Name: Winry Mizuhara
Occupation: High school student at UA High
Quirk: Manipulation- this allows the user to manipulate short periods of time the age of an object of an object in general.

Example of her quirk. She muttered before the use of her quirk, "age the floor to debris" and the floor will age and fall apart into a pile of debris. Or "blast my opponent away from me" and a guest of wind will throw them away from her.
Relationship: single, being shipped with Bakugou

Name: Yagami Tanyu
Occupation: UA student
Quirk: puppet this allows the user to take control of an inanimate object and turn it into a doll to do his bidding (like sherry from fairytail but he doesn't have to touch them for them to be active)
Relationship: single

Name: Aozora utagawa
Occupation: UA student
Quirks: Hallucination
Allows the user to make his opponent Hallucinate anything from their worst nightmare to nothing but black. Can also be used to calm a panic attack if over used can cause him to hallucinate.
Appearance: he is the black haired boy:
Relationship: with Lillian
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Seventeenth summer written by Yukio may
Name: Yukio utagazaki
Age: 15
Quirk: Living doll - she can bring toys to life and turn them to human sized puppets however she has to be a bit childish for if she has a weak imagination the toys will attack her and if she holds control of a doll too long she will gain a characteristic from them (if it's a teddy bear she gains their fur ) for 12 hours minimum.
She always has a stuffed lion and a stuffed teddy bear
Relationship: single