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PG-18 My hero academia revised (lilian)(IC)


Lily Flower Goddess
(third damn computer bro. the first one is mine and the screen miraculously shattered [cough cough I do know how it did and im not proud either] went to the library Thursday morning, gets my first loaner computer, computer works perfectly fine all day Thursday. Gets to Friday, LOANER NUMBER 1 SCREWS ME OVER SO DAMN HARD--
the battery was fried up. Friday, the library was closed, I screamed silently at myself, was forced to use crap computers the teacher's have because school board dont give a damn about the teacher's computers, couldn't fix the computer, screamed for a hot 30 minutes because I couldn't fix the damn computer, cried myself to sleep, woke up this morning, went to the library, traded in loaner 1 for loaner 2 and now I'm pissed because the entire time I tried fixing the computer I had no idea the battery was fried.)