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My Floating Isles

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The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
My Floating Isle

They had moved to the sky so long ago that the reason why had been lost in the records. Books age, memories fade, fires consume. Even the Elders on the Isle of Yel Ennore close the pages on the events, they remember, but they have not shared with the most inquisitive eyes.

In the beginning there were four major colonies, and those bloomed into the major forces of today. Yel Ennore, the elvish commune. Pinpids, the town of oil, dirt, and workers. Nova, the city of self-improvement and business. Ozyolsk, a city powered by steam and gears.

Of course there were the natives that had already built their homes, but the blood shed long ago between the Aarakocra and the humans has long become stale.

Now there are new threats to the world they have built. Stability is faltering. One push in the wrong direction and everything will fall apart.
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Yel Ennore

Elvish capital.
Population: 300,00
Attributes: magic, old knowledge
Average Citizen Age: 4000 years.
Temperment of people: calm and patient to a fault. Very judgemental.

“The young will make mistakes. You, your people are young. You will grow to know what is good for your people”

Outsiders are only trusted as far as the generations of goodwill can carry the mortals, one bad business partner with the elves will devastate the entire lineage of the wrong-doer. Yel Ennore elves look down on humans and Aarkocra alike to their self-serving and destructive ways.

With the elvish natural gift in magic Yel Ennore is the most magical place a person could go. Many students of the major cities take pilgrimage to the universities and places of study that are held within the core of the city- but not too many have the chance to learn.

Traditionally the elves in Yel Ennore go through a ceremony once they’ve hit 350 years. Before this point the young are not taken seriously, as just children who have yet to open their eyes. This ritual is spiritual, there’s a sacred valley deeper into the elven island that is warded with magic to prevent the wanderings of outsiders. It’s a time of recluse and silence; and for each troll the event takes a different amount of time. Some spend a month there, some forty years, all depending on the elder who watches over the developing minds.

Lorelei Rathiain
Age: 398
Species: Elf

Newest member of the court. She’s the most influential at her young age, and just haven gotten out of the strict and unforgiving trials that are required to be a servant of the people. Lorelei has been trained in combat, and is much more useful channeling energy rather than casting or malee.

Of all the important figures in Yel Ennore, she is the one who would be likely to help someone in need without prior knowledge of them or their plight. She is kind, always has a smile on her face and is willing to be the one to pick up the coffee for the office.

Estelar Reyris
Age: 630
Species: Elf

The elvish don’t have an active army, even with the seat of general filled. Estelar is a man who takes his time, wades the waters, and strikes when the moment has the best opportunity for success. With the shadows twisting in fear and anger he is there with every intention to keep the city of Yel Ennore standing. No matter the cost.

Crossing his path will change your world completely, and means that you have stepped far off the path.

Nevarth Grencan
Age: 2044
Species: Elf

Nevarth has always held disdain for how the elvish treat the rest of the species. After her “coming of age” she fought foot to tooth to bring equal rights among the elves, humans, and aarakocra. She wrote essays, stood with the species brushed to the side by the elite, and did everything in her power to bring about a better world.

Her efforts were ignored. She was disgraced and put out of court. Her home is still in Yel Ennore, but deep within the labyrinth that the city had been built on. She is the voice of equality, silenced by tradition.

Ruvyn Grenala
Age: 4231 years
Species: Elf

High Priest of the Elven court, Ruvyn has seen his fair share of how people behave.
He is not the kind of person to give second chances, cross him wrong once and he won’t let you a second time. He was selected as the high priest due to his un-matched abilities with the world’s magic. He is well known for his ability to pull lightning from the sky, and his control of blue fire.
Ruvyn stands for the good of the planet’s life force, to which he is in tune. He can feel the shifts in power, the changes in the wind, and the destruction of life.

Within the last two decades he has been bringing forwards the fact that Pinpids has been the singular city that is bringing death and destruction to the planet as a whole. War is just across the horizon if the city doesn’t cease its fossil fuel emissions.

Nature powered ships.​

Through the life that the elves plant and take care of comes the flying and maneuvering through the skies. An elf who has bound themselves to the tree that guides the ship is needed for it to move. If an elf ship is captured, the ship itself will not cooperate with an invading force. The ship itself is alive.

Truly the ship can take any form that the tree is planted in. From a glass dome, the deck of a more traditional ship, to someone’s living room - with enough love, magic, and duty it can be turned into a ship.
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Human capital.
Population: 3 million
Attributes: hard working. The most accepting city out of the four, even though the rest of the cities generally look down on them.
Temperment of the people: rough and tumble. Bring yourself up by your bootstraps.

Pinpids is the most diverse city of the four, with the largest population. As the “youngest” developed city it’s people haven’t known the tastes of luxury and have just come out of the age of farming and kings. Lots of people come here to work after they’ve left their small isles as there are always jobs available, even if they’re sweat jobs in factories.

The CEOs and other owners of the hundreds of shops in this city live in Nova, spending their days in luxury while Pinpids swirls in discord and suffering.

Its common to see the homeless in the street, even if they have jobs that they work hard at it isn’t quite enough to support housing.

Karthin Rowley
Age: 28
Species: Human

Rebellion has been brewing in Pinpids since the late days of the kings. With four generations of rebels it’s no surprise that Karthin has followed in her family’s footsteps. As the leader of the underground movement, her people take actions varying from picketing on the steps of a business to throwing smoke bombs and graffiting the walls of the cities.

Karthin herself is hard to get along with, as her only priority is taking down big business without a care for what could step up into its place.

Yule Crawford
Age: 34
Species: Human

As the head of one of the many districts’ policing force, Yule has taken it upon himself to bring justice into his hands and do right by the people. Of course this doesn’t always work out as he isn’t at the top of the chain, and some cases are more messy than others, but he’s there and working on it.
He can be rough and nose deep in regulation, but he’s got a soft spot for the underdog.

Amal Nejem
Age: 22
Species: Human

Amal has worked all of her life trying to bring people up, trying to improve the world around her and by that everyone around her. After turning eighteen she won office and has since stepped up to governor. She has pushed programs for education, passed legislation for people’s rights, and increased the budget for housing. Ms. Nejem has single-handedly made the most progress in Pinpids in the history of the citystate.

If it’s for the people, she will be working towards it- against the large corporate powers and those who would work only for themselves.

Shayne Livingstone
Age: 44
Species: Human.

After spending his youth on a native-controlled isle his morals and defined reasoning vary from the average man. He saw the cruelty bestowed both ways with the friction that humans have with the aarakocra, and thrived in that heat.

He’s not a kind man, and when he was bought at 30 once reaching a high enough rank in Axel’s military service he brought horror and grief to those who look at him the wrong way. Corruption has bled into the cracks in his mind and there is no turning back.

Fuel powered ships.​

Gas and coal has always been a constant, the most so in Pinpids who in recent years have been trying to refine and improve the output of the consumable power. Unfortunately no one has come up with an efficient way to move forwards, the tech for steam hasn’t been released to this society, and the touch of magic has been lost to the people.
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Human capital.
Population: 1 million
Attributes: High tech, cunning, leaders.
Temperment of the people: Friendly at face value, but the privileged elite are only skin deep.

Nova is a self-proclaimed paradise. CEOs, born billionaires, and people who climbed all the way up the ladder to success live in their gorgeous offices and beautiful homes. The smog and struggling working class are far away and a part of a world that isn’t important.

Nova’s economy is tightly wound with Pinpids’. The collapse of Pinpids would certainly result in the fall of Nova.

Minami Miku
Age: 29(?)
Species: Human, Fox Spirit

With one of the last magical families living in Nova, the Minami family invited one of the old guardians into their young child. The Kitsune that stepped into their infant had been moving within the spirit world for a thousand years. With the wisdom and power that came along with that spirit, Miku took on the world at eight. Even with the fire that burns through her she’s cool and precise. There is no success unless it involves her.

Tino Reeve
Age: 21
Species: Human

After the gothic years of highschool, Tino turned his life around for the benefit of his mother, who soon after died from cancer. He’s the smart kid that sat at the back of the class, who took the time to correct the teacher, but was too bored to do the homework or participate.

He’s succeeded in everything he’s touched, but nothing has held him down long enough to give him a title. The CEOs of the three biggest companies have tried pulling him in each of their directions, but his lack of alliance has boosted his status to celeb- a person who stands for himself and calls out everyone else’s bullshit. His following is large, and he pulls a larger weight than he knows.

Darcelle Smit
Age: 37
Species: Human

Sole inheritor to the super company “Axel”. After her parents(mysteriously) died right after her 18th birthday she was able to step up into the top seat without a drop of hesitation. She’s warm when it comes to fashion, makeup, and current events that involve celebrities- but her demeanor changes dramatically when she sits at her desk and does her job.

Axel is the major force in the world’s Military Complex. They pump out soldiers, guns, and other destructive forces that would mow down humans, monsters, anything that could come in the way of a soldier.

Tyrese Barrie
Age: 20
Species: Human

Alienated by his parents, Tyrese grew up on the streets of Nova. The homeless population is very small in this city-state, and the streets were empty for Tyrese to run through. His connections to the underground that runs from city to city are the largest of any one person. Tyrese isn’t well known, and most people joke softly with the nickname “Tyrant”.

If you need to get something, or need to get something out, all you have to do is get down to the docks and wait until you see his signature armor.

Tech/magically powered ships.​

Magic still pulses in Nova, even if it’s a pinpoint compared to Yel Ennore. The ships that Nova puts out are able to be moved by anyone who steps on them, the core of the ship a solid gem that only has a small portion of power. The rest of the ship is geared towards reusable energy, wind, solar, and gears. It’s the best mix of the rest of the tech that the cities have to offer. Money buys everything.


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.


Human capital.
Population: 2.3 million
Attributes: innovative, insightful, creative.
Temperament of the people: kind, the most helpful city for those who are looking for help.

There aren’t as many jobs as on Pinpids, but there is room for people to learn a specialized craft. Schools are prevalent and inclusive, taking into account the individual’s needs to how they learn. Apprentices are common and for the most part the best way to raise the next generation.

After their almost failed industrial revolution, Ozylosk was able to pull their stuff together and find their power in water and steam. Keeping their values and origins they brought forth new fashion, new machines, and new thoughts to the ruling cities.

Marielle Burton
Age: 18
Species: Human

Brief brushes of magic still sift through Ozyolsk, and one of those breaths filled the lungs of Marielle on the day of her birth. She was gifted the sight. She sees the twists of time and the likely conclusions of the end of days. She’s a reclusive girl who lives in the Capital, sitting in on the different councils and giving her input of knowledge beyond her age.

She has navigated the city through minor disasters for ten years, and has a huge future ahead of her.

Kain Swales
Age: 22
Species: Human

Celebrity status follows closely on the heels of Kain, although his retractions from society for months, and once several years, has made that particular achievement difficult to catch him. He doesn’t care much for attention, eve though he gets it in every pub he puts his feet up in at night.

Swales has a reputation in all of the major cities, for going to the limit and stepping over it.
He is the only known person who has gone down to the planet’s surface and has returned. His stories are enchanting and wonderful, even when filled with darkness.

Bridgette Ward
Age: 30
Species: Human

Brig was maimed in a horrible factory accident when she was young in the city of Pinpids. For years she had to learn how to function without an arm and a leg, until she had attempted to mug an inventor from Ozyolsk who was passing through on simple business. The woman took pity on her, and brought her back to her home and spent three years building and rebuilding mechanical limbs for the girl to use. Brig picked up the specialty easily, and when her mentor died she stepped up into her place and has become the leading force in mechanical prosthetics.

Cool Concept Art by Izzy Medrano

Emanuel Richards
Age: 71
Species: Human

Age does not soften everyone, even if it rounds off the edges as Emanuel has come to know. Spending the majority of his youth as a gatherer of knowledge he has built himself his own personal library all printed out with his small precise handwriting.

With the years dragging on he has shifted his focus from the natural phenomenons that happen on a daily basis according to his machines and recording devices to the Elvish longevity. He would give just about anything for an inside look into eternity, and has parts of the old world to trade for it.

Steam powered ships.​
Water, heat, and gears have made the people of Ozyolsk able to raise up their heads and step up into the world around them. These ships are usually much more complicated than the rest of the city's, and their mechanics that keep them fit and flying are the best technical engineers.
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Ursine Fletcher
Age: 21
Species: Human
Alliance: neutral

The calls of the skies have always called to Ursa, the undeniable urge to stretch her (metaphorical) wings and feel the clouds at her fingertips. She joined a gang of pirates when she was sixteen, after running away from home on Nova. Her parents miss her dearly, and there's a fine reward out there to bring their beloved daughter back. No one who has met her has gone through the process of dragging her back.

She has a connection to the birds that is very rare, and on her journeys through the islands she has grown in her knowledge into this particular magic inside of her and has become more in sync with nature. Ursa is not a girl who can be pinned down and made to do anything she doesn't want. She's a common site on rogue islands, as her travels make such outposts normalities.

Reginald Ulmor
Age: 33
Species: Human
Alliance: anti-establishment

Reginald was the first drop in the bucket for the newest, largest revolution known to modern humans. After achieving CEO in Borelle(Axel's previous rival company) his eyes were finally opened to the corruption that stained every surface of the city. Within the first month of taking control he broke the company down, gave equal shares to all of the workers(including the ones on Pinpids) before sending them home jobless.

A few smartly placed bombs took down the building, and what it stood for. His name is hushed if it is ever spoken, disgraced from the ruling class.

Age: 24
Species: Aarakocra
Alliance: The Silver Thunder Tribe

Not much is known about the Silver Thunder Tribe, but it is known that their warriors are some of the strongest, bravest, and largest of the native population.

Knoton is barely known by name, and more by face. He has grown cold with the wars he has lead against the humans who have fought against him and his people on the outskirts of the human domain. He is not interested in his tribe loosing more than they already have.

Age: 32
Species: Aarakocra
Alliance: The Risen Water Kin

Awen is known on the smaller islands for being interested in other cultures, and has pulled together more tales and stories of the lands outside of the known boundaries of the cities. Her stories, and knowledge, would be priceless to those on the journey of knowledge.

Things to know


The largest population of sentient species, the human race has easily taken the top hold in the ladder of self-destruction. Though many have tried to right the sinking ship, but nothing has truly helped. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Their treatment of the other species has been despicable for the last few centuries, and only with the promise of profit has the scope turned.

Within this realm humans are susceptible to everything; summoned spirits, sicknesses that can destroy the mind and body, and the depravity of the supernatural.

Vampires, werewolves, witches, and the like do and can exist. "satanic" rituals to summon a spirit from another layer of reality happen. Humans gifted with small breaths of magic to twist streams of water into icicles, or to speak with a species of animal are common among Novans and the minuscule amount of humans that live on Yel Ennore. But the more humans suck life out of their island the less magic there is to influence their worlds.

No magic, no supernatural. No creatures have been reported on Pinpids or Ozyolsk in generations, and none will return if the devastation isn't reversed.


Elves are generally speaking immortal. One of this species can live for a million years without truly feeling the wrath of time simply from their ancient devotion of life. However this does not mean they can not be killed, a stab good stab or two will kill them. A disease without a cure will run rampant. Their skills in medications and sciences are the best known, and they do not loose one of their own all that often.

It would be unprecedented for a murder to take place among elves, even from an outsider. Such a situation would result in full war between the elvish and whoever was responsible.

Their customs are strict, and for the "children" it can be overwhelming and tedious. The elvish town of Yel Ennore specifically does not have more than two children every century. Birth rates are near null and gender, as well as sex, has long been unqualified for social purposes.


When the main-landers first took up their ships and came to the floating isles, the native people were not only pushed out of their homes but were discriminated against for generations. The natives have been taken advantage of not only for their lack of knowledge, but also for the blind trust that the first of their kind had when encountering humans.

Gods of fire and air are their main deities, and the Aarakocra are very religious when it comes to really anything. If their is not a sign most of the clan leaders will not dedicate themselves to actions such as war or treaty. Their houses mostly consist of caves, tents, and ruins that float on the smaller islands across the planet.

More to be unlocked with further adventuring.
There are the four main islands, where the four main cities are built. Other than these four islands, hundreds of thousands of small islands float through the atmosphere as well. Small farms, taverns, villages, mythical trees, can all be found if looked for hard enough.
These islands do move through the air, with no pattern that the current data can conclude. There is no tether to the ground, depending on the time of year, and on a clear day, an island can be found above what looks to be dense forest or open waters. But most of the time the land below cannot be seen past the cloud coverage, its a beautiful mystery.

Tales have been told of magical beasts as large as the town halls, of creatures that glow and shimmer with every step that they make. There are stories of fish who swim through the air, and trees that grow upside-down. There is even one that says that the caverns on the ground are coated in gold, with a man who has existed since the formation of the planet sitting in it's depths waiting for someone worthy to take the flag and look over the planet.

Magic flows freely on the surface, everyone who says they've been there agree.

What is allowed:
Guns, most kinds of tech- although only the very top of the ladder will have access to brand new "modern" tech. Keep the level of tech that your character knows/has to where they grow up.
All kinds of magic.
Pets, animals, mythical and earth-like.

What is not allowed:
Copy-Paste characters. Please make a new character to slide into this world.
No characters with origins from the surface of the planet.(this rule can/will be changed once more lore is revealed)
Slurs against any of the species or cultures. We're not going to be doing that kind of negativity here.


All site rules apply.
Please ask questions when you don't understand something, my explanations may be long winded but i’d rather you be comfortable. I prefer world building to be mutual, don't be afraid to bring in your own flushed ideas.
Be patient with responses. Bare minimum I would like everyone to post once a week. If things come up in your life, because life can be a Butt like that, just let everyone else know.
Double Space between paragraphs for visual chunking. it makes reading much easier.

Character Sheet:

Species: (human, elven, or aarakocra)
Sex and Gender:
Appearance: (picture or detailed description work)
Mental health:
Personality Traits:
Background Information:


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
Name: Vivilya Marisod

Age: 104

Species: Elf

Sex and Gender: Female, gender fluid. she/they


Mental health: struggles with consistent repetitive nightmares and insomnia

Personality Traits:
+ blunt, decisive, persistent, expansive
- immature, impulsive, spiteful, tends to run late

Occupation: reckless leadership of a rogue ship

Background Information:

The newest born Elf from Yel Ennore, a girl with black hair and skin of pearl, Viv wasn't the kind of person who simply took what she was given. She didn't take what was forced down her throat either. A stubborn girl who fought her care takers, questioned her teachers, and stuck her nose into things that she shouldn't have. Viv spent her first fifty years running through the palaces of Yel Ennore, with attendants trying to appease her need for adventure and the newness of anything. Her brilliant mind took in more than what her mentors could give her, and upon hitting sixty she ditched.

For a few years she lived from boat to boat, but after her first step out of her home city horrors slipped into her dreams. Not a night passed without the void opening before her and a new depth revealed. If it's magic it's something that has never been discussed with her at home, and nothing that anyone mentioned to her in her travels. If it isn't? Then she just has to deal with that crap and get on with eternity.

Viv joined a pirate crew, became handy with a sword, and saw the world of those who struggled to make it meal to meal. She grew savvy in the world of deception, cunning, thieving, and friend making- none of which were taught her in the halls of the elves. She bonded with humans and aaracokocra alike, and watched them grow old as the years went on. She understood her difference, but as the first of her mates died that she had known for decades she left. With scrounged up money she bought a small ship on Ozyolsk, filled with gears. Of course she had no idea what she was doing- and brought on her first mate to work as engineer. After the first few months running into problem after problem with gears, nozzles and flips Viv made the decision to go back to Yel Ennore to "pick up" a sapling. The small tree sits in the middle of their deck, slowly growing into the ship with each day that passes.

She is easily a part of the "intimidating until they smile" club.

Ship mission: adventure into the unknown.

The Fearless Bluejay's crew:
Captain: Vivilya Marisod
First mate/mechanic: @Raesins
Gunner: @Tyrial
open position 2: tbd

message at me if you'd like to start up a different ship with your own crew/ect, im also happy to have people pop into this one and set up shop
casual reminder im going to be gm'ing for anyone who'd like to do other things, but my main desire is to explore the planet's surface and write up some Weird Sh*t.
want to go with the social reform route? im more than happy to play the character's ive developed- no dating them tho :p im not a good dating sim
hmu with ideas, input, gentle criticism in the form of questions, ect
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Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
Name: Antheaya Marnetta

Age: 20

Species: Human

Sex and Gender: Female (She/Her)


Mental Health struggle: Social anxiety

Personality Traits:
+ Kind, inventive, unique.
- Shy, fearful, unfocused.

Occupation: Mechanical hobbyist

Background Information: Antheaya grew up in the city state Ozyolsk. Her family was a poor family this mainly due to the fact that all her siblings were older brothers, they had all gotten schooling payed for with what money they did have from their inheritance from Gan'Pa(their cute way of saying grandpa). They still had money, but not for such uses any longer. The money they had was used to keep their bakery afloat, this meant that Antheaya got the short end of the stick and was forced into helping with the bakery. Her parents expect her to one day take over the bakery, they have shot themselves in the foot with how they have raised her though. They choose to give Antheaya a very sheltered life, this has given her an bad case of social anxiety while also making her unknowing of many social ques. She had very rarely got to leave the house un-accompanied by one of her parents, they wanted to make sure that she wouldn't get any crazy ideas in her head. Antheaya became fascinated by machines, clockwork, steam powered, you name it, she was interested. She also seemed to have a knack for tinkering away at these machines, she would often be found in her room with some machine from the family bakery being completely dismantled and sometimes put together in some new type of machine. Her parents heavily discouraged her behavior of tinkering and so she was banned from taking things apart. This sprouted a rebellious faze in her life where she would sneak out at night and steal things to tinker with, among those stolen good were books about machines and many other related things. She had learned a lot from her stolen pieces, but she would never keep them for long, for she feared her parents discovering her disobedience.


If there is coffee I shall come.
Name: Malaric Entrin
Age: 22
Species: Human
Sex and Gender: Male (He/Him)
Mental health: Alexithymia (inability to identify and describe emotions) and general insomnia
Personality Traits:
+ Logical, Focused, Nonjudgemental
- Cold, Emotionless, Generally uncaring
Occupation: Quartermaster/Gunner
Background Information: Mal has always been an odd kid. Something not quite right with his head, on one hand, he is brilliant. What most people would need paper, a calculator, or even an abacus to solve with numbers Malaric has always been able to solve it purely in his head. It seems that whatever decided to gift him with such skills only gave it as a cost. His emotions simply don't work right, now if that is simply because he never understood them properly or if it comes more from a complete lack is not something anyone even himself is aware of.

With his gift of numbers, Mal spent most of his life working at a shipyard in Pinpids with his parents working the books and keeping a complete tally of every item they had entirely within his head. His growing discontent with such a simple life eventually pushed him onto a ship where he made a different kind of name for himself. Put a gun in his hands, a cannon at his control and anything you wish for him to hit will be. You could call it skill, but it's more like he simply can figure out the entirety of the trajectory and all of the variables.

Mal's emotionless state continued to be his bane making him at odds with his superiors and eventually got him discharged. A few years of homelessness finally had him try his luck with a new ship, offering his skills in the hopes that maybe just maybe he can find a way to be more normal with his issues.
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The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
I'm trying to put together a starter for all of us, depression is getting in the way a whole lot
Hoping to have it up by this weekend so we can get the ball rolling


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
lmk if yall want to go into a specific direction
also im going to be putting pictures in all of my posts because i forget what characters look like/who characters are/ect and pictures just make things look nice so as a heads up


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
Y'all still interested in this? It's been a little over a week
we can make an order of who goes when from the starting posts.
If you have concerns lmk


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
There's still one more position on Fearless Bluejay
But I'm more than happy to DM for another ship, or a single person adventure in this world
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