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Intermediate Accepting LOST [Recruitment]

The Plot: Oceanic Flight 815 took off from Sydney Airport en route to Los Angeles during the summer of 2004. Hundreds of people left their homes and families, packed up their luggage, and stepped onto the plane, ready for whatever awaited them when they stepped off the plane. Pilots and flight attendants carried on luggage, chatting happily before the long work day. These people all had different stories, different histories linking them together on that one fateful voyage. Musicians, criminals, parents, children, doctors, lifeguards, and more all buckled their seatbelts and awaited the long flight to California.

Of course, the plane never made it to Los Angeles.

Six hours into the flight, sudden turbulence forced passengers and crew back to their seats. They were told that everything was fine, that it would pass. However, within minutes, in mysterious circumstances, the plane began to lose altitude, shaking violently. Oxygen masks dropped, people screamed, and flight attendants yelled orders over the panic. Suddenly, the tail section of the plane was torn off, and the plane was sent hurtling toward the Pacific below.

As the plane hurtled toward the sea, the pilots noticed an island appear suddenly in their view below, seemingly out of nowhere. They did not recognize this island, but they weren’t surprised. You see, their radar systems had failed a few hours into the flight, and the plane had been flying off course ever since.

When the plane failed to land at the expected time, people around the world started to panic. The plane had disappeared from radar six hours into the flight. Because the plane had been flying off course and off radar, no search party would be able to find them.

Here is where you come in. This wasn't your average plane crash. Some of those who were in the middle section of the plane survived, stumbling onto the beach. Wreckage, fire, and debris surround them, but miraculously, many people survived. You are one of those people. Your story, what brought you to the island, and what you do there: that is up to you. You may have family, missing from the tail section. You may have friends that were lost, children that are left unattended. Your story, your attitude, and your survival is up to you.

Just remember: this is not your typical island. There are secrets here. Monsters. Others. A mystery and miracle-working aura that no one can explain. Be safe. Be careful.


You do NOT have to have seen LOST in order to RP here!

My characters:
Name: Oliver Watson
Age: 24
Description: Ollie has short, cropped honey-blonde hair that curls slightly and clean shaven features. He has deep brown eyes with dark circles under them and a kind, shy smile. Under his clothes, worn loose, fashionable, and casual, he hides burn scars on his chest, stomach, and mainly his upper legs. His lower legs end mid-thigh, and he wears prosthetic limbs.
Personality: Ollie, outwardly, is friendly and kind, loyal as a lion, and usually lighthearted. He suffers from severe, noise-induced PTSD and nightmares, however hides it behind a cheery, funny personality.
History: Ollie grew up in Manchester, England. His mother died when he was young and he was raised by a loving father as an only child. He had some issues with drugs as a teen and joined the army to prove to his Dad that he could do something with his life. While he was in the army, he started writing to his future wife, Chloe. Eleven months into his second tour in Afghanistan, he was injured in a car bomb explosion. He spent months in the hospital but eventually recovered and married Chloe back in England. They have a young daughter named Mary (3). He became a journalist afterward.
Why was he on flight 815: Ollie was in Australia visiting some of his army buddies. He had to travel to LA for a meeting with a publisher.

Name: Charlotte Bisset
Age: 9
Description: Charlotte (Lotte) is dark skinned with long, tight curls going down her back. She has hazel eyes almost too large for her face and long eyelashes.
Personality: She is outspoken and bubbly, and often gets in trouble in school for talking. She is fiercely independent and stubborn.
History: Charlotte was born in Uzes, France to two loving parents. She has a little brother, Michel, who is four years old. She has had a normal childhood in France- she is very popular at school and is doted on by her family.
Why was she on flight 8-15: Charlotte and her family were visiting Australia on holiday. They soaked up the sun at the beach for a week, and then were en route to L.A. to go to Disneyland California for the first time.
Name: Steve Freeling
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height: 6' 3½" (1.92 m)
Weight: 155 lbs.
Personality: Steve is a friendly and selfless teen who will do what he can to help those who need it. He is brave, tough, and independent, though certainly not a loner. He is also quite intelligent.
History: Steve was born and raised in Simi Valley, California where he has a younger sister and brother. Life was completely normal for him before the plane crashed, with Steve excelling in school and shrugging off attempts at peer pressure.
Reason for being on Flight 8-15: Steve was visiting some cousins of his who live in Australia and also taking pictures of the sights to show off at home and show off to his friends at school. He was on his way to Los Angeles where his parents and siblings were to pick him up before they would go home to Simi Valley.
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The Shy One
Name:Kaiera Starr
Weight:100 pounds
Personality:Shy, quiet, can be rude sometimes
History: She came from a line of kitsunes who all want to succeed in life. Because humans never understood humans.
Why she's on Flight 8-15: She's moving to California.