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Intermediate Accepting PG-13 Lost in Another World [OOC]

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When a pair of human children, twin sisters Cher and Kate, mysteriously find themselves on the fantasy-esque world of "Ametiszt", they must learn how to strive and find a way to get back home, making new allies and enemies alike and avoiding the forces of "Cosmo," a queenly being that wants their deaths for reasons they can't comprehend yet.

Rules from the whole server work here.

Earthin region
* Forest of Elegance: The place where Cher and Kate wake up into. A lustrous, mostly-peaceful forest inhabited by bugs, close to a humble village.
* Fleur Village: A village if elves centered around flowers.
* Yasmin's Path: A long pathway of many branches named after a witch.
* Woods of Belladonna: The dark, intimidating home of many beings.
* Leilani Kingdom: The main kingdom of the region
* Fairytale Den: The most popular library of the Leilani Kingdom, whose staff is composed of fairies disguised as elves.
* Orchid Lake: A lake that overtakes great part of the northeast of the region. It can be used to access the Aqua Kingdom.
Sauss region
* Dungeons: The main method of transport for those at foot that wish to avoid the intense heat. It contains old texts telling about the world's past.
* Caio: The only village of the region, composed of Cyclopes that were tired of fighting with the elves.
Aurora kingdom
* Shattering Floor: The unofficial nickname of the lands of the kingdom in between each village, thanks to most of its floor being composed of frozen water and being easy to crack.
* Mirror Maze: Home of the Ice Rod, the symbol of Aurora kingdom's royalty. To navigate through it, you must choose whenever or not you follow your shadow and silhouettes.
* Glacial: The capital of the Aurora kingdom.
Aqua "kingdom"
* Unlike other kingdoms, it doesn't have established and named places, only special places nicknamed by the Merfolk.
Twilight region
* Morning Camp: The only truly lively spot of the region, with bushes, a few trees, and flowers contrasting with the region's overall scenery, where the sun always shine on no matter the time.
* Sunrise Caves: Five caves connected to each other, inhabited with rejected beings
* Midnight Summit: A mountain difficult to climb into, that houses Cosmo's Castle on top of it. It's lower part is also referred to as Sunset.
* Cosmo's Castle: The home base of the main antagonist.

Info about Ametiszt's species' population size and habitats, main physical characteristics/behavior, abilities/powers, and common flavors of morality for reference.
* Elves: As numerous as Earth's humanity, and responsible for most of the civilized cities in Ametiszt. Main characteristics are widely but not aberrant skin and hair colors, pointy ears and proficiency with handheld weapons to compensate for the lack of powers other than enhanced strength and agility. Morality is mostly similar to humanity (as in, widely varied per individual), but they have more decency in comparison.
* Fairies: Uncommon in most areas, found more in forests. Tend to have varied sizes depending on the community, but they are always slim, and mostly humanoid except for the lack of a nose and an odd-patterned pair of eyes. Their shared powers vary, but most of the time they're just shapeshifting and related to the classic elements, and they're considerably more fragile than other beings of Ametiszt. Due to most of them being tricksters, most tend to fall on Neutral morality flavors.
* Merfolk: Most common inhabitants of the oceans. They have sharp teeth, pale skin and tails with colors shared between family members. In their societies, the mermaids take more leadership roles than mermen. Their shared powers are enhanced swimming, and blessing other beings with underwater breathing capacities for a limited time. They're most commonly Chaotic/Lawful Good, but there's also a noticeable quantity of Evil or Neutral merfolk.
* Cyclopes: Common inhabitants of Ametiszt, having a minor rivalry with the Elves due to past conflicts. Most share a stoic built, and to compensate their single eye, they have a form of perception. Their built also gives them strength, and they're known to build weapons and armory for those that ask politely. They're Neutral to major conflicts and help beings no matter their morality, as long as they are polite to them.
* Golems: Artificial beings animated with a spell, that act as bodyguards. Made either out of stone, wood or moss, their weakness varies depending on their origin material's weakness (ex. fire for wood) and they use their fisticuffs to deal with people trying to bother their master. Their morality is entirely dependent on their masters.
* Witches/Wizards: Common, but they're scattered about in rarely explored areas due to their public shame. While most beings can learn some spells with difficulty, witches and wizards have the ease at magic ever since youth, being able to learn and create spells, and craft magic potions and items. But they also need concentration on the most complicated spells, and are physically frail as well. While both the most infamous witches and wizards are historically Evil, their morality also is varied.
* Spirits: Rare, as they rarely are seen due to an unspoken rule of not messing with mortal's destinies unless obligatory. They're the souls of flawed or evil beings that have to spend more time on Ametiszt as a punishment for the crimes they committed until they're qualified to ascend to being an angel, and are typically embittered by this fate. They have the typical powers of ghosts (being intangible, able to possess living beings), along with an acute memory of their crimes to torment them. They can be Neutral or Evil depending on whenever they want to redeem their souls or not.
* Unicorns/Pegasus': In between uncommon and rare depending on Ametiszt's region. Pegasus' need a running headstart before they're able to fly, and their wing's size defines how long they can take flight for, and Unicorns can be taught spells to use with their horns, but prefer to use them as a weapon. They're Neutral beings that attack in self-defense but can be quite docile if treated in the right way.
* Angels: Rare, as they rarely appear due to an unspoken rule of not messing with mortal's destinies unless obligatory. They're the good souls and redeemed Spirits that ascended and became messengers of the Gods; however, if they start to descend onto villainy, they will become Spirits for a period to atone for those acts. Their wings are strong enough to keep them on air for a long while, and they can use light to illuminate shadows. They're Lawful Good unless they deviate from the reason they became an angel.
* Dragons: Rare, and are believed to be the physical form of gods along with the Phoenixes. Their scales and claws have a freezing touch, and their glares are believed to (literally) freeze victims out of fear. Tend to use their magic breath (can varify, going from the classic fire to a bolt of electricity), and are known to be violent by nature. Are known to represent Neutrality or Evil depending on the region.
* Phoenixes: Rare, and are believed to be the physical form of gods along with the Dragons. Their bodies are made of fire, except for the legs, beaks, and glowing eyes, and the flames vary of color per phoenix and indicate how much longer they have before they need to reincarnate. Tend to tackle to harm the opponents with their flaming body, but most of the time they're pacifists unless pushed too far. Are known to represent Good.
* Other Sea creatures (in the style of Kraken, Sea serpent, Loch Ness Monster, etc): Not much is known about them or their appearances because of their rare sightings, other than half of them are hostile.
* Shadows: A wide, but unique group of individuals made of shadows and able to control shadows. Since they're so widely different from Ametiszt's other species and end up hating them to murderous levels, many Ametisztans suspect they're not originated from Ametiszt, but actually are foreign beings that decided to invade this world and take over it. The proofs are that, historically, their existence on Ametiszt is much shorter than of other species, and they always waged war against Ametiszt's species. Cosmo and her army belong to this species.

* Ametiszt's currencies are purple coins and slightly bigger gems that work like dollar notes. They're named ames.
* Only the pegasus, unicorns, and the sea creatures can't speak. Phoenixes and dragons communicate telepathically.
* Aurora's elves tend to have darker skin to handle the cold better.
* Ametiszt's significant eras are Dawn (described as an era of prosperity and glory by the books and murals), Expansion (the era where the creatures began to populate the corners of the world), War Era (the elves wage war against the Cyclopes and evil creatures), Pax (the aftermath and recovery of the world after the War Era), Ice Age (Aurora's conquering), Darkness (the time the Shadows came to the world; describes as the darkest time), and Modern Days.
* The form of government in all the kingdoms is the monarchy. Although the Aqua kingdom lacks a proper government, the leader of the Merfolks is a mermaid.
* Earthin is the most populated, inhabited and artistically-inclined of all kingdoms. Aurora can be considered the most war-prepared one, and Aqua is indifferent.
* The Merfolk uses slang associated with sea creatures.
* There is a whole mythology but, while the gods exist, it's unknown if they really do visit Ametiszt. A popular myth is that they visit in the form of phoenixes/dragons.
* Golems and Cyclopes are the least literate races. Witches and wizards are the most due to their magic studying.
* Circus exist, and the main attractions are giant bugs.
* The elves' caste system is based in the medieval caste system.

Full Name-
Nicknames/Aliases/Titles -
Gender -
Alignment -
Age -
Species -
Birthplace -
Current Home -

Appearance -
Personality -
Skills/Abilities/Powers -
Backstory -

Characters (and Roleplayers)
* Cher Hernández (ArtyMyella)
* Kate Hernández (ArtyMyella)
* Rathneir (TyranntX)


* Lady Cosmo (ArtyMyella)
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The Undisputed King of the Dinosaurs
This looks fun, Here's a rough cast of my character. Let me know if anything seems off.

Full Name- Rathneir
Nicknames/Aliases/Titles - Rathneir the Red, Rath, Salamander, The Red Demon, and The Eater of Giants
Gender - Male
Alignment - Neutral Good
Age - 500,130 (130 Experienced)
Species - Dragon
Birthplace - The Eathin Mountains
Current Home - The Forest of Elegance (currently as a statue)

Appearance -

As a Dragon, he has glistening red scales like rubies and bright green eyes like emeralds. He is not exceptionally large, (only about as big as a cottage or an inn) though that's not surprising for a dragon of his age and will grow to a much more impressive size in the years to come, he has two horns which point backwards much like a mountain goat or a ram. The folds of his wings are a golden yellow, and seem to have a metallic sheen to them.

As an elf Rath isn't much older than a child, seeming no older than 12 or 13. He has blond hair and green eyes, and is surprisingly strong despite looking like a kid.

Personality - Rath is Stoic and apathetic most times, though once he has time to warm up to others he can be a friendly creature. This is mostly because dragons live longer than most other living things. To many dragons, making friends with other creatures seemed rather pointless. Why get attached to something what you'll most certainly outlive by many centuries? Or even Millennia? Rath isn't opposed to the idea, but is very dis-trustworthy of strangers. Oddly enough, he isn't greedy like many other dragons.

Skills/Abilities/Powers -

Fire Breath: as a red dragon, Rathneir can breath fire. But unlike other dragons, Rath has two kinds of fire breath. The first is the typical destructive flame breath which burns its foes to ashes. The Second isn't a weapon at all, but instead heals the targets engulfed by the flames. This "Cleansing Fire" as he calls it is a potent magical ability, curing all but the most fatal of injuries.

Pyrokinesis: on top of breathing fire. Rathneir has a slew of fire magic at his disposal

Immortality: They say a Dragon lives forever, and Rath is yet to learn of a dragon that has died of old age.

Mortal Form: Should the need arise, Rath can use a magical ability to become a mortal, and use it again to change back.

Backstory - Long ago, deep in the Mountains of the Earthin Region of Ametiszt, A clan of Dragons known as "The Everblaze" guarded a great and mystic treasure. Though they bore no inherit malice for mortals, they would sooner die than to let the magical artifacts within the horde they protect fall into the wrong hands. For what seemed like hundreds of years they were able to keep their presence secret to the world, Typically incinerating any raiders brave enough (or more accurately, fool enough) to try and steal the wealth and magic these reptiles take great pride in protecting.
that is until, a group of mages found the ruins where the treasure was hidden. Rath remembers this day like any other of his life, at first he and the other guardians thought these wizards and witches were here to steal the horde... But as it turns out, they were simply here to learn the history of the ruins. Against the better judgement of the elders, the dragons allowed the scholars to conduct their investigation and research under the watchful eyes of the greater templars. Rath was one of said tamplars, and he was just as suspicious of these outsiders as his peers.

As the years went by, The Everblaze grew to trust these mages more and more. Rath himself was even able to call one of them a friend, a young aspiring witch by the name of Dorthy. It started out with the two of them not always seeing eye to eye, with Rath being dismissive and occasionally condescending and Dorthy being rude and some-what full of herself. But over time the two of them became almost inseparable, whenever Dorthy was around the ruins that is. Rath on the other hand seldom left the the mountains, only when the elders demanded he retrieve an artifact too dangerous for mortal hands or the treasure of an extinct empire would he ever leave his home behind. These adventures typically sent him to places where he not have to deal with mortals, needless to say he would have no choice but to fight when he did. He always saw his time with Dorthy as a chance to relax, to take a break from his duties as a templar. And as time went on further, he would eventually see her as a true friend.

Things went on fine for a good 20 years, until the day their ruins was attacked by giants who attempted to steal the treasure in the name of the same mages the dragons met years ago. The battle raged on for a whole day, with only Rath surviving the ordeal (and indecently leading to the extinction of Giants). Enraged from the betrayal of the people who deceived him for 20 years, Rath set off to seek out Dorthy to get answers out of her. Only to be turned to stone by her magic, a spell that would only broken when the conditions are met... "When threes are alive, and wind is dead, set ablaze to thee with the leaves of red. Only then will stone become flesh." Dorthy Never wanted this, she didn't want to lie to or hurt her friend. She was Ordered to kill the last survivor of The Everblaze, but Dorthy couldn't do it... So instead she thought she would hex him, and lie about his demise to her superiors. Needless to say they believed her, and for 500,000 years Rathneir slept in a magical stone sleep. Only time will tell if he will ever awaken, though it seems he might not have to wait for long.
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@TyranntX I loved your character's backstory! He's approved.
Just correcting one thing, there's no humans native to Ametiszt. Elves are basically parallel to humanity in this world.


The Undisputed King of the Dinosaurs
Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I did a bit of editing to Rathneir. and Gave him Pyrokinesis... hope that's okay (I'll remove it if it's not)
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