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Hi there! Like the title may suggest I am looking for people to rp with, both fandom and original roleplays!

My own preferred style of writing is in the 3rd person, and I roleplay using "This method" instead of roleplay using *asteriks* And I would prefer if you do the same. When it comes to post length I generally match whatever my rp partner writes, so that shouldn't be an issue. No one-liners though! I need substance to go off on and one-liners just don't do that for me. I can roleplay as all genders and I can do all gender pairings as well, that just depends on what you want. Also when it comes to actual roleplay, I am not the best at doubling (aka playing multiple characters) but I am learning how to do that more, just don't expect me to make it totally perfect xD. And grammar, english is not my first language so I do have some trouble with it sometimes, so just bear with me. I don't mind if you have bad grammar either, as long as I can understand what you are trying to say.

So now that's out of the way onto the fun stuff!

When it comes to making an original roleplay I generally enjoy ones that incorporate fantasy (Magic, mythological creatures, paranormal happenings etc.), I also really enjoy more horror oriented ones. When it comes to a fantasy roleplay I do enjoy modern more then medieval but if you want to do a medieval one that's totally okay.
And when it comes to plots I don't have any specific ones ready but I can usually brainstorm for a few ideas, I am open for ideas if you want to do something specific though!

I also enjoy apocalyptic roleplays but I haven't done much of them

So now onto some fandom roleplays I'd like to do, for fandom roleplays most often then not I like the universe of the fandom, and not the characters. So when it comes to a fandom roleplay I only ever roleplay as oc's unless stated otherwise (I hope that makes sense x,D). With some I am okay if you want to rp as canon but it is not needed for me.
So now for the list:
Steven Universe (You can be canon if you want)
SCP Containment Breach
FnaF (I can roleplay as any Freddy, except toy Freddy (I dislike him greatly xD) and oc's)
Undertale (I can roleplay as Grillby (If you can rp as Gaster that would be awesome) and Papyrus) (I'd rather not do AU's though, I dislike most of them)

And that is it for now! If you are interested in a roleplay with me then send me a DM or PM or whatever it is that this site uses for private messages xD.
Hoping to find some fun people on here!


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
Heya! Wanna rp with me? I typically don't do fandoms, but I'm willing to try pretty much anything else!
Hello there! I'd be willing to do an SCP Roleplay with you! I love creepy/horror based things too, and SCP is one of my favorite!