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Intermediate MxM Long-term partners~[Always open!](Added Serial KIller/Detective plot ){Edited- 8/4/19}


Fus Roh Dah~
What I edited-
Took out Crime genre and serial killer plot for the time being.~ (6/22/19)
Currently working on the whole thread. Adding sub, dom, and switch categories. Adding new plots throughout the day and creating character profiles for them. If I have a character for the plot I will put their name by the title. (6/23/19)
Added a gang (threesome) plot in the 'Switchers' category. (7/1/19)

Added threesome option in 'Switcher' category. (7/1/19)
Put character descriptions in the second post. (7/1/19)
Added the plot 'How to Care for the Broken' to the dominant section~ (7/13/19)
Added the plot 'The Chase is On', a serial killer/detective rp to the switch section, took out a few plots/characters descriptions, and added new characters~ (8/4/19)

{Newest plots will be indicated with '!!!'. ***The starred ones are the roles/genres/plot's, that I really would like to do.***}

So, I am looking for long term Rp partners. I have been roleplaying for about 9 years now. I know others see and rp differently so I'll put now the way I prefer doing it. I first love to post around two paragraphs minimum; with 5 to 8 sentences in each paragraph. I do not accept one liners ever. Sorry, no. I also write in third person using he/him pronouns and prefer if you did as well.

I love putting together plots with other people. I want there to be some storyline we are following. We don't have to have it down to the number but it does help. I very much appreciate others input as well, so don't feel afraid to suggest something (though I will list rp genres I do not wish to do currently below)

As for pairings, I will only do M/M (male with male). I prefer being 'submissive' character in most rps but, I am willing to be dom or both of us being switchers.
{{I will only RP as dominant as long as your character isn't a 'weak/damsel in distress' all the friggin time!!!! Some drama is great, hurt/comfort wonderful, but not every other twist or moment in the rp has to ahve a character liek that. If your character starts doing that or even indicates it on their profile/description I will reject them.}}
{{Rules- No 'weak/damsel in distress/super crazy cold or anti-social' characters!!!! Some drama is great, hurt/comfort wonderful, but not every other twist or moment in the rp has to have a character like that. No crazy sad backstories that never end either, that is no fun to rp with. If your character starts acting like a damsel in distress or even indicates it on their profile/description I will reject them.}}

Something I also wanted to add was that if the RP ever gets to a sexual nature I only RP vanilla.

Genres I am open to doing-

Family*** (When I say "Family", I mean a setting where either both or one of our character has a child/ren and they meet and eventually become one family. Or where our characters are already married and adopting/having, etc.)
Fantasy (levels: High magic (final fantasy or Jrpgs in general), Middle magic (skyrim, the witcher, etc) Low magic (things like Conan).) {I prefer Middle.}
Romance (I usually have some romance in all my rps)
Slice of life

Merman/Human {I'd be the Merman; I will rp sub}
God/God {Switchers}
Reincarnated lovers {I will rp sub}
Royalty/Servant (Happy with either. If I Rp servant, then I'd use Arthur who is on my profile) {I will rp sub}
Royalty/Royalty {Switchers; sometimes me as dom, depends on plot}
Teacher/Teacher {Switchers}
Reclusive Author/Editor (I'd rp the author) {I will rp sub} ***
Doctor/Patient (I'm happy with either) (I have an itching to RP either an ill doctor or a Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) patient) {I will rp sub} ***

Genres I am not open to doing, currently-


Plot's I'd like to do

Me as Submissive

Flowers, Secrets, Intrigue.~ (MxM){Fluff} [I'd use my character Caspian Xavier Matthews] ***
You guy is a Delivery Man who picks up flowers from various shops and takes them to be sold in bigger stores. But there is one store in particular that has gotten your attention. It is run by a young man around your guy's same age and they are very soft spoken but very knowledgeable on plants of all kinds, though flowers are an obvious favorite. They have been wanting to ask them out for a few weeks, but then the other week they went in to finally ask them out, they weren't there someone else was. They were told that my guy was out of town for a while, no idea how long. Now about a month later he is back but something is troubling him. There are bruises on his skin and he isn't as smiley as usual. Will he find out what happened? What about asking him on a date?

Childhood friend and maybe more?(MxM) {Fantasy Medieval, RoyaltyxBestfriend/Bodyguard} [I'd use my character King Rainerius]
Your guy is the King's personal bodyguard and childhood friend. He is the one that came up with the idea of calling the King his ‘Queen’ after the prince tried on a dress in private. Not knowing that his best friend had been watching. The two have feelings for each other but the council does not approve of him and insist on the 'Queen' marrying another ruler. Can your guy convince the King to ignore the council's will?

Poems, Understanding, Love? [I'd use my character Septimus Parker] !!!
Plot- So, my guy is in love with the ever-popular guy in school (your guy). But my guy is extremely skittish and quiet, so he started writing love poems, light, happy, dark, sad and he put them in the guy locker. Always signing his poems as anonymous. After weeks of receiving mysterious poems your guy really, really wants to know who was putting these poems in his locker. So one day, fate is with him when he sees a person, clearly male, in a hoodie put one in. Then leave. He follows my guy and he finally confronts my guy when he was sure that they both were alone. What'll happen next? What if your guy is also abused but hides it?

Me as Dominant

Listen to your heart... Before you tell him Goodbye~ [I'd use my character Cato Matthews] !!!
Plot- Our guys are married. They've been married since they were both 18-years-old and just out of High-school. They grew up knowing each other and inevitably fell for each other in Middle-school. They seemed extremely happy but they did take a break in the first year of High-school, to see if they really belonged together. They both tried dating others but each and every try failed. They simply did not feel complete with those people. So, naturally they reentered a relationship with each other and it stuck.
It's been seven years of marriage and they were very happy. Until recently. Recently, my guy has been drifting away slowly but surely. Can your guy figure out why? Can he fix it? What secrets is he hiding? Did he cheat? Could he be ill? Why is drifting away?

How to Care for the Broken~ [I'd use my character name Cato Matthews]
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Experimentation, Past child-abuse, Self-Harm, Violence, (Pm for more)
Status: Open
Looking for: Bottom
Pairing/s: Patient (MC, who has DID {Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple personality disorder })xMedical Staff/Volunteer (YC)
Idea/Plotline: The idea I had for the RP is modern-day based rp with experimentation leading to supernatural abilities. The experimentation is being illegally done and they aren't caught because no one believes the patients, as they are mentally ill. Your guy can be in on the experimentation or not.
Main Focus: Plot
Themes/Genres: Modern, Supernatural, Hospital
Contact: Dms
RP length/wants: So, I am looking for long term Rp partners. who can post at least two or more paragraphs each post. Each paragraph consisting of 5-8+ sentences each. Proper grammar and punctuation as well.
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mental illness, Experimentation, Past child-abuse, Self-Harm, Violence, (Pm for more)

{{Rules- No 'weak/damsel in distress/super crazy cold or anti-social' characters!!!! Some drama is great, hurt/comfort wonderful, but not every other twist or moment in the rp has to have a character like that. No crazy sad backstories that never end either, that is no fun to rp with. If your character starts acting like a damsel in distress or even indicates it on their profile/description I will reject them.}}

Us as Switchers

To become a Family~(MXM){College} [I'd use my character Edmund King]
My guy has been in town for only a month now but, he is Mr. Popular already. Which is the complete opposite of what your is. Well, your character fell secretly for mine from the moment he set his eyes on him. For what reasons... Well, your guy has many. But, the biggest is how kind my guy is to him and all peers at school. He has made it clear that he does not judge others by their school (they are in college) 'rank'. In fact, my guy even called your guy his friend.
But, there is something... interesting about my guy and that is that he's obviously hiding something. He has a secret he holds very close.
Well, your guy decides to follow mine home and discovers... him with a kid?! And it's not his younger brother either. No, he's a father but, how? He is very responsible. So how did this happen? Also, what if your guy accidentally gets caught spying by mine? Can he get my guy to trust him with the knowledge that he has a son? Will love blossom between the two guy's over time?

Welcome to the Phantom Brotherhood~ (MxM; Gang, Threesome, Supernatural, Dystopian) [I'd use my twin brother's, Zero and Ace Shoto]
I'd like to try a gang based setting. I'd rp two characters. The time period would be modern. I will RPing a pair of twin brothers. One is the leader of the gang and the other second in command. And yes, both are very much gay. So no female characters unless you'd like to rp a side character. Which is totally fine. All three will end up together. To join please be able to post at least two paragraphs minimum, with around 5-8 sentences in each paragraph. This is a gang based rp, so no very weak or submissive characters. I will need to approve of your character before we start. I am very open to plot ideas and twists, so feel free to suggest any that you think of and we can all discuss it. Spontaneous behavior or plot twists are allowed but no major character death or serious scenarios without discussion beforehand. An idea I had was that while modern the people in this rp each have some sort of special ability. Said ability/power has to have a weakness as well. Another is the idea that gangs are what run the world? Or beginning to? The twin brother's gang is one of the top gangs and the top gangs are rumored to be plotting some sort of world war?

Time Changes Everyone~[I'd use my twin brother's, Zero and Ace Shoto]
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Twincest, past child abuse, past non-con, self-harm
Status: Open
Looking for: Switch (Your character would not be submissive but a switch, where they can be sub or dom. Neither are concrete.)
Pairing/s: Male twins (I'd use Zero and Ace but change the occupation)xYour character
Idea/Plotline: I'd like to create a plot with you. I'd prefer the genres stated below but, I am open to ideas. Please be able to post at least two paragraphs minimum, with around 5-8 sentences in each paragraph.
An idea I had- I was thinking that the twins and your character were the best of friends as children, doing everything together. Even back then the twins were very close, with adults trying to keep their kids away from their freakishness. But, your character and their family always accepted them, the only ones who did. They also knew about the abuse they twins were put through and your characters parents did try to help by calling CPS and others but, it never went anywhere. Your character being a kid didn't understand it all exactly, however they did understand that the twins needed a friend so he was that.

Then one day for some reason the police- they weren't local but city cops finally stepped in and took the twins' parents away. But they also took the twins. They vanished during the night alongside those policemen and weren't heard of again... until today.

Now, ten years later they are twenty-six and have returned to town, much to everyone's shock but especially your character and their family. They are now changed, darker and distant even to them. They are also in an intimate relationship that they don't flaunt but don't hide either, causing most of the town to shun them. Though they seem to not notice or just not care.
Main Focus: Plot
Themes/Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Modern, Past experimentation (on the twins)
Contact: Pms or this thread
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Twincest, past child abuse, past non-con, self-harm

The Chase is on~
Plot- My guy is the current number one Criminal, a serial murderer who’s escaped time and time again. Your guy has been on his tail since the very beginning that the case opened. For years you guy has chased mine but, then one day the trail vanished. For the next five years, not a peep was made by my guy. Many thought he died or was in jail on a petty crime… But your guy refused to believe such a thing and is still looking for the criminal.

Now, ten years to the date that my guy vanished another murder all signs pointing to my guy has appeared. A letter was sent to your guy to meet at a Cafe. Where the two men’s correspondence started all those years ago…
~You must RP a male who can switch between Dom and Sub personality. My character will be the same. Keep in mind that he is a detctive and needs to be strong.
~Your character is free to have a rough background. However, do not overshadow the RP with your character's history.
~No feeble/weak/whiny characters. (This RP needs a strong character!!!!)
Setting and other Important Information- This is set along the West Coast, specifically California.)

({[If interested in RPing with me, feel free to comment below or to Pm me. :)]})
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Fus Roh Dah~
My character descriptions-

Caspian Xavier Matthews/23/Male/Flower shop assistant (Warning: Past/Current child abuse, self-harm, past drug addiction)
Two words to describe Caspian is short and feminine. Yet this doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest, when called that by bullies or cooed by the elderly, his reaction is the same. A soft smile and then ducking his head and vanishing in the crowd or around a corner. His height comes to just under 5’8 feet, with no hope of gaining anymore inches either. Cas’s skin tone is a delicate snow-white looking color, surprisingly marred by tattoos trailing down his arms and neck, slipping under his shirt. The ones of his arms are various quotes and each arm on the forearm is a design of an animal; on his right a snail is coiled, on the left a wolf howled at the moon. Putting the tattoos aside, he has a sweet smile that sends a light to his chocolate brown eyes. Framing those twinkling eyes is long black hair, with dark blue highlights throughout it. He likes to keep it down over his shoulders and back but every once in a while it is pulled back into a ponytail.

As for Caspian’s choice of clothing he is pretty boring- choosing dark blue jeans, a solid colored v-neck short sleeve shirt, and black Vans, usually. Though he does keep a chain with the ‘One Ring’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’, around his neck. Otherwise he doesn’t wear anything spectacular. Nor any leather that one would awesome a person with as many tattoos as he has would wear.

Caspian is very quiet, never one to raise his voice or show any upset at all. He does however, always have a smile to give someone. His laugh is very quiet but full of joy. No most knowledge he doesn’t have a single bad bone in his body, though his appearance gives many at first the opposite impression. He loves to listen to people’s stories, good and bad. One thing not many notice is that he never speaks about his own life, or family if he has one. No, he is shockingly secretive when one really gives it some thought.
Name: King (Queen) Rainerius of Wirara (Warning: Self-harm, cross-dressing)
Name: King (Queen) Rainerius of Wirara
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Kingdom of Wirara
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Elf
Appearance/Description: The Elven king is a shorter lithe elf, standing around 5'11. The king's skin tone is a soft golden color, that never gets lighter nor darker. His body is lined with scars from childhood and war. The worst being a burn mark overtaking half his face, causing those who do not know him to be intimidated by him. Luckily, he prefers to keep his snow-white hair long and so half tends to fall in front of the scar when he isn’t wearing it back. Long silky strands of hair frame high cheekbones and startling topaz blue eyes, that seem to see straight into your soul and to your darkest secrets.
Personality/Attitude: Stern, but can be soft-spoken. Attentive and yet can get easily distracted by anything he considers cute. So babies of human or animal race for instance. Rainerius is very rarely ever seen angry, truly angry. As king he must always be in a calm state of mind, to think things through and make hard decisions.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: A young sister (Reena) who is one of the palace Healers. A large black panther named, Thanos.
Skills/Talents: Skilled with the sword, but prefers the longbow.
Hobbies/Interests: Stargazing, writing, archery, animals.
Other: N/A
Warning: Self-harm, cross-dressing
Septimus Parker/26/Male/College student (Warning: Past child abuse, possible murder, self-harm)
Septimus is a fragile looking boy, with long slender limbs and his overall small stature. He stands around 5’7 with no chance of growing even a centimeter at this point in time. His skin is an even sun-kissed tan, from endless hours outdoors. The young man absolutely loves being outside and can be found at the park under his favorite oak tree writing poems or reading some sort of fantasy genre book series. Sep usually has his soot-black hair fall down past his shoulders and some over his burn-scarred right eye. The eye that can be seen is a warm yet shy forest green color. Though he is quite the introverted young man, he does has various tattoos on his skin; a rose wrapped around his wrist, a bleeding heart on the center of his chest, and a semicolon on the back of his neck, never seen because of his hair. Another thing about Septimus is that he loves makeup, something he is bullied for but he simply does not care. So every day he comes to school wearing black eyeliner that causes his eyes to pop and soft peach lip gloss, giving his lips a soft shine.

When it comes to Septimus personality he comes off as a very introverted individual. He’s especially shy around his crush. The young man stutters a lot when confronted or spoken to at all after many failed attempts at getting him to speak without his stutter people have pretty much given up on talking to him. Finding his stutter to be too much of a hindrance. Sep tries his best to always give his crush a smile when their eyes meet but always ends up darting away blushing.

His family consists of his father and mother, though he doesn’t see them as parents at all. Father is always super strict and controlling, if you step one toe out of line it’s a severe punishment to you. He physically abuses (though he sees it as rightful punishment) both Septimus and his mother. Mother is weak and simpering. She cares only for father and sees him as a god, she sees her son as nothing. He is but a failure and is more than happy to allow his father to beat him into submission, she herself verbally jabs at him as often as possible.

Sep loves to write poetry and loves napping under the shade of trees.
Chance (Experiment/Agent number- 710) (Warning: Past/Current abuse, self-harm)
Name: Chance (Experiment/Agent number- 710)
Date of Birth (& age): December 11, 1996 (20)
Gender: Male
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother and two sisters. No friends- He is not allowed any pets.
Description/Looks/Scars:Chance stands at 5’2. The young man is very skinny, his body looks very fragile, as if it could break at another’s mere touch. His skin is snow-white looking, there is no other way to describe it. Scars litter his frame, though mainly his arms and chest, which have deep jagged cuts. Certain cuts you could tell were from objects, objects that aren’t usually used as normal torture weapons. Chance also has a symbol of a disfigured phoenix burned onto his face. He does have problems that disrupt his ability to walk long distances and he certainly can’t run. The young man’s hair is a raven black color, which some strands of white around it. His eyes are a entrancing silvery-blue. Oh, he has white cat ears and tail, confirming his cat-like abilities and personality.
Personality/Attitude: Chance is very soft-spoken, it is like he is mute. Chance has no qualms about yelling when he is pushed to the edge, and his eyes seem to literally glow with fire at those times.
Skills/Talents: Being as skinny as he is he is rather strong. The experiments on him did nothing to make him physically stronger, but it did make him much faster than a normal person’s speed, it can be compared to a cheetah, in fact. His eyesight and ability to smell was also enhanced.
Weaknesses: Chance is very vulnerable to the cold. It hinders him quite a bit. In fact, it causes him sharp pain throughout his body, as though someone was stabbing him repeatedly. He actually als can get very sick very easily when it is cold out, something the scientists have tried to cure but have had no luck so far.
Hobbies/Interests: Chance loves to read, when he is given the chance (bad pun, but whatever
) he will read whatever you give him. He’s read the dictionary three times already, and one of the more kind food-givers even brought him the story of snow-white. Chance has completely memorized both books. The young man loves to learn, that is he loves to learn from books. Chance has never been fond of being taught any violent acts.
Philosophy of Life: “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.” - Albert Camus
Education/Special Training: His ‘special’ training was how to focus on one smell, a far away point, and how to control his speed (to use it to dodge attacks, etc) and use it sparingly.
Occupation: Personal Guard/Assassin
Edmund King/22
Name: Edmund King
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance/Description: Edmund is a tall and obviously athletic tanned young man. His platinum blonde hair is normally naturally messy and completely untameable, but lately he has been trying to grow it out, believing that it’ll be less crazy that way. Ed is also heterochromia, one eye is a dark brown color and the other is light blue. Edmund’s preferred choice of clothing is faded blue jeans, a long sleeve v-neck shirt, and gray Vans. Underneath his clothes he has various scars, varying from minor to severe. Oh, and he wears black eyeliner and a shiny light colored lip gloss.
Personality/Attitude: He is pretty carefree from an outsiders point of view, a smile is always upon his lips. However, the young man is very responsible and never disrupts authority. So far no has seen him upset at all, some wondered if it is even possible for him to get angry or sad.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: His beloved son, Andrew (Andy). Oh, and a black and white spotted cat, Bella.
Skills/Talents: He is very much into track and martial arts.
Hobbies/Interests: Caring for his son, helping others, and baking.
Philosophy of Life: “The memories we make with Family is everything.”
Education/Special Training: N/A
Occupation: Part-time waiter
Other: Ed’s son Andrew, is 6-years-old. Blonde and blue-eyed.
Zero and Ace Shoto/26 (Warning: Past/Current abuse, self-harm, to be added)
Name: Zero and Ace Shoto
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Japanese-American
Appearance/Description: The twins are physically quite identical, from their exact same height of 5’10. Both men have darker tanned skin, with a lean but muscular frame. Neither are very broad shouldered, but more like a swimmer’s body type. Their face structure is quite similar as well, with raven black hair framing it. There are differences though.
Zero for instance has his hair- which has dark red highlights, grown to the middle of his back and usually has it pulled back with a leather cloth. The shortest it has ever been since becoming a gang member has been just below his shoulders. The young mans’ chocolate brown eyes express an old-soul sort of look to them and yet don’t look sad, just thoughtful. Upon his tanned skin are many various scars- the most significant is the burn scar that overtakes most of his face, giving him an intimidating look. He also has a red-black European dragon wrapping around his waist and up his chest.
Ace used to have his hair down to his shoulder blades but found it got in his way too often and so cut it off. Now it is cut in a messy style with the length to about his ears and has white highlights here and there. The gang member’s eyes are a lighter almost honey colored brown, with a jagged scar going down his left eye, which is sightless. On his darkened skin, the twin has a multitude of scars too with his most severe being the words carved into his chest- ‘Freak’, ‘Monster, ‘Worthless’, are just the larger ones that are eligible. Also on his body are tattoos, a celtic design along his right forearm up to his shoulder, a sword (katana) on his hip, a black wolf on his neck, and black-blue European dragon wrapping around his waist.
Both brothers have the number ‘11’ burned into the back of their necks.
Personality/Attitude: Zero is the gang leader, as such he is cold and somewhat distant from those around him- excluding his twin. Sarcasm and sadism are the perfect words to describe him.
Ace is warmer than his brother, the mediator. But, there is a certain distance about him as well. A curious manipulator is how one would describe him.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Just each other.
Philosophy of Life: Zero- “Won’t stop til we’re legend~”; Ace- “Fear is child’s play~”
Supernatural abilities: Zero has the ability to see a person’s death, as well as project that pain in the vision to another. The weakness is it causes his body to call into a coma, the length depending on how severe the vision is.
Ace has the ability to hear everyone’s darkest thoughts, because of this he has quite a bit of blackmail on people. His weakness is that he literally can’t turn it off. 24/7 he is hearing everyone’s darkest secrets. It takes a lot for him to concentrate on someone talking to him and for him to not tune them out.
Education/Special Training: Zero has a specialty in various toture techniques. Ace has great knowledge with poisons and so it immune to quite a few.
Occupation: Gang members
Other: N/A
Cato Matthews/24 {Warnings:Mental illness, Experimentation, Past child-abuse, Self-Harm, Violence}
Name: It depends on the personality that is currently in control. Cato the main and most balanced. Rowan the more subservient and calm one. Lastly, is Ward the coldest and most manipulative. They all go by the last name, Matthews.
Age: 24
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Human, Caucasian
Appearance/Description: Cato is a tall and lean man, fit but not very visibly toned. His height comes to about 5’12, while his skin is a very pale white, though not exactly what one would call sickly looking. Tattoos and scars are scattered here and there upon his person; the tattoos are mostly random solid black colored numbers ranging from ‘1’ to ‘50’. The single tattoo on his body that isn’t a number is a large tattoo of a dark blue and black dragon, it starts on his chest and wraps around his abdomen. It’s very detailed but not all the way colored in, half done starting from the tip of its tail to the middle of its body.
The 24-year-old man has long platinum-blonde hair, with hints of darker brown weaving throughout it. Finally, the man’s eyes are a deep sea blue, that seems to lighten and darker depending on which personality is controlling his body at the time.
Personality/Attitude: Cato is the most level-headed of the personalities, he is warm and excitable much like a puppy. He knows about the other personalities and tries to keep them in line. Rowan is quieter, someone who thirsts for knowledge and is more of an observer than a people-person. Then we have Ward, the coldest and most temperamental, he is also rather sadistic and loves to manipulate his prey.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Matthews has an adopted family. Mother, father, and two young siblings. His mother- Caroline, pretends she doesn't exist; ashamed to have a mentally ill child. Darren his father; does acknowledge him but doesn't know how to act with Cato so avoids meeting him face to face, preferring to send letters and small gifts. Cato's siblings are a pair of twin, a boy named Henery and sister Lena. Both of which are 18 and visit when able.
Hobbies/Interests: Cato enjoys music and any type of art; painting, sketching, coloring, etc. Rowan is a reader, loving to read endlessly. Ward finds enjoyment in learning to use various weapons.
Philosophy of Life: All personalities go by this- "No one is Truly in Control of Themselves"
Education/Special Training: The known extent of the personalities education is some college. Special training is unknown.
Occupation: None. Patient at the hospital.
Other: Each of his personalities has an ability from the experimentation. Cato the main persona is the most balanced and has the ability to dream-walk (Weakness is that when not dream-walking he only ever has nightmares, so he is constantly tired). Rowan has the power to create and manipulate fire (when too emotional is unable to control the fire and tends to burn those around him). Ward’s ability is to be able to heal physical wounds (Only able to heal physical wounds and as the wounds on the person heal their scar appears on him, causing him continuous pain).
Septhis Leos/30 {Warnings: Experimentation, Past child-abuse, Self-Harm, Violence}
Name: Sephtis Leos (Alias- Thanatos, Chase Hades, Death Seer)
Age: 30 (Started killing at 14, at 15 the future detective asked to talk, 4 more years of the chase and the once a month talk, disappearance at 20 for the next 10 years)
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Human, Asian
Appearance/Description: Sephtis comes to standing around 5’11. His limbs are slim but well-defined and darkly tanned. Scars are scattered here and there, the worst being one that crosses his chest where his heart is. Many believe because of this scar he has no heart whatsoever. The man has tattoos all over, most of which consists of words and numbers in languages long forgotten. The single one that is colored blood-red is a sword that was molded with the scar on his chest, as if the tattoo and scar were one and the same.
Thanatos is also unique in that his right arm and legs are prosthetic. Though on his left leg it is only the knee down that was amputated. Both legs and arm look like a regular arm, one wouldn’t know unless they felt it because of the cold steel that fake skin is covering.
The criminal normally has short jaggedly cut soot black hair, but now ten years later it has grown to the bottom of his shoulder blades and is dyed white. His hair tends to fall in front of his face, and so covering his deep dark chocolate colored gaze.
Personality/Attitude: Leos personality is somewhat of a complex design. One minute he is very kind and warm, joking as though he has no care in the world. But say the wrong thing and his face closes off and you can feel pure hatred radiating from his still figure. Being around him is like walking on slowly shattering glass. One wrong step and you die. One right step and you are in the clear. He can be sly, sarcastic, and dark. But, if you can get past that he is warm and gentle too.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother and father are long dead, a car crash when he was 8. No siblings. Friends were something he’s never gotten the hang of. Septhis has a variety of snakes, all of which were named after Greek Deities.
Hobbies/Interests: Ever since he was a child he’s been a daredevil. Jumping from building to building, parkour everyone he went, and never saying no to a fight.
Philosophy of Life: “There is no Life, without Death”
Education/Special Training: Trained in the basics of hacking and at one point in his lifetime, was a top student in the FBI.
Occupation: Unknown
Other: N/A
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I would like to just post a reminder that bumping searches is only allowed once every 7 days or if your post falls to the 2nd search page.
Thank you and have a good day!