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Lightbound (Taylor and Fragment)

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Jason, Omac, and Handles
Three Months Ago

The army raged towards the mystical man with the staff, never stopping even after he aimed his destructive blasts of light at them. Omac looked back to his shattered sword then to the satellite aimed directly at him. In one press of a button from the wizard they would find themselves blown across the known universe, or maybe it would destroy them completely. In between their impending doom was two boys floating in bubbles above them. One could have been no more then five, and the other looked like the others teenage brother. Omac looked back to his army as each member was slowly being blown to shred by the continuous beams from the staff. He looked to his other versions and shook his head for them to stop fighting. Any sudden moves and that satellite would send him and his other selves flying off in opposite directions. He couldn't even fight back.

Jason stepped forward, flipping his hockey mask up through his hair so he could look Omac directly in the eyes. "I know what we can do." He looked up to the satellite and raised his machete in the air. He refused to look back towards Omac directly, only staring at a glance. "“It’s been a lot of fun watching the world burn with you. Maybe one day we can do it again.” He reached for Piper's hand. "Of all the people who need redemption I think it is us.” They blasted off towards the satellite using Piper's power over sound. When they came into contact with it they both started to use their powers to corrode it, forcing it to explode, but containing the blast between them. Instead Jason pulled out his pen. "We always knew one of us wouldn't make it to the final battle. One of us would have to leave. Last year someone told you that one of us couldn’t make it and it doesn’t have to be you. I’m going to make sure it is." With that statement a portal opened up behind Piper forcing him to be sucked backwards.

There was a blast of light. Jason dangled from the satellite, his arms barely holding him up and his legs aimed towards the ground. His hands started to feel a sharp burn, his safely stored machete's blade started to turn a faint red. He looked back down to Omac as he waved goodbye with his eyes before the battle commenced. The second blast of light created a ball of fire which sent Jason hurdling towards the sky. He went higher and higher until he was coming close to the stars and then he broke through the glass-like domain to a white room around him. He looked around at the nothing that stood around him. There wasn't any walls or color or anything else. Just the gaping hole that Jason had emerged from. Then there was a faint whisper, followed by a large shadow that filled the white room with darkness. It looked like a face at first, then it's mouth opened and a row of sharp teeth nearly swallowed Jason whole. He leap out of the way, landing only a few inches from the thing. For once he was afraid of it, but even worse, it wasn't afraid of him.

It spoke in a familiar tone. "Where do you think you're going hero of light? You aren't even a full 8th of yourself!" It snickered, it's teeth cracking the floor with every movement. "Now you are in my domain; the world between worlds. Do not worry, I have no intention of keeping you." It paused. "Yet. One day you will be mine, Hero, but I will wait until the day I can have all of you."

"What do you want with me?"

It's smiled faded. "I want to make you a deal."


In a different corner of the universe sat a small bar. At first, there wasn't anything seemingly interesting happening. It was almost peaceful. That was immediately interrupted when I massive explosion comes from the sky, sending an unconscious boy in a hockey mask hurdling towards the concrete. As soon as he hit the pavement he awoke with a scream. His machete still hot from the explosion, forcing him to release it to the ground unless he wanted it to burn him. He sat up, looking at the bar in front of him. "Where the hell am I? This doesn't look like somewhere in the Fragmented Dimension..." He pulled out a pen with three feathers on the end of it, one blue, red, and yellow. He shook it with no effect. "Damn it isn't working." he paused. "Wait, can I curse here? I must really have been knocked around a good one' to end up somewhere like this." He stood up, looking for a sign on the bar but his eyes were still adjusting. "Where exactly is here?"
I walked out of the bar, tired and sweaty, glad my shift was over. Shoulda been a doctor, they don't have to deal with hysterical customers 9/5. Or do they? I should ask Chris. He's sort of a doctor, isn't he? Except who the hell wants a doctor without a high school diploma? I shook my head, glad to be out on the spring air. The scent of apple blossoms filled the air, the sun shone on the newly grown grass, birds sang their songs obnoxiously loud as if to shout "See ya winter!" Life was good.

The air was still cold enough to numb your hands after a few minutes, but hot enough that you only needed a hoodie to brave the great outdoors. I let out a happy sigh, stretching. The bar had been loud, smokey, and no amount of cyber rock music could hide the miserable mood out bartender had been in. His smile usually lit up the whole room but today he'd barely uttered a word. Which was particularly worrisome, since the guy was my father. Well...father. Technically, stepfather. But considering I have no idea who my real father is, he is the person I use the word with. And he's an awesome guy. Since I've met him, he looks like he hasn't aged a day, and has been unfailingly cheerful. And today, he'd acted like a dead fish. I'll go home, grab Reggie, and then visit him. He lives in the bar, but we have not had one on one time in a while. Yup, it was decided.


Jason, Omac, and Handles
Jason reached towards the door as someone emerged. He hid while they came out of the bar. He reached for his machete that was still hot to the touch. Despite that he held onto the handle in case he had to defend himself. Jason was used to having to prepare for disaster. Now he was somewhere new without anyway to contact his more sensible sides. It was more then that. He couldn't access his powers or feel the attachment from his home. It was like he was detached from his own being. His hands quivered. Was I cut off? Did they find a way to get rid of me for real? He shook his head, finding his fear turning into frustration. The burning from his blade starting to cause him pain, making him grip it as tight as he could. How dare they abandon me. He leap out from behind the steps and swung his machete forwards.

"Who are you?" He raised his blade high, his eyes filled with anger and his breathing fast and heavy. "Tell me who you are!"
"Wow, dude!" Jester raised his hands above his head and took a hasty step back, almost tripping. "No need for the beef man, I don't even know you!" His eyes fell on the blade pointed at his throat, and then moved to the wild man in a hockey mask (of all things)."So, I don't know about you, but I can't really think when I have an oversized kitchen knife pointed at my throat."Jester was about to throw in a sarcastic remark regarding the guy's mask when he noticed the man's hands trembling a bit. They had reddened where they were gripping his kitchen knife. "Here, how about you put the knife down cuz I ain't got the skills to hurt you, and tell me your name. Here, I'll start. Hi, I am Jester." He stuck his hand out, feeling his stomach roll in a ball from fear. The guy was intimidating as fuck, that was for sure. One thing that living with his father had taught him, however, is to stay calm at all times. And the man's bar was ripped up by demon hunters at least once a year.


Jason, Omac, and Handles
Jason looked at him carefully before dropping his machete to his sides. "You could say, I have a bit of trust issues." He flipped off his mask to show his youthful face. He looked like he was at least in his late teens except for the lack of any facial hair. His dark hair was short and messy as if it hadn't been combed or properly washed in years. There was a scratch on his nose that looked like the rubbing of broken glasses but there wasn't any glasses in sight. His eyes held true fear and anger inside of them. Overall he wasn't taking care of himself.

"Don't worry though. I am only dangerous if I need to be." He slipped his machete into his pants pockets. The size of the pockets didn't appear big enough to hold such a blade but it somehow fit without cutting him. "The name is Jason. I'm a little ways from home. I need to find someone smart enough to help me get back or at least find out where I am." He looked Jester up and down. "Someone a little less... you. Normally I would ask Handles since he is kind of a psychologist but finding a doctor we can trust is like finding a bomb in a coal mine." He looked around, then up at the sky. There wasn't any remains of the hole he came through or the burning flames that followed. He then looked to his hands. "Either way, you're getting burned."
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Jester let his hand drop, studying the man before him. Trust issues? Understatement of the year, babe. The man removed the creepy hockey mask, revealing a handsome young face with short, tousled hair and deep eyes. He looked like he had been wearing glasses for a while but then had taken them off and threw them away in a fit of rage. Even so, he held a certain beauty, even if it took a trained eye to spot it.

This Jason individual didn't look much younger than himself, although the differences between them were so pronounced you could spot them from miles away. Where the man had messy hair, chopped so short it was nearly painful to see, he had a wild white mane with multicolored neon highlights, held back by a red bandana. Jester had two different colored eyes, one dark blue, the other a weird mix of purple and black. As a kid, he'd agonized over how it made him look crazy, but now he enjoyed it. What was life without a splash of color anyway? The other man's eyes were filled with an unspoken rage and then just below the surface, fear. Fear of what, Jester couldn't possibly imagine. They were in New Calydon, for goodness sake. The place hadn't heard a gunshot in ten years! They even held themselves differently. Jester had an air of ease and cheerfulness about him, while Jason was so tense you'd think he was expecting to be attacked.

"First of, that's hurtful," Jester said, crossing his arms. "Second of, you are in New Calydon, the biggest city in Canada, just off the coast Hudson Bay. I am not gonna ask why you don't know this. If it's a doctor you want, the hospital is two streets down." He started to point him in the right direction before remembering pointing was, apparently, rude."Take a right just off that curb. And no, I don't think I will get burned. I make a point of not playing with matches. The last time I did, I ended up in the hospital with a fourth-degree burn. I still can't feel anything on the right side of my face and I'd rather avoid further accidents." As it was, he was still scared, and not in a way that was pleasing to the eye.


Jason, Omac, and Handles
Jason raised an eyebrow as Jester explained where he was. "New Calydon?" He paused looking down the street to where the apparent hospital was. "What the hell is a Canada? Unless it's the same Canada I'm unfamiliar with. No, that would mean I had somehow made it back into reality." He reached into his right pocket, opposite of his machete, to pull out his fancy pen again. "God dammit Omac. What did you do now? That would explain why my powers aren't working or why I can't contact the Fragmented Dimension... I'm not in the Fragmented Dimension." He shook his head, sticking out his tongue and sniffing the air. "It doesn't smell like reality... It smells more.. colorful then where I'm from... I don't like it.. Could the blast have knocked me to a new universe all together? I don't understand. This is Handles job..." After finishing his ramble, he looked back to Jester, stepping back for a moment. "Oh, I forgot about you."

He looked back down the street then back to Jester. His pen with the three feathers still looking powerless in his scorched palm. He knew he couldn't find his way back home if he didn't know where he was. He started to think back to the explosion that brought him here. I was holding something. He looked around for any clues. He stepped away from Jester for a moment to look down the alleyway to see if there was any trash he could dig through. Even their dumpsters are clean. Shaking his head and gripping his fists caused his machete to fall out of his pockets. He almost punched the Bar but instead took a deep breathe, picked up his machete, and walked over to Jester again.

"I don't have time for this." He closed his eyes, taking a second breathe to calm his aggression. He opened his eyes. "Magic is real. I came from a flaming ball of magic up in the sky. My magic doesn't work here. I need to get home. You're going to help me or..." he looked down to his now-cooled machete. "Plus, I may have brought a potentially still magic dragon egg with me and believe me or not, that thing will hatch."
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Jester ran a hand through his hair, messing it up even more than it already was."Listen," he said slowly, trying to box the events, and take care of them one at a time. "I don't know what you are talking about, but I am willing to bet that, "He gestured toward the man's hand, "hurts like heaven embodied. So how about we go back to my apartment, let me patch you up, and then I'll ask my father to help you. He's related to Lucifer, which gives him certain...abilities." He squirmed uncomfortably, memories of the bar torn up after a raid and his dad lying in a pool of blood, unable to move, yet laughing and making jokes like he always was.

That's how he and D.J had found him when he'd been around 16. Apparently, he didn't feel a thing, but Jester had called bull. Nobody got beat up the way his father had and didn't feel a thing. That was the first time he'd wanted to kill someone for real. Hold them down and gut them like they had done to his father. That side of him scared the crap out of him. He'd never been violent. He was scared of spiders so, come on! It was sorta like a "Get real, Jester. You know you are a spineless jellyfish."

That's when the man's vailed threat caught up with him. "Wait a second, I am sorry, are you threatening me?" He asked, eyes narrowed, voice dangerously low. "Because I was going to help you anyway, but if that was a threat just now, pot sa imi bag picioarele."


Jason, Omac, and Handles
"Don't touch me." Jason quietly said as Jester started to explain the plan. He shook his head when Jester was finished talking. "Right, I'm supposed to stop doing that. Threats are kind of like my version of hugs. Except the only one who feels better is me." He reached deep into his pockets, biting down on his tongue to feel around for it. How big are these freaking pockets? He then pulled out a flash card and read off of it. "I am not a threat. I am a big snuggley bear in need of a hu- wait what? Who wrote this crap?" He turned the card around to read the name then shredded it up and looked back to Jester. "I.. struggle to have control over my emotions. From my experience it's better to demand what I want instead of asking for help." He looked at the shredded paper on the ground. "I'm trying to be better then that now."

He slightly looked up to his burned hands. They didn't hurt as much as they should have. Jason had a thing with pain. He didn't hate it. Part of him might have liked it. He didn't know what he liked and what he wished he did. All he knew was the masks he wore. The angry mass slasher film stereotype was a lot easier then the scared creature underneath. So mysterious, so misunderstood. These burnt hands only reminded him how vulnerable he was and how much it scared him. The fire was like a curious cat finding it's way on a land mine. He knew he was going to go off at some point, he always knew that, even if it wasn't true, because it was easier. It was easier to be a monster then who he really was. It was easier to be nothing then the wrong something.

He looked up when he realized how much time was spent thinking and nodded. "Lucifer, eh? Now you have me intrested. I looked forward to meeting this father of yours and how he relates to the lord of hell. Maybe he can even help me out with my problem or restore my magic. In the meantime..." he raised up his hands. "Fixing me up... might be a good idea."
Jester snickered at the younger man's card. Whoever wrote that, he'd love to meet them. The guy in front of him was nothing like a snuggley bear. Sure, he was handsome, but Jester would not touch him with a ten foot pole. Not in a snuggly sort of way in any case. If he hadn't held him at freaking sword point and threatened him, maybe he would have considered it as a passing thought, but now he was sure he would have nothing to do with Jason in that way. "That's fine. Just don't slit my throat, okay? I still have a lot of days left in my contract with the gay bar I work at, so I'd rather not disappoint them, ya know?"

"Yeah, Lucifer. I am surprised you know who that is. Most of the people living in this town are Pastafarians, so you can imagine the reaction I get whenever I start talking about god ol' granpa. You can't go from talking about His Noodly Appendage and then to demons and how they relate to you. Heaven, this town is half Spaghetti freaks, half Christian freaks." Jester looked down at the man's hands before nodding. "Yeah, let's do that. I think I have some ice in the freezer for that. We'll figure out if the burn goes beyond the surface at my place. I hope you don't mind big dogs."


Jason, Omac, and Handles
"Deal." Jason said, reaching for his mask to slide down onto his face. Normally it was the best way to conceal his true identity as a life of running and hiding was part of the agenda he had to complete. He held onto the mask as he ripped from it from his head completely. "There is no reason to hide myself here, nobody knows who I am regardless of a mask or not." He motioned it up towards Jester. "But, maybe your dad could use it to find out how I got here and how to get back." He tried to force a smile, though it was more unpleasant then endearing. "I've met a Lucifer before. That was just a guy in a costume though. Well, I never met him. Om-" he stopped himself. "Where is your apartment anyway?"

He thought about what Jester had said about the big dog. It was no secret that he was afraid of dogs, at least, it wasn't a secret in the world he used to come from. As a child he was attacked by a rottweiler and he did not leave unscathed. There was plenty of reasons for him to be traumatized by his childhood and that one dog was definitely one of them. Still, he kept his mouth shut on the matter like he did with all of his hidden fears. Even when he wasn't wearing a mask he was still wearing a mask. "I once believed in a God, though it likely very different from the one you people serve here." He moved out of the way, so that him and Jester could start walking to the apartment. "Spaghetti freaks, eh? We don't have those where I come from, but there was that conspiracy group the Meatinati or something."
Jester gave him an easy grin, before starting to walk towards his apartment, fingering the green-white stone around his neck. "Yeah, and first impressions count a lot, you know. " He nodded towards the kitchen knife with a look of distaste. "You might wanna get rid of that before the police restrains you and everybody knows who you are. Weapons other than pepper spray are generally frowned upon here." He plucked the mask from Jason's fingers, making sure not to touch it more than he had to. "Maybe, he'll be able to send you home, I don't know." he said, studying Jason's handsome face once more. "We'll see when we get there."

"The chances of meeting Lucifer are next to none, by the way. To get to his plane you would have to contact and admin, go through the proper training to pass through, and blah, blah, blah. It would take at least a few months. And frankly, admins scare the crap out of me, so I'd rather you didn't try to go through." Jester gave an involuntary shiver. Liz, their resident admin was nice enough, except when you asked about passing through. Then she transformed from the simple-minded, happy cheer-leader into freaking Hera. "We don't really serve a god. Well, I don't. We have a few greek gods hanging around every now and then, just because they can, but nobody really worships them anymore. Well, okay I think there is a tiefling who grew up in Greece and still worships them. I haven't talked to him in a while though. Been really busy and I never see him and his date around in the bar anymore."

After a few more minutes of walking, Jester reached a run down building with one of those old fashioned key holes on the front door. He unlocked it with a set of keys strapped to his belt before pushing the door open. The hinges squeaked an adorable "Welcome to our building" as he held the door open for Jason to pass through. Once safely inside, Jester remembered he hadn't shut the tv when he left, and the screen was still frozen on a kissing scene between Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments. Blushing crimson, he unlocked the door to his apartment. "Would you mind waiting here for a few seconds? I need to do something before you come in." He didn't give Jason the chance to reply, instead slipping inside and shutting of the tv. Upon his appearance, Reggie lifted his head from where he was sprawled all over the couch, and gave him an uninterested look. "Nice to see you too, mate." Jester said, bending down and giving him an ear rub before returning to the door. "Okay, it's safe to come in now." He announced in an overly cheerful, "I totally didn't just shut off some gay romance" voice. While Jason hadn't blinked an eye at him working in a gay bar, he didn't want to have to deal with the guy calling him a fag.

"Anyway, here it is." He said, spreading his arms and gesturing towards the apartment. "This is Reggie by the way." He turned to the red and white dog." Say hi to our newest guest, Reggie. This is Jason and so far he's managed to point a mini-sword at my throat, ask for a doctor, threaten me, and then politely ask if I could find a way to take him back home." Reggie threw him a look that said he couldn't care less if he dropped dead right there and then. "How rude," Jester said, studying his nails.


Jason, Omac, and Handles
Jason walked into the apartment, looking around carefully for any trace of attack He was introduced to a dog that would have brought him fear if not for the strange way it was colored. It almost seemed silly, safe even, but then Jason remembered how nothing was safe. Still, he knew he had to trust Jester so he released his machete to the floor where he intended to leave it until he could return back to his home. "So this admin of yours. She is capable of bending reality to her will. Sounds familiar." He looked back down to his blade on the floor, a faint red on it's tip that could have been from a number of things. Rust from age, perhaps. Paint from a Halloween costume gone wrong. The blood of his victims as they screamed out in agony. It was impossible to say for sure. "As for this Lucifer fellow I have no desire to meet him. I have enough demons myself, I don't need to go visiting the devil."

Jason walked around the room for a moment. He sniffed at the air. He walked over to the TV, putting his hand against the back of it to see if it was still warm. "I thought I heard the TV. I'm very perceptive, more so then I should be." He turned back to Jester. "You can have your secrets. I am not one to ask for answers that I don't need to know. I have little reason to judge, as I am just a shadow behind a mask." He peaked over to his mask that had been laid next to his machete. "Speaking of, you mentioned something about fixing me up and helping me on my way?" As he spoke, he felt a strange warmth of both security and danger in his stomach. "Preferably before something goes wrong."
"That's...terribly ironic," Jester replied, sitting down on the couch heavily beside the dog. "Something just broke," he said softly after a few seconds of silence. He looked around the apartment, his eyes taking in the blank walls and wooden furniture. They had not been blank a second before. Posters of his favourite bands and lively graffiti writing had covered the naked walls just a few moments before Jason had walked in. But it had nothing to do with the other man. This only ever happened when Lock was as it. Even as he was speaking, Reggie got up from where he'd been lying moments before, a crazed fear in his eyes. He hopped down and tried to drag Jester to his feet, his wickedly sharp teeth closing around the sleeve of his coat and letting out a low growl. "Reggie, knock it off," Jester snapped, bending down and freeing his sleeve. "I die no matter where I go. She controls the entire city." He turned towards Jason even as he started to fade. "I suggest you get out. The whole building is about to collapse, and I am guessing you don't want to be here when the admins come to clean up." By the time he finished his sentence, his hair had returned to it's mundane brown, and his eyes had both turned blue. The burn on his face had healed. Reggie whined and backed away, his green eyes full of terror. After a few seconds, the werewolf turned around and ran beside Jason and out the door. "See? The dog's smart." Jester observed with a raised eyebrow. "I really think you should get out. Ask around for Ratchet. Tell her I sent you and ask to pass through." As he was talking, more and more of his life faded away. The framed pictures and knickknacks disappeared. Next came the furniture, itself, starting with Reggie's bed, and ending with...well, everything else. In a few seconds, all that was left was the couch, the floor and the door, the rest being whitespace. Jester himself was no longer anything more than a mere shade. "Lock works fast, doesn't she?" he noted, looking around with a sad look. "See you in a few years, Jason." And with that, he disappeared, leaving behind nothing but his green and white stone necklace.


Jason, Omac, and Handles
Jason stood in horror as his new acquaintance and the apartment around them started to fade away. He waited until Jester was gone completely before quickly grabbing his stuff and running for the door. As he ran, the floor behind him started to collapse into nothing. Even outside the sidewalk was being effected. He turned his head looking for someone named Ratchet. Instead he felt a painful pit in his stomach as he screamed into the open sky. "You don't get to leave like that Jester! Not when I needed you..." Jason slipped on his mask and held his machete high in the air as if he was going to strike at the nothing that was quickly surrounding him. Underneath his mask was the faint sound of aggressive tears fighting against the current of his hot rage. It was only interrupted when he heard the flapping of wings coming from above him.

He looked up as a small green and purple dragon flew down towards him. It fell into his arms, knocking him the ground as it began to lick his face. As soon as Jason looked into it's eyes his own tears stopped. "Well, who are you?" The dragon released a small shock, also purple, as the remaining shell on it's head popped off to reveal it's brain. "Well, that's disturbing." Jason looked at the newborn... yet zombie? dragon with both fascination and a sense of safety. "Brainstorm. That will be your name. You will be my dragon."

"Well, that's a good name." Handles said, as he and Miles walked over to them. "I'm always having to pull you out of trouble aren't I?"

Jason stood up, his dragon wrapping itself around his neck. "How did you get here? This world is fading away, Jester isn't here anymore. He might never be back."

Miles shook a keychain around his neck excitedly. "I have keys to EVERYWHERE!"

"Oh he'll be back." Handles said, looking up at the sky as the colorful blues started to turn to a blank white. "It's destiny. It took me a while to find you here but we're not supposed to be here yet. There is a war coming and Jester is supposed to help us on the other side. You weren't supposed to come here, not yet." Handles reached his hand out to Jason. "We'll return after 2023, if we can." He walked closer, to wrap his arm around Jason when he refused the hand gesture. "Come on, Jason, we have a haunted mansion to save."

Miles spun around, slipping a blue key into a keyhole that appeared out of thin air. With it, a portal appeared before them. "We can go home now but I want Wendy's first."

Jason flipped his mask up and shrugged. "I could eat." With that the three of them and the dragon Brainstorm went through the portal. Little did they realize, the dragon wore an ambulate that resembled the green and white stone of Jester. Perhaps, it was there as a sign from Jester that he would come with them in spirit, or maybe it was a key that would return them to this world after the war. Either way, it would severe as a reminder of what Jester did and the amazing person he was. Jason looked back with one last glance, feeling sad even in the short time they knew each other. He raised his machete as a sort of peaceful goodbye and then emerged into the portal completely.
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