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PG-18 Legacy Lounge 2.0 (OOC)

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I put the ass in potassium deficiency

Welcome to The Legacy Bar and Lounge, an extra-dimensional place of fun and relaxation. How you got here isn't important, whether it was intentionally or accidental, as there are many ways into Legacy. The Legacy is a pocket dimension owned by an old and powerful Sorceress. This lounge is a safe haven for all, humans and non. Outfitted with spectral servants and dimensional magics, The Legacy is an extravagant hangout that offers just about anything one might desire. The bar has no one tending, but any food or drink one might want magically appears in front of them the second they ask.

Though The Legacy might seem small at first glance, it strangely never runs out of space to fit more patrons. There is a small stage and dance floor to one side of the room, and towards another there are bar games such as darts and billiards. All of the furniture found in The Legacy is of the highest quality and extremely comfortable.

The Legacy is only one floor, but on that floor is everything one might want from an establishment such as this. The owner has been very meticulous with adding more and more things for bar-goers to do, and if something cannot be found within the walls of the Legacy, she will obtain it one way or another.

While there seems to be few employees other than vague figures of people who appear and disappear, there is one person who calls themselves The Manager. Any problems or queries may go through this manager and they will speak to The Owner on your behalf. It is advised to not harass The Manager or any of their fellow spectral servants.

1. No fighting IC or OOC. Characters that start physical fights will be magically booted out of the bar by the Owner herself. Characters can verbally argue without being tossed out, but if any magic or weapons are used to harm another person, they get the boot. These characters can come back if they promise not to fight. Players that start fights with other players won't be allowed back in the RP.
2. Nothing sexual is allowed. This RP isn't in the 18+ section. If two consenting adult players wanna do some erotica, do so elsewhere. Romance is fine, so long as it doesn't get far.
3. Please post a short bio of your character before hopping in, just so we know what they look like. Small sheet will be posted below.
4. This is a walk-in but try not to leave other players in the dust. I might tell two players to slow down for a bit if they go for 3 or more pages by themselves. Slow players like to have fun too and it's hard to have fun when you don't know what's happening.
5. Don't go overboard on the alcohol. I'm allowing drinking to an extent, but if your character ends up becoming too inappropriate, I will tell you to remove them. Flirting and romantic encounters are fine, but sexual harassment is not.
6. If you're not sure on something, ask me questions, but this is pretty open. Most characters are welcome here and encouraged to have fun. There may be some characters I won't allow, but I'll let you know. Usually these characters will be something wildly inappropriate or something that I know will bother other people in the RP, as well as turn off other people who might want to join. I generally don't want fandom OCs, but I can make exceptions if it's not too blatantly filled with fandom references. Please no canon fandom characters.
7. If a player is making you uncomfortable either with their character or just with themselves, please come to me and I will deal with it. If needed, I will take such situations to the staff of the site.
8. A walk-in RP doesn't mean free reign! I will call players out if I have to. Be respectful about boundaries and stop doing things if the player asks you to. Just don't be a dick and we can all get along.

Name: Bishop
Gender: Agender (they/them)
Race: Shadow Servant
Appearance: Humanoid in appearance, dark gray skin and longer black hair. Bright yellowish-white eyes. Indeterminate gender. Simple clothing. Has an ethereal voice. Looks to be roughly in their mid-teens but who knows how old they really are.


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I put the ass in potassium deficiency
I'm gonna have to say no to that one because of a certain obsession that I know makes a handful of people uncomfortable.


I put the ass in potassium deficiency
I'll be putting up my own characters here soon, then starting up a quick IC thread so people can just hop in whenever. Should be done sometime today!


Lily Flower Goddess
gen.: female
apperance: short-5'2; skinny; long black ombré to burgundy hair; pale with a TOOOON of freckles; baby blue eyes; hearing aids in her ears;a burn on the left eye that covers most of her face.
lilian is my deaf oc and she has a dog that is a catahulu named bella rose that she keeps with her. lilian is a total badass bitch if you mess with her.


Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
Staff member
Name: Tiff
Gender: Female
Languages: American Sign Language (ASL)
Appearance: 5' 1, with long silvery hair, little sister look.
About: Tiff has never been able to speak vocally, she learned ASL at the age most kids would start to learn to speak. She enjoys having conversations with people, though it can be hard to find a conversation partner if they don't understand ASL. She is 22.

Name: Genna
Gender: Male
Languages: English, (ASL)
Appearance: 6' 2, strong figure that has short brown hair. Kinda built like a football player.
About: Genna is big and strong but don't let his looks deceive you, he is a big ol teddy bear. He had meet Tiff a while back and they had been friends ever since. He protects Tiff, and is 25.

Hope these are ok for the lounge. I will write them up tomorrow after work, or maybe during. Haven't decided yet.


I put the ass in potassium deficiency
Name: Zarina
Race: Familiar/Fire Spirit
Gender: Female
Appearance: Zarina can technically look however she wants or however her master wants her to appear, so long as it is humanoid. Her appearance will always have the ears and a tail of a Savannah Cat. Her true form, in which she can revert if needed, is one of a large Savannah Cat with bright yellow eyes.

She stands roughly 6 feet in this appearance. She likes to be tall.
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