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PG-16 Not Accepting Labyrinth [IC]


The Phoenix
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Hermes laughed as both Leo and Mariana seemed adamant about having s’mores. “We can arrange that.” The god popped out and back in again, with everything they needed for good s’mores. He also brought enough to feed a village. “Let’s get this party started!”
Soon, some of them were helping out to set up camp. Overall, he thought they weren’t too bad. At least one knew what they were doing and Hermes thought they had a good group. Andi had knowledge and Mariana had knowledge, where Leo, Walt and Eli had skill. Together, they had a chance. However, there were likely some personality clashes and Hermes and Athene both hoped the group would work those out before they had to rely upon each other with their lives.

Andi smiled slightly as Mariana suggested they needed s’mores. That actually sounded like a great idea. Maybe they should also get some other food… The woman was distracted from her food-addled thoughts as Leon decided to introduce himself.
“Nice to meet you, Leo. I’m Andrina, though most people call me Andi. I’d ask what brings you here, but I guess that’s self-explanatory. Just curious, though, what’s your skill? It seems we’re all here for a reason. Mine seems to be for my knowledge of Greek history. Pouty-pants over there seems to be good for his healing abilities."
She eyed Leo for a moment, taking in what she saw and tried ot silently guess his thing. Then there was the other stranger, who appeared rather ... rough around the edges. Yet, the polite - and smart - thing would be to figure out his deal, and powers as well.
"And what about you, other stranger?”

Andi helped out where she could, though the woman found it came easier than she’d thought. Drunk camping was still camping, apparently. She glanced over the rest and rolled her eyes when she saw Eli just sitting and pouting from a distance. Shaking her head, Andi walked over to him. While she wasn’t out to antagonize him, subtility wasn’t part of her nature. Neither did he strike her as a person who dealt well with beating around the bush.
“If you’re still pissy because you aren’t God himself as of two hours ago, don’t be that guy. Help us, make an effort. We can use the help, and it’s as good a time as any to get to know each other, ok? We have ... s'mores, apparently.”

Hermes eyed Andi going over to where Eli was sitting and carefully got Athene's attention to redirect it to their new Heroes. They had foreseen some issues with these two, and it appeared they were about to be shown if their guesses had been correct. They also thought there would be some issues with Walt, so that was another thing to keep an eye out for. Right now, that seemed to be fairly calm and uneventful, though who knew what would happen in the next few days.
Athene walked over to Hermes and stood with him to see how this would unfold. Both of them had quite the personality, and would not back down easily. That much they knew about them. Yet, sometimes friends and allies came from the most unexpected of places and both Gods hoped this was one such instance.
"Probably a good thing she doesn't have a bow an arrow, huh?" Hermes muttered quietly, "And that she's out of practice."
"No, I only gave her the ability to set everything on fire," Athene whispered back.


Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
Mariana went wide eyed when Hermes appeared with the large amount of s'mores supplies. "What did you do burglarize an entire warehouse?" It's not that she was against his stealing, I mean he is a God after all. Mariana and begun to set up some of the camping gear that she knew. Once she had exhausted herself she began to make s'mores, her method was to just burn the marshmallow as she knew she would end up burning it anyway. She shoved the end of the stick with the marshmallow right into the fire and once it caught she pulled it out and blew it out.

Walt had come around to accepting what was going on, thought he still wasn't fully sure this was real. He took his time pondering everything that had brought him to this point it all just seemed so fantastical, and if there is one thing Walt is fantastical is not it. This has to be real, his brain could never think this up. Walt took up a place near the fire, camping near a fire was something he remembered doing as a small child, what a time that was. He watched the fire but began to notice that the girl across from him was burning every marshmallow she made. "My sister used to do that." He said flatly. "It works better if you put the stick between two fingers and slowly turn it." He motioned it out.

Mariana gave Walt a smile. "Thanks" Her brain was telling her to be careful of him, he had a look about him that made you want to keep your distance. But he seemed genuinely nice in that moment, scary but nice.


The Forever Tired Void
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Leo gave a large smile back at Andi as she introduced herself. At her question, Leo took a second before responding, “I guess you could say I have some...survival expertise. At the very least I’m decent at keeping a level head when things get hairy.”

Leon chuckled, but turned his head away to mask his expression. Even though everything was explained to him, and he had agreed to the terms from these Gods, that didn’t mean bringing up his past knowledge was easy. He shook his head slightly and got back to working on the tents. No need to dwell on the past when there is a task at hand, the man mused to himself.

After finishing up, Leon took a seat near the fire. As he threw a couple marshmallows on a skewer, Leo saw out of the corner of his eye Andi approaching Eli. The man quickly turned away, to not seem like he was spying, but kept a keen ear to hear what she had to say to him.


Eli did not even bother to look as he heard footsteps approach him. Only when Andi started to lecture him, did Eli turn his head and give her a bored expression as she attempted to convince him to help. He let out a sigh once she was finished and said, “I will set up my portion of the camp when I’m ready to. Plus, s’mores are a treat you give to kids. Sorry, I’m not motivated by that kind of thing, though I don’t blame that someone of your...status… would be.”

The doctor cocked his head to the side to look past Andi and locate Hermes. When Elijah locked eyes with the god, he spoke up saying, “Don’t you guys have a God of Wine or something? What do we have to do to get a good Bordeaux around here?” He paused for a second to look at the others, roasting marshmallows, a slight look of disgust settling on his face, “Also, you’re about to send us all into a death trap. The least you could do is give us a decent meal instead of a sugary snack that will do nothing to help us with training or whatever it is that you have planned.”

With that, Eli got up from his seat and started to walk over to the only tent not setup yet. As if he forgot something, the surgeon stopped mid stride. He then said a soft “ah” before turning back to Andi, and casually stating, “And no, I did not think I would be ‘God himself’ as you put it. However, I figured at the very least, I would be given a better power than being able to pour you a glass of water.”

A thoughtful look came over his face as he continued on, “Then again, I guess I could use these powers for my own amusement. While I’m not one for them, I could hold my own wet t-shirt contest, if I wanted to.” While he said this, a small ball of water formed in the palm of his hand and a small grin stretched across his face.

Elijah then let the water lose its shape and splash onto the ground. He then looked Andi up and down, and calmly stated, “However, I’m not really interested in getting to know what’s underneath, body or personality-wise. As long as you keep me safe, I’ll fix your wounds.” On that note, Eli turned on his heels and started to assemble his tent.