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Intermediate Not Accepting Labyrinth [GROUP 1]


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Staff member
Full name Alistair Hezac
Nickname Al
Age 26
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Physical appearance:
Power: Seismic Sense- Alistair can see the world around him using the vibrations that travel through the ground around him, effectively mapping his surroundings. He can use this sense and see just as well using the vibrations that he would with his eyes.
Limit on power: His Seismic Sense has an effective range of two hours(6 miles). It is also interrupted if there is a break in the surface the vibrations travel on, and is made blurry if the material is of a softer material. He cannot identify objects or creatures in the air with this sense, as it requires contact with the ground or surface to work properly.

Weapon of choice: Spartan Xiphos

Character strengths and weaknesses: Strong Willed, Cool Headed, Patient. Stubborn, Blunt, Self-sacrificing (Can be construed as both good and bad)

Alistair is a third generational SOF, born into the life of a mercenary. He was raised by his father, an accomplished merc, and his mother a civvie his father fell in love with when on a trip. At the age of six, Alistair was given a little sister, Elizabeth, and from that day he vowed to be the best brother he could be. AT the age of ten, his father began training him, whenever he was home that was, and Alistair took to his lessons with gusto, practicing whenever he could. By the age of 14, Alistair was an expert at hand to hand combat, and was a decent shot, but still he trained hard as he could. It was at the age of 16 when he and his sisters' lives split, after their mother died, he went to stay with their father, while she went to stay with their mothers parents in the states. Living with the mercenaries and his father only pushed Alistair further in his training, and by eighteen, he could best a lot of the members in his fathers group, but not his father, not yet. As fate would have it, he would never get the chance, as his father died but a year later. By nineteen, Alistair found himself parentless, left with only a sister and the mercenaries he had come to call family. From then on for years, Alistair trained, went on missions, and visited his sister when he could. That was until around the age of 23, when while on mission, him and the squad he was with fell victim to an ambush, and he was captured. Alistair was tortured and beaten for a matter of days, at one point his captors used a hammers claw to remove his left eye. One day however he snapped and broke free, and then proceeded to kill everyone in the compound before making his way to freedom. He was found days later on the brink of death, and for a few months was hospitalized for his Injuries.