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Intermediate Sci-Fi Supernatural Just Some Nuts and Bolts(A Sci-Fi RP)


Proffesional procrastinator
The Plot

Ah, the great cosmos, what lies beyond, the Milky Way, truly a wondrous place, isn't it? Well, lucky you! You were assigned as a member in the National Galaxy Federation(NGF)! That means that your job is to pilot, secure, and maintain the well-being of a space shuttle on a 1 year round-trip to Saturn. Accompanying you will be a group of similarly lucky/qualified members so that, you know, you guys don't get stranded in space.

Now, even though you guys won't be able to explore the planet first hand, you know, mysterious air and all that, you DO get a handy little rover that is supposed to trek onto the ringed planet and gather some of its land materials, easy peasy! They even coke in spares! You may come across some separate life forms who may want to bite your head off, but safety us pretty much 100% guaranteed! Welcome to the NGF: Where Mysteries are Solved!

-National Galaxy Federation, 2181

The Space Shuttle

The shuttle will be split into multiple rooms. The greenhouse for food production, the pilot room for controlling the ship, the storage room for... storage, the armory in case things get dicey, cabins which are basically hotel rooms and the escape room in case everything goes wrong.

The food you get will be mostly preserved because no one has time to watch plants grow and the armory will have hi-tech weapons and FUCKING SPACE SUITS in order to safely carry the out repairs.

Guidelines and Rules

1. The basic stuff, no Godmodding and no inactivity for an excruciatingly long time

2. No resurrection or time travel, though I WILL allow insta-death this time.

3. Races are specifically human. I don't really care about nationalities.

4. Please follow this character template.

Full Name:
Alias(If any):
Gender(Straight, Bi, etc):
Date of Birth:
Country of Birth:
Biggest Strength:
Biggest Weakness:

What is THIS!? An RP made by me that ISN'T Medical Fantasy?

Yes, it is. I really feel like going deeper into more genres that isn't some ragtag Hero's Journey thing where the big bad thing is killed. Not saying I don't enjoy it, but it's starting to feel a bit stale. I really hope this succeeds and am excited for its future!


I like the idea of this plot! It might take me a day or two to get back to you with the character information but if you don't mind a new member joining you, count me in. I'm new to the forum, but definitely not to roleplay! :)