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so I want to see if any of you are interested in my idea, I already have plots and lore for it and am open to suggestions/ideas when I get enough peeps for a group. comment below and dm me

"Welcome one, welcome all to the Mystic Cirque Val Royale of memory! It is a place of dreams and wonders as far as the eye can see! Come see the impossible....."

Cirque Val Royale is renown across the world for it's rather unique design and performances while under the control of it's mysterious masked ringmaster.

Many gather to enjoy what it has to offer as they are often oblivious of what's going on behind those closed curtains. There had been reported a number of strange occurrences and disappearance some leading suspiciously to Cirque itself but never enough evidence or proof the claims are true. There are many rumors but none could be farther from the truth of it all.

Despite the glamour and exterior,the circus is not normal by any means and is surrounded by a dark and odd history. Many of the members are not what they seem as many of them aren't actually human but far from it and are bound by the ringmaster's magic which keeps them there. they're from all over and considered the ringmaster's collection.
Not all the members are treated well while the ring master himself running the whole show and abusing his own power for his enjoyment.

key notes:

> there is a obvious hierarchy in the circus, positions in that higharchy are based off power,hard work and the ring master's favor. the higher up someone is the more responsibilities they have and they have more opportunities while the lower someone is the more likely they'll get stuck with the jobs nobody wants to do.

>members typically wear jewelry,collars,or have some sort of mark embued by the ringmaster's magic that they can't remove no matter what. there will be a way to break free of it later on that I'll reveal when the time is right

>The ringmaster is a cruel, old and immortal masked man who made deals with a demon. He is on the top and picks favorites. He sees the members as his collection or toys. He can use magic and is not to be reckoned with.

>The demon is the second most powerful in the circus and is known as to be neutral. The demon is a gossip and is the leader of the clowns.