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Jodo's Drawings/Sketches


Protein Powder is Deliciousness
First off, I would like to welcome you, who is reading this, to my thread where I post my. . . art? If you can call it that, but anyway, here is a frew sketches of a few OC's of either my own or other peoples (with permission of course).

Gage Tanner, my character for "Yo, Pass, I'm Open", this RP is actually an absolute joy to RP.

A different RP on a different site, which I recently actually quit RPing on, Keres Hermes.

An absolute random picture of a character in a long forgotten RP which didn't have a name, Nightstalker, who's real name was somethin' I forgot.

An OC for my favorite anime on YouTube, don't know what to call her but I'll come up with something, feel free to subjest something.
Caption not shown, "She used to fly like an angle. Darting and killing huntsmen in her path to her prize. What that was, no one knew, but she still moved on, looking for someone, or something, driven by Salem in an unknowing slavery for the godess of evil."

Thats all for now! If anyone has a request then, please, feel free to ask, or if there is something I post and you would like info on what happened in that scene/sketch, please please please, don't restrain to ask. I enjoy talking about my RP's all the time and anytime!


Protein Powder is Deliciousness
My sisters begged and begged me to do a few of their favorite character from HTTYD the movie, so I eventually gave in and this is what I ended up with:

My personal favorite, Cloud Jumper:

My littlest sisters absolute favorite drawing, Toothless and the Light Fury:

Next are the Nightlights, I accidently named them the same name, the first one is Dusk and the second is Dawn:

That's all for this post folks, hope this didn't look completly like crap!


Protein Powder is Deliciousness
Okay so I got bored and decided I was gonna work on some of my art that I either owed or opted to do, buuut- that didn't happen. I started a scene from a RP and got bored with it because, atonomy sucks, so I went with something else because, why not right? With this one I decided to go with the drawing process (kinda) so I figured I would post it!

Step 1: Sketch it out for a decent idea of what I'm doing.

Step 2: Draw in the center and outline the main inner shape.

Step 3: Finish

I know the quility isn't that great but I figured I would post it anyway, I finished around 10:00 PM. last night so please, don't hurt me.


Protein Powder is Deliciousness
Mmm, so I've struck the inspiration to do a request for which Eevee (from Pokemon) evolution (eeveelution) they would like me to draw. So, to start it off, I have Aveon, the Flying Type Eevee evolution:


In the next few drawings I have Umbreon and Vaperon.
Have one you want to request? I'm open to any of them!