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Casual Intermediate Interest Check: Wolf RPG, Anyone?

I’ve had an obsession with wolves and have gone out of my way for twelve years to learn about them. For ten of those years, I’ve been roleplaying, and was wondering if anyone around here would be interested to do an RP based on two packs of wolves in a forest? It sounds simple and plain, but it’s...really hard to describe. I've run this thrice elsewhere, twice successfully, and was hoping to find fellow RPers who might join me. It would be drama/action/adventure based kind of thing, I can give more info if people are interested.
Yay okay, coolio! Any idea what forum it would go in? Usually I put it up places and it grabs interest pretty quick, but I just wanted to make sure I had one or two people around.
Nice! Okay, I’ll find somewhere to put it up and then put the link in here, then. I just have to figure out what forum section is belongs in. 😅
Here’s the link to the sign-ups!