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Not Accepting Inos' Calling

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Inos is a world with a long and bloody history. Several races live in this world and the peace is little more than a fanciful wish. The king and queen, Ohran and Morrigan do what they can to uphold and strengthen the peace treaties that are in place but everybody knows little has to happen to fall back into chaos.
Now one man is trying to usurp the power the king and queen hold by taking hold of an ancient old relic. An item that the people value more than life itself. With it, [evil persona] will try and seize control of first Kendro and after that, Inos as a whole.
It was with this threat that Morgan, the ambassador between the Serana and the Royal family, was sent on a mission to stop the impending doom. However, nobody could have forseen what would happen.
Somebody betrayed them and told [evil persona] what was about to happen. Morgan was ambushed on his journey and it was his luck that he is Serana. For without that advantage, he could never have transported himself to a place where magic is nothing but a myth. Mortally wounded, he transported himself to a place called Earth, where he soon finds those that have to finish his mission.

World: Inos
Country: Kendro
Capital City: Falios
The country of Kendro supports three races. First there are the humans, who are native to the lands. Then there are the Kurkhar, lizardlike people that came from across the sea and the Serana that were created through magic. The latter are the only ones with magical abilities.
The country is lead by King Ohran and Queen Morrigan, who have sat on their throne for many years, as have Ohran’s ancestors before him. He has a council of nobility around him to help him lead and of course knights and an army to keep the peace.

The land has a distinctive form, which contains several environments; up around the north there is a mountain ridge that goes from north to east (making a natural border). These are usually cold and it’s not uncommon for it to snow during spring. The farther south one goes the warmer it becomes, in the southern areas winter is mild with no snow (usually a long sleeve shirt is enough midwinter).
To the west lays the ocean, making it a humid place it’s a jungle area with lots of rain.

The important cities are built pretty much the same way. They are built around a centre – usually the castle of the lord or lady of said city/area. The higher to the centre, the higher the buildings will be. This is an advantage when being attacked. The archers in the back can shoot over their comrades and not have them killed by friendly fire although this also makes it easier for scum to go from rooftop to rooftop.
Each city has of course specifications to the area they are built in.

In this world, meat is a status symbol, the more you can afford (and the better meat you can afford) the better your status. Transportation is another form of showing your status: peasants and below generally use their feet (unless they stole a horse or something), commoners to nobility use horses or a cart and nobility usually have carriages to bring them around.
The third way to separate ranks for one another is weaponry. Everything not nobility or army isn’t allowed to carry anything. By weaponry alone you can distinguish people from one another. Most anybody carries something nevertheless because thieves and other scum, but it’s not allowed. They use weapons like bows, long swords, broadswords and hand-and-a-half-swords.
Another, less obvious way to see how is higher ranked is by the way of greeting. The lower ranked will greet first.

The men are for the most part dressed much the same way. They will wear long sleeve shirts and tunics and long trousers and pants.
The women dress modestly and always in skirts and dresses but you can tell status by their dress. The lower their ranking the more simple their dress. The higher their rank the more extravagantly the dress. More colorful, more adornment etc.
Of course, due to how the people are spread out throughout the land their clothes are somewhat different and oriented to the area they live.

They believe that the world is created by 10 gods and goddesses.
5 created nature (and death) in all its forms. 5 created the races that walk the planet and their nature.

Farran, God of the earth and mountains
Aria, Goddes of the wind and air
Ignate, the God of fire and heat
Sarasa, the Goddess of water and ice
Othano, the God of death and darkness

Mabon, Goddess of Harmony
Morigan, God of War
Nissa, Goddess of Wisdom
Pera, Goddess of Justice
Phusin, God of Happiness

There are two festivals a year. First there is the Spring festival, which is held at the end of winter around planting season. This is to celebrate the life that spring tends to bring. They hope that the gods will give them a good harvest and good year.
Then there is the Winter Solace, which is supposed to appease the gods so that they might not have a too hard a winter with little lives lost.

Once there was the world, with just the humans. They were several countries, each with their own form of government. One of the countries started a war, wanting to conquer the others. Magic was never a huge part of life and so Kendro proved victories and united the others under one banner.
Kendro was at that point led by a royal family. This royal family however neglected their people; the taxes were too high and much of the harvest was usurped by the nobility leaving the masses to starve.
Some people had magic and helped where they could. Slowly but surely those people gathered and combined their strengths. They eventually started their Order of Mages. As their pleas fell on deaf man’s ears to lower the taxes and not take as much harvest, they eventually demanded that the king would step down from the throne. When he refused, they removed him forcibly and appointed a King that they thought would be able to lead a fair and just kingdom.
Even though their choice was a good one, the Mages kept an eye out. Their ranks were getting ever smaller though throughout the years and it was thus that when the violent and blood hungry Kurkhar arrived they were too weak to take care of the threat.

They could, however, give power to a very select group of women. They became known as the Serana. During the war and because of their own efforts the Mages were no more and the Serana pretty much took their place.
They never interfered as strongly though.

Race Name(s): Kurkhar
This race is evolved from the lizards that they once were. They don’t do science, preferring to live the day as it is and stick why what they know. They don’t worship either, seeing how life is far from perfect. “What is a God that closes his eyes for that which is wrong in the world”.
The race is a proud, warriorlike race which holds much value in family and honor. They would not allow anybody to buy their services and look down on those who do. They consider themselves to be better than humans for that reason alone.
They can live in most environments but tend to prefer the rocky planes.

This race is a proud race that found their place among the fiercest of warriors though they only use their weapon sticks, called the Bah’tar and their brute strength. Besides that, they can hold up in most any weather due to their lizard-like traits.
They hold no allegiance to any one race and stick to their own kind for the most part. Few tried to fight one of the members of this race and lived to tell the tale.

They live in ‘families’, where each member gets their Bah’tar. This item is decorated specifically to that family. Finding a new family isn’t easy and would show by their Bah’tar alone that they are outsiders. Should they be adopted in a new family (which is rare to happen) it is generally to keep disease out of their family. They discovered that if certain members mate their offspring is unhealthy.
The decoration of the Bah’tar (and thus recognition) can only change if the head of the family does not originate in that family. This is pretty much unheard of since a family would rarely accept a leader that does not originate from their own family.

These factors make family relations important. It is generally the males that choose to leave to start their own families but sometimes females leave as well. If this happens it is common for the individual to become homeless, meaning he would not really fit anywhere anymore.

Overall it is not an adventurous race, preferring to stick with their own, but do not hesitate to move about if they are forced. This rarely happens as humans have learned long ago leave them alone. They are the better warriors with their heights, weights and tough skin/scales.
The race is roughly 6.5” to 7” long, with forest/mountain colored scales covering their body. The color depends on where the family originated from (those living in the middle of the jungle are green colored while those near the mountains are more likely gray).
They tend to be muscled and have superior to human strengths, males more so than females even though the race doesn’t distinguish between genders.

The Kurkhar don’t have set occupations. They do the job that needs to be done, whether that is watching the young, training them or hunting so they can eat.
Their houses are simple and blend in with the nature that they call home.

Race Name(s): Serana
Country: [/B]
The Serana were granted their powers by the mages of ancient past.
The Serana people consist of mainly women that share similar traits. They have a caramel colored skin with dark, black hair and bright green or blue eyes. They tend to rank their order according to their personality but do take power into account.
They are lead by a council of people, both male and female – depending on who seems most fitted.

The Serana consist of only mostly women. They mostly keep to themselves but are revered as wise women. They mostly keep for themselves but will help if given incentive.
The women will wear dresses but only those that allow them to still move freely (high splits). The men will wear trousers and light tunics. Their clothing makes it easy for them to blend into the forests that they occupy.

They were called to life by the Mages of ancient past when the Kurkhar arrived and tried to take over their lands. They originally were only women but found that their powers would pass down to their children. Less boys were born than girls, which seemed an unfortunate side effect of the magic used on them though it cannot be said for sure.
The mages died out as a result of the war and the Serana took their place to a degree. They would not meddle as much in the affairs of man but neither would keep silent if trouble arose.

A few times they had to put the Kurkhar back in their place but they evolved into peaceful yet fierce people that also started to keep to themselves. Because of it, they retreated into the forests, some opting to stay behind and help people in the cities.
The power of the Serana is not as strong as the Mages that died out but more different. Their powers are more mystical.
Their powers lay in seeing what lies ahead as well in the past, their ability to transport (with help of the occasional magical ability).

Race Name(s): Fae
Islands of Sangryda
The Fae were once normal people. When the war started the mages tried to create creatures to help them out. This race does not have any magical abilities that are currently present but they had them when they were first created. The power did not, unlike the Serana, carry onto the following generations, only their wings did.

As the war came to a close the Fae realized they wanted nothing to do with more violence. Not then and not in the future. They took the islands for themselves after endless negotiations for they wanted a place for themselves, away from the war and fighting. They wanted no influence from the other races. The Islands allowed them to still keep in contact where needed/wanted. Some fae do get a little curious about the outside world and thus fly out to explore. Most come back fairly soon (within half a year).

Fae stand about 5 feet tall, and obviously are winged creatures. They are the most peaceful of races, usually preferring to remain on their island home of – the Islands of Sangryda. Many label these winged folk as "pacifists", or worse "isolationists." Do not be fooled, however, when they fight they fight fiercely and only a fool would attempt a fight on their homeland.
Both the males and females are petite and slim. They both look a little femine and not really strong. They teach their children and youngsters their weapons through games and the like, not by giving them a sword or other weapon.
The Fae are slow the rouse, but once roused they will fight on the side of justice as they see it.

At about a year old, Fae begin growing their wings. The wings vary greatly in their make and design, but are most closely related to that of birds with exquisite colors and feather patterns. However, in some rare cases Fae bear featherless wings, with characteristics closer to that of a reptile than a bird. The Fae find this rare difference to be curious, but not a defect as these Fae grow to be as strong and capable as Fae with feathered wings. Reptilian wing patterns can be as colorful and intricate as feathers.

This race allows most anybody onto their islands and into their homes as long as they bear no hostile intents. They will rarely allow weapons to be carried on their lands for they see no need to cause violence. Nearly everything can be resolved peacefully.
Fae don’t really have villages or clans, they live in and around the forests. Their houses blend into the forest and are usually open and ‘light’.

The Fae don’t really have occupations within their society, they live with a “you do what has to be done” mentality though not everybody has precisely the same skills. They have no hunters for they do not partake in meat but there are still other things that need to be done; taking care of the youngsters, gather edible plants etc.

Race Name(s): Weres
The Were-animals, though almost human in every way have the ability to shift into one animal. What animal form they take is not completely random it seems. There seems to be familial relation. Mammals stick with mammals and birds stick with birds, so to speak.
Shifting to animal form, much like using magic, is a physical exertion, and the unpracticed/disciplined will become tired quickly.

Due to the territorial and savage nature, the Weres live both together an apart, usually in separate and sovereign tribes as befitting their animal nature (i.e. wolves live in packs). This makes Weres rather politically unstable, and unpredictable. Interestingly enough, however, given their ability to shift they are treated marginally better than humans.
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The Phoenix
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Name: Alexander Dupree

Nicknames: Alex, Lex, AD

Date of Birth: 12/22

Age: 24

Gender: Male

New Race: Dryad

Physical Description (Human)

Height: 6’3


Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Additional Physical Description: Tends to wear more business outfits, but wears casual clothes when he is hanging out, or camping, with his younger brother.

Physical Description (Dryad)

Height: 6’3


Hair: Green

Eyes: Yellow

Additional Physical Description: He has simple pants that he wears, but his body is mostly covered with a variety of herbs and leaves. Some of the plants on his body have healing properties, while others may be used to poison enemies. Due to []’s background, he is able to know which plants to use for what outcome and how to use them. He can change what plants there are by concentrating on the one he wants when he’s exposed to the sun. When a plant is picked, it takes a few hours to a day to regenerate.


Personality/Attitude: Serious and thoughtful, but cheerful around his brother

Favorites/Likes: Having a plan come together, Tea

Most Hated/Dislikes: Not being properly informed, Ticks

Goals/Ambitions: Always be a reliable person

Positive Traits: Confident, Logical, Cautious

Negative Traits: Cynical, Boastful, Stubborn

Fears: Losing those he loves and trusts, Leading people astray

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Rock Climbing, Camping

Skills/Talents: Martial Arts, Public Speaking, Fencing

Occupation: Big Data Analyst

General History:

Additional Notes


Name: Matthew Dupree

Nicknames: Matt, Matty (Just his family)

Date of Birth: 8/10

Age: 15

Gender: Male

New Race: Fae


Physical Description

Height: 5’7

Weight: 123

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Additional Physical Description: His time spent with his brother on camping trips, and his martial arts classes, have built up lean muscle. He usually wears baggy clothing mostly in neutral colors like blacks, greys, and browns. He also has a pair of round, black glasses.

Physical Description (Fae)

Height: 5’1

Weight: 102

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Additional Physical Description: Tends to wear a dark, green shirt and brown pants in this form. His wings look like those of a sparrow. Though he is lighter in this form, he is still quite strong. No longer needs his glasses.


Personality/Attitude: Shy and quiet around most people. Adventures and inquisitive around those he trusts. (usually just his brother and grandmother)

Favorites/Likes: Animals

Most Hated/Dislikes: Dark and Cramped Places, Confrontation

Goals/Ambitions: To be intelligent (like his brother), to have an art gallery, to have a large group of friends

Positive Traits: Compassionate, Inquisitive, Honest

Negative Traits: Impulsive, Timid, Distractible

Fears: Having to leave his brother and Grandmother, and go back to his father

Hobbies/Interests: Photography and Drawing

Skills/Talents: Martial Arts, Understanding Animals

Occupation: Student

General History:

Mother: Morgan Dupree
Father: Bradley Dupree
Grandmother: Etta Sinclair

The first eight years of Alex’s life were happily average. He had his mom and dad, who played with him when they could, but both had relatively demanding jobs. His mom, Morgan, worked as a doctor at one of the City’s hospitals, and his dad, Bradley, worked as a computer engineer for a competitive software company. Even at a young age, Alex understood this and tried to be a good child, keeping to himself and burying his face in any book he could find. However, Alex started to feel the edge of loneliness creeping upon him when his parents were at work. He didn’t have many friends and, though his Grandma Etta would come watch him from time-to-time, she just didn’t have the energy to play with Alex.
His mother eventually recognized how disconnected Alex seemed to feel from everyone. Would see how he didn’t talk much to the kids at school, and would sometimes look on with jealousy at kids with playful siblings at the park. Morgan finally got up the courage one day to ask Alex if he ever thought about having a sibling. At that mention, Alex perked up. He excitedly explained how he had thought of that and wished that he had someone else to play with or be around when they were gone. His father, on the other hand, was against the thought, but gave into his wife.

Soon after Alex's ninth birthday, his mom announced that they were expecting. Alex was ecstatic about the news and spent the coming months helping his mom ready the new room, going on shopping trips to get new toys, and lead a hand around the house. While alex was excited about the new baby, he was so glad that his mom was home more often. When they learned that the baby was going to be a boy, Alex begged to name him Matthew after a character he loved from his favorite book.

Though the first seven months were fine, Morgan started showing issues coming into her third trimester. Alex wasn't sure what was going on. All he knew was that his mom was constantly in and out of the hospital. Alex would sometimes visit her in the hospital. She was always hooked up to weird machines, and different bags would drop odd colored fluid into her, but she still had a smile whenever Alex came to visit.

Fate continued to be unkind to the family as Morgan's health continued to fail. Eventually the doctors told her she would need to have an early delivery which they could save the baby and possibly her in turn. However, Morgan's body was too weak and, after the birth of her second son, she passed away.

The family was devastated by this. Alex blamed himself for what happened to his mom. He thought it was his fault since he wanted a baby brother to make him feel less lonely, to play with. His father saw it differently though. He blamed the newborn child, he never wanted, for taking away his wife. He would come home and cry, leaving most of the child care to Etta.

Over the years, Grandma Etta questioned if Bradley should maybe work less and focus on the children more. One night Bradley came home agitated and angry after work, frightening the children. Seeing this display, Etta yelled at him that maybe he should give custody of the kids to her since he clearly wasn't fit to raise them. With this comment, something in Bradley snapped. He yelled at her saying he wasn't incompetent and didn't want her in his family's life anymore. He then started to cut off connections to Morgan's family and eventually moved out of the city to avoid Etta.

Bradley slowly started to neglect his duties as a father and twelve-year-old Alex was forced to pick up the slack. Though it was hard at times, he never blamed Matty since Alex promised his late mother to help take care of him. As Matthew grew older, Alex would go adventuring in the woods with him and play different games outside of the house away from his father. Though when they were around him, Brad would chastise Matty for distracting his older brother from his studies since their father planned to have Alex follow in his mother’s footsteps to be a doctor. Their father would constantly separate them, locking Matty in his room and letting Alex do whatever he wanted. Though Alex soon learned not to leave Matty alone since there were multiple times he would come back to the house and Matt would have new bruises or scrapes on him. Alex started to hated father and began to devise a plan to get himself and Matty out of there.

By the age of 15, Alex had researched different ways that he might be able to absolutely make sure his Grandmother could win a custody battle for them. His dad was careful not to show the his neglect or abuse of Matty around guests, so they couldn't fight a battle on that ground. Alex did find that if a person was too ill to complete their duties as a guardian, custody would be granted to another. Alex already had an extensive knowledge of chemistry and botany, so he found a way to poison different consumables has father would partake in with nerium. Even though Alex loathes his father at this point, he made sure that the toxin would only make him ill, not kill Brad.

The plan took months to finally gain traction, but with the doctor’s confused and Brad on the verge of losing his job, Etta was able to step in to grab custody of the brothers. With the illness and the testimony of the two about their father’s treatment, Etta was able to bring the boys back to the city where they were born. Alex was able to graduate and go to college to major in two things he loved. Matty had a slightly harder time adjusting to everything.
He was happy to be with his Grandma and brother, but with the treatment he endured from his father, had left him feeling inadequate and uncomfortable around most people. He had issues making friends, and would rather be around animals or art rather than other humans. Etta and Alex both worked to help Matt with his feelings and mental state, which slowly improved, but after years Matt still tended to be shy around any that have not earned his trust.

Even with this though, Matty loves to go on adventures and explore the world around him with his brother. Sometimes it gets them into terrible, but Alex would always be there to help Matty and find a way out for both of them. Matty does secretly wish he was better at making friends since he would live to take others on him and his brother's adventures. Though his fear and lack of trust in people, constantly gets in the way of this dream.

Presently, Alex works for a high end company to help out his Grandma financial and spends time with Matty on the weekends. Alex goes camping and rock climbing with his little brother, and teaches him everything he knows about the different plants and animals they encounter. They are also both into martial arts, which helps Matty feel more secure knowing he can defend himself. Any chance he gets though, Matt will constantly sketch and photograph what is around him. He regales his Grandma with the fact that he will be a great painter someday, open up a gallery, and make tons of money like his brother.

Though their father is still around, the two haven't seen him for years. The subject is never brought up and the family tends to avoid talking about, especially if Matty's around.


The Phoenix
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Character's name: Senna


Sex: Female

Age: 21


New Race: Were-animal (owl)

New Race looks: In her human form she has kept her human looks. She turns into the barn owl, which means she will turn into a medium sized owl. This owl has light gray on its upper body with reddish brown and puffs of white feathers. The barn owl has gray spotting on its wings and head. The underside is very white. She will have a very distinctly heart-shaped facial disc that is sharply outlined with reddish brown. A barn owl’s beak is off-white and the feet are yellowish white with brown.

Weapon(s) of choice: her fists

General history/character: Senna is the youngest five children – though she is part of a twin - and is the second daughter. Her twin brother beat her by a few minutes in being born. She studies veterinary science in college and works at the Zoo. She doesn’t go out much and doesn’t date a whole lot, wanting to spend time with her animals instead.

Though Senna loves her family she doesn’t have a whole lot of contact with some of them. She calls her parents only once every few weeks. Her older sister and her oldest brothers are among her best friends and them she calls a few times a week. For now she lives in a small apartment, sharing it with another girl to pay for the rent as Senna didn’t like the idea of a dorm or student house.

She took boxing lessons since she was 11 but never thought about going professional.

Though she likes to take things easy, she is very reliable and smart. Senna prefers to be alone or in small groups, which is part of why she doesn’t go to parties much.

Senna will make small talk and possibly make friends if she wants to. Overall she is a calm person but can get pretty mad or wired up if it’s something she cares about. Animals and her friends are such examples. Nevertheless, Senna will try to make her case in a calm and reasonable manner. If she succeeds is another question entirely.

Other than that, she can be quite lax with deadlines and is a professional procrastinator when it comes to her school-work.

Character's name: Alvena

Nickname: Alfy (mother)

Sex: female

Age: 25


Weapon(s) of choice: She can fight with a range of weapons but usually prefers the bow and arrow and broadsword. These she usually carries with her, especially on the road.

General history/character: Alvena was born as only child to the lady Elwyn and lord Eadric – Earl and Countess of some part of the land. From a young age, it was clear Alvena would be the kind of girl to sit still so she wouldn’t wrinkle her pretty dress. While she doesn’t mind dressing up from time to time, it’s something that gets old pretty quickly for her. Alvena prefers practical clothes over what is expected of her, and can usually be found wearing trousers with high, leather boots and a tunic.

She took to bow and arrow from a young age, as well as swordsmanship and often went with her father to practice. Alvena’s father was a high ranking officer. Although her mother was vocal about disapproving her choices, Alvena showed an aptitude for the craft. That, combined with her sense of loyalty towards her father and the royal family, put her on the path of knight-hood. Alvena’s mother vocally disapproved of it, and didn’t want her only child to put herself in these situations. On the other hand, she was also proud of her daughter following her own path. Her father guided her through training, giving her no leeway or favoritism because they were related. If anything, that made it harder for her.

Starting her training in her early teens, she quickly proved herself and rose through the ranks. She has the scars – from both training and actual combat – to prove her fortitude, aptitude and combat skills. Over the years, she found she can be judgemental and often sits on the proverbial moral high horse

Additional details:
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