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PG-18 Ino's Calling (IC)


The Forever Tired Void
Staff member
Alex gave a nod to the both of them at the suggestion of stopping. The young man had noticed that his horse was becoming visibly tired due to the stress of two people, even though Matty seemed noticeably lighter and smaller in this new form. Additionally, the older brother could feel Matty shifting every now and then on the stallion since he was unaccustomed to riding long distances.

“That’s fine by me,” Alex followed up, “It’s probably best to make camp, and look for firewood and food while we still have daylight.”

Thought the younger brother wouldn’t express his relief outloud, Alex did hear Matty give a relieved sigh at the agreement.

After a few more minutes of riding, the group came across a patch of forest where the trees were a bit more sparse. Alex rode his steed over to one tree with a few low branches and a fair bit of grass around it. The older brother dismounted easily and then turned to help his little brother down. Matty grumbled in dismay at the assistance, but accepted the help anyway. Alex tied the horse securely, but did not remove the saddle just yet. Matty took this time to stretch his legs and wings while his brother started to survey the area.

Though Alex might not know all the wildlife in this new realm, the young man was fairly certain that the same checks still applied. He looked at the ground and the surrounding foliage. There were only a few small tracks in the dirt; one which seemed to be made by something similar to a rodent and the others what may have been birds. He then looked for any claw marks or other such signs of larger animals coming through this area.

After finding nothing of interest, Alex walked back to the group while stating, “I don’t see anything that would indicate that larger animals frequent this area,” He looked at Alvena and continued, “I’m not sure if there are any other checks you would like to make, but does this seem like a good spot to stop for the night?”


The Phoenix
Staff member
Alvena nodded as Alex agreed. Steering the group towards a good spot, the woman looked around before stopping. The trees would provide some cover, there was water close, but not too close.
Deciding they were stopping here, Alvena dismounted, and watched as Senna did the same. She then let the dryad do what he did. He seemed to know his way around a camp, but that wasn't surprising. Or maybe it was... she again realized she knew nothing about these races, nothing that mattered at least. In the meantime she secured her horse and made sure Senna's was as well.

"Looks good. Most people make an overhand knot.. I thought you didn't deal much with animals?"
Senna shrugged at the question. It seemed a harmless enough question...
"I believe I said I didn't ride much, but it doesn't matter what animal you're handling. When you're securing an zeb.... well, anything, you want to make sure they're secure but easy to pull free again."

Their chat was interrupted when Alex returned to them.
"Thank you for making sure," Alvena said, "There's not much else we can look out for. Of course there are the smaller sized dangers, that won't show themselves until they become actually dangerous to us. but I expect few issues."
She looked around.
"This is as good a spot as any, let's get some firewood and get settled."

Senna looked between them. Matty could barely reach the horse and she knew nothing about fire-wood, or more, what made a good piece of wood. She knew not everything worked, though.
"If you two gather some wood, we can start taking care of the horses."
She petted her animal, thinking they deserved a good cleaning and a good night's rest.
Senna didn't wait for an answer and took the saddlebags off. The animal appeared happy to be rid of the weight. Going through the motions, Senna relaxed at the repetitive and calming act of taking care of the animals. The young woman started to whisper sweet nothings to the creature, thanking it for letting her ride.

By the time the horses were done, the fire was burning and a stew was already brewing. Senna regretted the horses were done and taken care off. The act had felt so normal, relaxing. Especially given the past days.
She plopped down on the ground with a sigh of relief, happy to sit, less happy to sit upon the hard ground, but smart enough not to complain. It wouldn't do any good, aside from making her appear whiny.

Alvena refrained from asking much, and instead observed whilst taking off her armor and weaponry. They had made it clear they didn’t want to talk with her and for now she would respect that. Yet, there was much to learn from simply watching. How they interacted with each other, how they spoke, moved even. So, she watched them while taking care of their gear and food.
Alvena quietly watched how Senna was tired, and scooted towards the fire and food. She saw Alex and Matthew settling. They looked happy and at home in the forest, Senna less so.

Alvena put her gear and other supplies away once the food was ready. She got them plates and handed them out.
"It's not much, but it'll do."


The Forever Tired Void
Staff member
Alex gave a small nod of thanks as Alvena handed him the plate of food. On the other hand, Matty gave a large grin when the woman handed him his dish and cheerfully said, “As long as the food’s hot and tastes good! That’s all that matters to me!”

On that note, the kid began to devour the meal. Alex gave a small chuckle, happy that the circumstances had not hindered his brother’s appetite, and then proceeded to dig into his own food. The young man was glad that Alvena had dropped asking questions about the groups past, even if he still felt bad about how he ended it. Alex did notice that the woman was looking over them while the group settled into camp. He knew that she wanted to ask more questions, but the silence was welcomed and lifted a bit of the stress from his shoulders.

After everyone had finished their meal, Alex gathered the dirty plates, and stated, “I’ll go clean these off in the river, fill our water pouches, and grab a bit more firewood for the night.” Guilt still tugging at him, Alex turned to Alvena and said, “Thank you for the food.” With that, the man turned and headed for the river, grabbing the waterskins and an extra bag as he left.

Once his older brother was out of sight, Matty looked at Alvena sheepishly and softly said, “I’m sorry on his behalf. He’s not a bad person. He’s just sometimes overprotective of those he cares about. I’m sure you can understand that.” Worried that he may have said too much, Matty turned to their bags and started to try to read the books Alex had picked up in town. He didn’t really understand the language that it was in, but settled on looking at the pictures in the plant guidebook Alex had grabbed.

It was fascinating the variety there seemed to be in this world. There looked to be quite a few that were similar to the ones back on Earth but, without reading the description of the plant, Matty couldn’t be certain they were the same. I’ll have to see if Alex and I can figure out a way to learn this language, Matty mused, And then I can read this guide and any other books that they have in this world. I wonder if they have any good novels. Matty then became lost in his own thoughts, thoroughly enjoying the idea of reading a fantasy book in a fantasy world.


Alex had carefully hidden himself behind a large tree that was on the edge of the clearing where the river was found. It was a bit past dusk now, but he could still make out the outlines of a few small beasts that were resting along the bank. He tossed a small stick he found lying on the ground and the sound was enough to make them scatter. After seeing nothing else approach for a few more minutes, Alex walked over to the water and started to clean off the plates.

The cool river felt nice on his hands. On a closer inspection, Alex noticed that the vines that ran down to the back of his hand looked to be absorbing some of the water. He shivered and thought, I will never get used to this odd body and its weird biology. It’s almost closer to a plant than a human at this point. I guess I can see why some people would be wary. He pushed the thought from his mind and focused on enjoying the silence of the forest.

Once done, he placed the waterskins and clean plates in a bag he brought and decided to take a few gulps to refresh himself before leaving. As he leaned down, Alex heard a loud rustling of branches coming from the other side of the river. The young man bolted up and peered across. There he saw the mighty form of the porcupine-bear lumbering through the brush, its yellow eyes set on him.

Purely on reflex, Alex darted as fast as he could back to the large tree. The bear-beast roared and charged after its meal. The young man managed to roll behind the tree and heard a sickening thud as the creature hit the tree head on. Alex didn’t pause to see if the creature knocked itself out or was just momentarily dazed. He jumped to his feet and darted back to the camp. As he ran, he found that he could loosely detect where plants and roots where in the forest. This allowed him to avoid tripping on his way to warn the others. However, Alex almost fell over from fright as he heard the pounding of heavy steps and a not too distant roar following behind him.

With fear in his eyes and adrenaline spurring him on, Alex almost crashed into the fire of the campsite. He looked around wildly, making eye contact with each person and quickly saying, “That weird fucking bear thing is back,” he turned to face Senna and Matty, “Quickly get into the trees.”

Matty grabbed the two packs that were beside him and started to flap his wings. The boy only made it a few feet before faltering and almost crashing into the ground. Alex swiftly ran over to him, picked up the packs the younger brother had dropped, and rushed to the side of the tree. He placed his hands together and said, “Hurry! I’ll boost you into the tree!”

Matty dashed over to his brother and placed one foot in Alex’s hands. The young man deftly lifted his brother up who then grabbed the nearest branch and pulled himself into the tree. Alex then threw the packs to Matty, who placed them on branches, and then resumed the same pose. Another roar sounded much closer to camp as the older brother looked back at Senna, “Ok, you next!”