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Intermediate Multiple Pairings I would love to find new RP partners


Aspiring Author Working on First Book 💞
Hey, I'm looking for anyone who would like to rp. I work mostly with ocs as I am a writer working on my first book but I do love doing fandom based rps as well. I prefer fantasy, romance, superhero, and anime rps but I am up to anything.
hey, I would love to RP with you I do wholesome romance, and anime rps.
right now my favorite fandom has to be dnaganronap.
thanks for reading and have a good day.


Do you want to roleplay?

Some ideas I have are

You are a scientest, and I am a kid with powers you can choose which one I have Im brought to your lab to be studied, but you find yourself having a hard time doing your job as you start to feel protective over me. For my age im thinking a younger child like 7 but would be fine with something older like 14.

Another one is you are a student at a school for criminals, or super villans. I accidentally find the school and you find me what do you do. For this Im thinking high school age maybe a romance?
Another one is i'm a young child and a orphan, your a criminal though you would never kill anyone, you find me and 'adopt' me. Or I could be like 16 and be your apprentice.

I have plenty more if your not intrested in these so let me know and feel free to give your own!