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MxF I just wanna 1x1 rp!

Tbh, I just want a casual rp, I can write like a paragraph of words sometimes but mostly 2-3 sentences... I guess. I’m really imature sometimes sooooo, don’t get all nit picky on me. Sorry for that little thing, just have a plot or something ready if ya wanna rp!

Cahira Flores

Loyal wolf warrior. Here to protect my loved ones.
New York, and I have school, keep that in mind
Ok, well, we have the same time zone, however I'm only available from 9:00am - 11am on monday, wednesday, and sometimes fridays. Then 11am - 12:30pm tuesday, thursday, and sometimes fridays. Until I graduate in may, then i have a more flexible schedule.


Fully-Functioning Idiot
I would be interested in roleplaying with you if you're still looking!

We're in the same time zone! Though I'm in school, that's when I'm most active, though I'm also on until around 8pm here and on Discord. So I'm totally up for a roleplay!