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Intermediate Multiple Pairings I have a good character that I would love to pair up with someone new :)


Aspiring Author Working on First Book 💞
Hello, my name is Ana. I am here searching through the forums in search of a good rp with a character that I have been developing for years. Her name is Kattillian (Kat-tilli-an) Emory. I have a big character profile for her. She is a princess of a planet I've created called Aria. I hope you like it. :D

General Information

Kattillian (Astra) Emory
Meaning of Name:
Kattillian: (Arian) Pure, Virginal
Astra: (Greek) Of the Stars; Star
Emory: (Arian) Ruler of the People
Origin of Name:
Her mother named her this because of the purity and power which she found in her heart even as a newborn.
Depends on the rp ;)
Blood Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Current Status:
Political Party:
Police/Crime/Legal Record:
Socioeconomic Level as a Child:
Lower Class
Socioeconomic Level as an Adult:
Upper Class
Birth Date:
April 13, 2013
Birth Place:
Castle of the Moons, Aria
Current Residence:
Depends on the rp ;)
Depends on the rp ;)
Princess of Aria
Hobbies and Past Times:
Flying, Reading, Playing Pokemon, Listening to Music, Playing Instruments, Singing, Hiking, Meeting new people and animals, etc
Control of Light Energy, Healing, Flight, Talking to Animals, Force Fields, Sensing other people's abilities and emotions, teleportation (including through dimensions)

Past History:

First Memory:
Her first childhood memory was when her forth foster mother said that she would adopt her when she was five years old, on the day right before her sixth birthday
Most Important Memory/Childhood Event that still affects her, why and how:
On midnight of her sixth birthday, Kat's wings grew in. When she saw them in the morning, she was filled with excitement and joy. She ran to tell her foster parents about what had happened. Much to her dismay, she was greeted with faces filled with fear and disgust. So much so that her foster father grabbed his katana and tried to kill her with it. Her ability to create force fields activated just in time to force him away from her so that she wouldn't be killed though he had cut deeply into the base of her neck. The fear that she felt that day would forever be engraved in her mind.
Other Memories that still affect her, how and why:
Another memory that still affects her happened several years after the first incident when Kat was only about thirteen years of age. She was in yet another foster home, her foster father in this home tried to cut off her wings saying that she'd be normal if they were gone.
Past Failures she would be embarrassed to have people know and why:
Biggest Role Model and why:
Biggest Disillusions from Childhood:
When she was little, before she turned six years old, she believed that she was just a human and played with other kids. She was able to be a normal human kid though she really wasn't. When she turned six, her wings grew in and that disillusion was quickly revealed making her withdraw away from other people full of fear that people would look at her and call her monster or freak or even demon though she was none of those things.
Back Story:
Princess Kattillian Emory was born on April 13, 2013 at the The Castle of the Moons in Aria to Aviva and Makoto Emory. She was their only child they would ever have. Aviva named Kat the way she did because she could see the pure light and strength within her baby's heart. About five months after she was born, tragedy struck the royal family when a malicious demon broke into the castle and murdered both Aviva and Makoto leaving Kat parent-less. The deaths of the king and queen struck the planet of Aria hard. Eventually as a ruling from a panel of 13 appointed counsel members of aria and to the dismay and agony of Kya, Aviva's sister, it was decided that Kat should be sent to another planet so that she could grow up in peace without the fear of demons trying to kill her. Soon, the baby princess was teleported away to earth and left at a hospital with a paper explaining when her birthday was and what her name was. Not much else was written.
Kat would soon be found by the nurses at the hospital which she was left at. It was located in upper state New York near the city of Syracuse. She was taken care of in the nursery of the hospital until she was put into her first foster home where she stayed until she was about three years of age. She then switched foster homes a couple times before she came to one where there was an interest to adopt her. The family had been nice. They liked how sweet and adorable she was. When she was with them before the inncident, she felt like she belonged there and really happy. It was then that her sixth birthday arrived. The incident changed everything and everyone's way of perceiving her. She was thrown into a loop of abuse and torture through her foster homes, unable to stay in one home for more than two months. She would be forced to clean and cook for many of her foster homes and in some cases she wasn't able to eat as much as she should have. Her growth ended up being stunted as a result of the abuse and neglect. At age sixteen, she ended up running away from her foster homes and even quit school, taking up residence in the top of an old abandoned skyscraper in New York City.

Physical Characteristics:

5'3" (would have been 5'7" if she had grown up in a good home)
Approximately 100 lbs (At least 20 lbs underweight)
Medium Built, Strong but very light
She has fair colored skin
Long Bright Red Hair usually tied back into a braid
Average Sized Human Ears
Bright Blue in color and slightly bigger than a typical human's
She has three scars, one on the base of her neck, one that curves around her left wing going down her entire back and one along her stomach.

Basic Personality:
She is sweet and very timid and shy. She is strong willed and compassionate. She has a tendency to think that people will automatically judge her for her appearance.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to message me or respond to this forum. I look forward to meeting you :D