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Everything still open in the Open Spots table. If you have an idea not listed in or under that table feel free to send me a Conversation with your idea and how it would fit in. As for races, it's currently still limited to the ones native to Earth;
《 ❈ 》Humans
《 ❈ 》Halflings
《 ❈ 》Siren
《 ❈ 》Vampire


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@Izack @Azathoth @AmayaBrown @purplekoala20 @sleepingonneptune
I put a post up and introduced some friction. Figured it was time.
To clarify some things;
The people in the automobile are all human and they are NPCs. Have them be mean or something, make yoru post interesting if you gotta.

Also, to clarify Layla's last comments; Vampires as a race are younger than Humans, due to how they were created. However, Layla is being dramatic.

So yeah, have fun. Feel free to message me if you need help.
Please post here if you can't get a post up in the next 7 days to keep everybody up to date on who's in and who's out.

Happy hunting~


It’s Adventure Time
Name: Setanta Steven Abadeer
Nickname: Steve
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender, sex & pronouns: Male, he & him
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Place of origin: Destroyed Earth Village

Physical appearance: Setanta is a relatively skinny-fit late teen who has long blond hair that can cover his eyes but he usually has it combed back. His features are soft and innocent with no facial hair to be found. He has heterochromia which is why one of his eyes are purple and blue. His preferred clothing is makeshift since he was considered too large for Dwarf clothing. But he has purchased some clothing that fits him that's in the colors of blue, green, and white.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorph-semi-fit/lean
Hair, eye skin color: Wavy/Straight golden blonde, Purple (Right)-Blue (Left), Peach-White skin
Notable traits like scars and tattoos: Scars and bandages across the hands because of black smith work
Setanta doesn't like evil or sinister people and likes to give everyone a chance. His moral compass points him into the direction he believes is the right way and he often times follows it even if others choose a different direction. He's also selfless usually thinking about how others feel and sympathizing with them. Overall he's a kind and animated person but at times can be annoying. He hasn't been around many races before much less humans and is very excited to be.
Notable character traits/mannerisms:
Beyond Noble
-Fantastic Integrity
-High Morale
-Strong Will
-Hard Headed
-Once he Starts Something he Plans to End it no Matter What
-Holds Grudges
-Can at Times be Annoying
-Making Items
-Practice Fighting
-Playing with Morgan
-Monsters (Creatures not included in race options)
-Long Monotonous Tasks
-Become an Icon
-Go on Amazing Adventures to Tell
-Try and Find Any Human Family he has Left
-Make Known Weapons or Armor
Demon Slayer: Axe blessed by a priest making it so when a demon touches the weapon it burns them.
Catticus' Wrath: Armor that allows user to enhance strength by a multiplier of 2
Dawnbreaker: Shield charges Sword and requires sunlight to charge. When activated can act as a light source for 5 hours like a camp fire. Can also shoot 5 fire projectiles but it reduces time for illumination by an hour with each blast used.

Setanta was only a newborn when the Dwarf known as Orin came to the village to ship some weapons they asked for but instead came to a ravaged village by a rampage demon. Orin had been friends with Setanta's Grandfather and Father so he went to the house to see if by any chance they had survived. Yet in a burning house Setanta was crying in his crib with the fire shielding his voice from the demon that laid waste to the village. Orin took the newborn and named raised him as his own child. Setanta sees Orin as his father and Orin's wife (Darilla) as his mother. Setanta knew that he was always different since he was usually taller than everyone and aged quicker than his siblings since humans have a shorter lifespan. Although Setanta is technically the youngest out of the five, he's tied with the second youngest since they both are teenagers.

Orin made sure that Setanta wasn't treated differently because of him being Human and after a few years of adjusting Setanta was accepted into the family. The human was well known because of being of a different race but this only sparked his rise of looking past race and culture and instead focus on how the individual is as a whole. Setanta grew up preferring to be good hearted and altruistic but being different only further developed these qualities. But once he turned 18 Setanta was told the truth as to how he ended up living with Orin and his family. Something deep within him wanted to find the demon responsible and end their life which was a very abnormal thought of his while the other felt whole yet still lost. He knew where he came from yet the info is coming from a second hand source. Setanta then had the urge to move out and understand his human side better and perhaps complete a list of what he would like to do before he passed away, one of which was to become an adventurer.

So when he turned 19 he kissed his Grandmother goodbye, gave the biggest hug to his mother, and waved goodbye to his siblings. Once at the village's edge, Setanta was given a last gift from his father which was a puppy he had purchased while on Earth. To keep him company while on his journey. Setanta then took off to Earth and wandered right into Hope Valley. He had heard that all races were welcomed and hoped to start a business as a blacksmith from the skills he learned from his father. With his dog Morgan at his side Setanta plans to go on wonderful adventures and see what it truly means to be human.


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Sorry for the wonkiness of my activity lately. Like with most people, life has thrown me a curveball as well. At the moment 3 players in this RP are unable to provide steady replies.

I think it's time to put Hope Valley on hold for now.
I do not mean for it to die, but I can't currently GM it as regularly as I should be able too. Like right now, I'm not comfortable forwarding the story with less than half the players having responded. Especially since the two responses we did get, probably won't get involved in any potential altercation (which is fine, but this isn't supposed to be an RP with Layla just smacking the shit out of everybody 😂 )

Not sure if I'm using my words correctly right now, if not, my apologies. Please feel free to ask for clarification.

When it opens back up, I of course hope you all are still interested.