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Accepting Slice of Life Hope Valley [OOC]


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Human have decided long ago that other races should not be trusted and so often struggle to fit into the world. However, a few of them decided to settle in western America. SLowly but surely, their few random houses turned into a town. Over the decades, it's become a safe haven for other-beings. Even humans are welcome. Everybody is welcome as long as they don't cause trouble.

Hope ValleyThe name came from wishful thinking, that one day all the races will live in harmony. That crime is a thing of the past... The town is lead by a mayor and a few council members. The Sheriff and their deputies keep the peace. Unlike most settlements, the races live in peace with one another here.

However, this western town still has it's struggles. Surrounding cities do not necessarily want them around. Even inside it's borders, not everybody gets along with everybody.

Town Map

Open Spots

Mayor / Dress shopTaliaSirenRobyn
Council member #1 / bookstoreLiam DevereuxDemonIzack
Council member #2
Council member #3
Council member #4
SheriffJacqueline NguyenHumansleepingonneptume
ArbiterZachariah LionelVampireIzack
Dock/Port worker
HealerClaude SpesHumanAzathoth
UndeterminedDaylily MoonbeamFairyThe Lost Dae
Clock shopWhitney RabbisHalflingAzathoth
SaloonAmaya BrownHumanAmayaBrown
Dress shopLayla BlackVampireRobyn
Business Owner*
*List of business ideas
  • Cafe / saloon / hotel
  • Post-office
  • Train station
  • Farmer
  • Sawmill
  • Mines
  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • Mercantile
  • Just ask if you can use it
Please refer to OOC & Chatter for the character sheet and overall rules.
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Name: Talia
Nickname: Lia by close friends and family members.
Race: Siren
Age: 153 (born 22nd Jan)
Gender, sex & pronouns: female, she, her
Sexuality: bisexual
Place of origin: Poselin, Earth
Physical appearance: Talia stands 1.74 m and is about 60 kg. Because of her race, she has swimmers body. In human form her hair is long, tousled, wavy blue and blonde, parted slightly to the side. In Siren form it’s icy blue and white, as is her tail. Her face is long with blue eyes and pouty lips. The woman has no distinguishable marks in either form.
Personality: patient, caring but also a tad stubborn and sometimes too harsh on people. Life on land has made her question people's motives a lot more, especially a human's.
Abilities:Her Siren Song, shapeshifting, water-based magic
Limits: Her Song can be stopped if the other has protective magic or trinkets. In human form her water magic is weak and she strongly prefers to have water present. Shapeshifting is limited between her human and Siren form.
Backstory: Talia comes from a northern pole city, which is reflected in her icy blue hair, fins and tails in her Siren form. She is the oldest of three to her parents. Overall, she had a happy childhood, though her parents were opposed to her trading a tail for legs, even temporary. Still, Talia felt she had to at least walk the lands for a few years to experience human life.

She left the ocean in her early fifties to explore the human lands, and soon discovered the human did not really appreciate other-beings. Especially those they considered dangerous. It was then that she decided to stay and try and find ways to improve human-non-human relations.
After trying to have settled in various cities and settlements over the course of two decades, she gave up. Along the way, Talia had found friends and comrades and they settled in the west of America. Since that time, a few lose houses turned into an actually town. Hoping for a better future, they named it Hope Valley.

As she walked the lands, the woman developed a fascination for clothing. As a Siren, the idea of covering ones body with fabric in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes amazed her. It didn't take her long to start exploring this aspect of the land-walkers, and learned to sew and tailor. Eventually, as Hope Valley grew, she decided to open a dress-shop besides her job as Mayor.
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First Name: Amaya
Second name: Rose
Last Name: Brown
Nickname: Ama

Age appearance: mid to early '20s
Gender: Female
S/O: Bisexual
Relationships: None
Role: (ex-adventurer/Demon hunter) Saloon owner
Species: Human
Birthday: July 7th
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Personality: Cold, distant, calculating, manipulator, stupidly loyal, stupidly brave, easily angered, and easily annoyed however if you can manage to look past the cold mannerisms she has a very kind and caring heart but its difficult to find and due to years of physiological damage she has a very hard time showing it

Weight:160 lbs (73kg)
Height: 5'2 (157.5 cm)
Hair Color: Auburn
Eyes color: Steele Blue
Body type: Athletic
Skin Tone: pale
Language: English
Accents: Southern American (heavy twang)

Specialty: Hand to hand combat, stealth, limited medical knowledge, limited farming knowledge, alcohol

Weapons: duel silver pistols, a dagger

Powers: N/a

Clothes/Wardrobe: during the day usually a white baggy shirt and brown britches at night

Likes: whiskey, challenges, puzzles, enjoys being difficult and gambling

Loves: Butterscotch moonshine

Dislikes: easy solutions, people getting unnecessarily close, being touched without permission

Background: "My life story!? Why the heck do you want that?" Ama looked up confused before sighing heavily shaking her head. She pulled a mason jar with a soft golden liquid in it and took a long swig. She then took a deep breath and sighed heavily.
"Fine!... Fine... I'll tell it to ya I mean I guess you kind of deserve it..." She said rolling her eyes with a smirk. "Isn't much to say about how I came into this world. My birth parents were poor... Or at least I think they were..." She took another long swig and stared at the liquid bittersweetly. "I don't really remember much from before Amathist... I was only knee-high to a grasshopper when I first found her... I just remember feeling in awe of her... She seemed like a goddess on the earth... She was beautiful, elegant, and so... So... Amazing... She was the first race I had ever met who wasn't human.
Amathist knew that a confrontation would happen... Or so she said..." Amaya swirled the liquid around in the jar staring intently at it. "The villagers tried to force her to leave... She wouldn't leave me though... When they tried to make her leave me...She forced her way through..." Amaya swallowed harshly looking around the dark nearly empty saloon.
"Being perfectly honest...after all that I didn't want to stay with her... She terrified me... Here was a woman whom I truly admired and she murdered everyone... I ever knew or cared for" Amaya chuckled softly yet deeply but the sound didn't match the look in her eyes. "I remember the day Amathist told me to choose..." Amaya sat up straight and mockingly wagged her finger dropping her natural accent. "' You have a choice, little girl. Suck it up. move on. Or... Leave... Runaway at dawn... But know this your life will end with the setting sun...' I guess you could say I stayed out of fear for my But... But I don't know how to describe it... Somewhere along the way, I wasn't her captive... I became her friend... She became mine"
Amaya looked down and rubbed the back of her neck. "She taught me everything. Well, almost everything I know. Now those stories are interesting... I mean one time..." She looked up energetically but slowly seemed to deflate defeated. "Sorry... Anyways, for the past few years, we've been roaming from town to town... Amathist had been the demon hunter... Still not exactly sure how that happened but I tagged along... We were a hell of a formidable team... Though I never really needed to do much... God the idiots of a species they are..." Amaya flicked up her eyes and smirked with a soft chuckle." calm down hun... I meant men..."
She smiled softly before continuing on. "I play the part of bait... The stupid human girl who falls as easy prey to the charm of others... Drunkenly stumbling along with them. They all fall for it. The poor pitiful girl who is decadent and wickedly falling literally at their feet... They lead me to the victims I help them escape... Amathist uses her blood lust to clean house" she slapped her hand as if to dust them off. "Done..." She sighed heavily. "I'm ready to be done with it though. I'm tired of tents... I want an actual bed... Being in the sunlight all the time... Actually, stay somewhere long enough to grow roots... I'm done with Amathist... I'm done with the lifestyle... I'm ready to make a life for myself..." She swallowed another gulp of the golden liquid as the man sitting next to her sighed heavily.
"Alright now..." She said wiping away unshed of tears. "You got your story... Now can I have it?" He held out a piece of paper towards her. "Here but remember I'm done with you." He stated matter-of-factly. "I mean seriously done... I've paid enough.." She reached for the slip of paper but he pulled it back and raised his eyebrows at her. "I'm serious!" Amaya rolled her eyes and groaned softly. "Fine! You got the story and we are done..." He smiled wickedly and handed her the paper but still held onto it. She tried to pull it but soon worried the paper would tear.
"What now?" She asked him annoyed. "Give it..." He asked expectingly. She pulled the necklace off her neck and handed it to him. He snatched it readily and let the paper go. Amaya was on cloud nine. Home. She had finally found a home. She finally found someplace to call her own. She finally squealed with excitement as she hopped on her brown and white paint horse and started off with the rising sun. She was heading for Hope Valley. After many years of searching, she finally found a home.
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@AmayaBrown I'm a bit confused by this part of the backstory
She walked back into the town to ask the drunk at the bar more questions about the town hopeful to actually find someplace they could call home. The drunk was all to happy to complain about the town more to her .
Telling her about the "freaks" who bombarded his home town. Spewing hatred and bigotry. She came to find out that the drunk had been the saloons owner and he was desperate to find a way out claiming the place to be a money pit no one dared buy and he would be damned if he sold it to a freak.
Does this happen in Hope Valley?
(If so, I'm hella curious to know why a saloon owner would settle in a town of freaks if he's hates them so much)

Some other questions that come to mind reading the background;
  • Does Amaya know it was Amathist that killed her entire town (because if so, I'm curious why she would still admire the vampire that killed all her friends and family)
  • How old was she when she took over the saloon?
  • How long has Amaya been in town?
  • Does "pet" refer to anything other than a vampire (seeing that the vast majority of the town is non-human)
  • I'm not entirely sure what is means with "superiors"?
Also, there's a CS for people to use (Also referred to above). If you can please go over it and at least include everything asked there, that would be much appreciated. I'm missing character information right now.
What I'm missing most; at least one personality weakness, and if there are any special abilities to take into account.

for everybody currently working on a CS:
I edited the CS a bit, to clarify what I expect under some of the points or to clarify the minimal requirements for that heading. If there are any questions, just ask me, I'm only a post or DM away~


For the quote it was more of a thought I didn't want to have to make my character build a building. The idea is that the saloon was there before the other species moved in the owner tried to get out hating the "freaks" and wasn't able to due to financial restrictions. It's not that he settled into the town the town settled around him.

Though from the looks of it I'm probably going to have to start all over


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Name: Claude Spes
Nickname: Doc, Healer.
Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender, sex & pronouns: Male, He, Him.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Place of origin: New York, Earth

Physical appearance: Claude stands at five foot nine inches, and weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds. He has a lean frame, almost wiry, with average shoulders. He has well maintained long blonde hair, blue eyes, with a rather pale complexion, although since moving the hope valley it has taken on a sun kissed look. He has rather angular features set on a gentle face that almost always has a smile on it. One detail does detract from his peaceful looks and demeanor and that is a centimeter and a half scar going from the back of his neck around to the front on the right side. He also has a pierced left ear, up near the top, and always in it is a mixed band of gold and silver the metals twisted into a braid and form a loop, with no visible way to take it off.

Personality: Claude is a very happy optimistic person, the kind that could walk outside on a rainy day and still feel invigorated. He almost always has a smile on his face and loves to talk and interact with people, usually joking around or making others smile. He is the kind of person that would give the shirt off his back for a person in need, and will always offer people visiting his home a meal if they are there around dinner time. He does however have his dark side, usually at night when he’s home alone, he deals with his own brand of depression, usually drinking sitting quietly in front of his fireplace, a thousand yard stare locked on his eyes, a feeling of loss sitting there that no remedy or medicine could fix or cure. Claude does enjoy reading and on occasion writing, scattered about his home are many unfinished works of fiction he has written. Cooking is also another form of enjoyment for him, as he likens it to preparing medicinal aids for people, except these ones are for the soul rather than the body. But by far his favorite is star gazing, he’s been known to be on the roof of his home on cloudless nights just laying down staring at the stars above.

Doctors Care- Claude's magic allows him to diagnose and identify whatever may be ailing an individual with direct skin contact. Using the knowledge of this, he can treat the injuries or illness through magic, medicine, or more natural remedies. His magic allows him to fix things like cuts, gashes, broken bones, the occasional torn muscle or ligament and in extreme cases, entire organs.
Doctors Knife- The flip side of the coin, Claude can use his magic and knowledge of the individual to reopen injuries, re-break bones, make scars as fresh as they originally happened, and cause sickness to worsen.
Limits: Claude’s magic is limited by his knowledge of the injury or illness, for the most guaranteed method, he must make direct skin contact with the individual, or have the utmost knowledge of the injury or illness. Extended use or larger injuries can tire Claude out quickly, and while he has repaired an entire organ once, it left him pitifully weak for a few days after. Also, when he uses his magic to reopen injuries, scars, re-break bones, and worsen illness, he feels the pain he is inflicting on the individual, thought the actual damage is not transferred to him.

Claude grew up in the big city of New York, its where he says he is from, his story changes depending on how he tells it, but the main points stay the same, he grew up to two loving parents who wanted the best for him, he had a rather large family that he saw very frequently and even helped him through medical school, that he had been married once, and that he had to sadly cut ties with his family before moving out west. He had moved from town to town until finally settling in Hope Valley, as he thought the town was nice and quaint, and vastly different from what he had been used to. With what money he had, and doctorate in hand, he set up shop in the town, looking to help people, and always doing it with a smile on his face.
Daylily Moonbeam




Gender, sex & pronouns:
Genderless, They, Them


Place of origin:
Drydalis Ironwood Forest

Physical appearance:

Lily is quiet and shy, though if people take half a second to get to know the diminutive fairy they would find an incredibly warm and loyal heart that would do anything to help those they care for. She has a particular fondness for things that are visually pleasing and will often go out of her way to make things more pretty around her, she can seem impulsive when she is around those that she is comfortable with. While she appears to be extremely smart and knowledgeable with things regarding plants and alchemy she would be considered somewhat ditzy and airheaded when it comes to anything else. She really only shows a serious nature when it comes to dealing with her potions or the plants she knows a lot about.

- Call of Nature: The ability to call forth wild plant growth within a small area (normally a five-foot square) unless it is a property or place she has dwelled in for a long time (minimum of one year) in which case the area she can effect expands to the size of her property, The wild growth will last as long as she wills it, however, if she is affecting an area another area cannot be affected and all plants in the affected area will die soon after she loses her connection to it.

-Call of the Wild: If Lily chooses she may call forth a wild ally, a beast of nature that is no bigger than a standard wolf, however, she may only do so once per day, and the beast will choose to remain with her for a period of one hour when the beasts will return to nature, however, if the beast is one she has bonded with prior to using call of the wild it may choose to stay with her for an extended period, However, this is not something she controls, as it is the inclination of the beast itself.

-Limited Invisibility: Not really invisibility but bending light around her small body, Lily is able to render herself almost invisible by warping light around her for up to a minute, however, this does still leave a shimmering outline of her body as light when warped leaves a mark.

-Small Stature: Her body is extremely small and is lithe of build, she has little to no strength even when compared to others of her own kind.


The moment Daylily was born she was set apart from the rest of her small clan, unlike the others of her family whom all had a greenish tint to their skin she was born with pale skin and pink hair. She always felt like she was an outsider, but that wasn't due to the way she was treated more, she felt she didn't fit in with her family. At a very young age, she showed an extreme aptitude with herbology and alchemy seeming to become fixated on it, she could quite often be found studying the effects of different plants and how they could be mixed to become beneficial. However, this did not always go the way she intended and she had a few mishaps along the way as well. It was discovered not long after her love for plants and their uses that she didn't seem to possess the ability for flight like the others around her. She seemed to tire quickly when made to fly as if the exertion was taking its toll on her much smaller than average body and while playing with the other children she would often collapse completely due to this and so she slowly drifted from playing with the others into further Isolation with the plants and books that she was able to procure.

As she grew older she began to explore the forest around her home in Ironwood, learning more from the wilds than the books she had studied and finding herself in the process. She took to rarely talking to others unless they spoke to her, while one could never truly say she was depressed they could definitely say she wasn't happy. As the years passed she seemed to become more and more withdrawn from others spending more time alone out in the forest studying plants and some times the wild animals if they caught her attention.

It was during one of these forays into the forest that she discovered a shimmering tear in space, it flickered along its edges and seemed to crackle with power. The appearance of an unknown anomaly to her intrigued her being young and curious she wanted to know what it was, how it was created, was it natural or was it made by someone else, She flitted closer to it, however, a slight breeze pushed her forward, whether quite by accident or by fates design she touched the anomaly and found herself in another place altogether, it was new and exciting to her, however, turning to look back at the anomaly she found that it was rapidly shrinking and before she was even able to react it vanished from existence.

Panic began to rise within her as realization finally dawned on her, she had no idea where she was, nor how she could return home, She could be anywhere on Drydalis for all she knew, though the land around her seemed soo different from anything she had ever seen in Ironwood Forest, and soon her panic was suppressed by the fascination of new plants and her natural curiosity.

She stumbled upon hope valley quite by accident while exploring and while watching it from the small shrub she found herself in she saw beings there she had never seen before, though by this time the land had started growing dark and she was starting to feel hungry. She had nothing on her, for she had never had to travel far from home to study the plants she wanted to study and now she was who knows where, and hungry, she sighed before entering town and hoping to find a place to sleep or at least some food.
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@The Lost Dae Thanks for the app! There's a few things I'll message you about when I have the chance. Hopefully later tonight, otherwise tomorrow somewhere.

@AmayaBrown Are you still interested in joining? If so, I welcome you to make the discussed edits to your app

@Azathoth I know I already said this, but you're accepted and I'll edit the OP when I have a chance

@Everybody; I know I said I'd get the IC up today but my cats had a (positive) breakthrough together so that kinda kept me busy most of the day. (yay for progress though). New aim is tomorrow.


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Name: Aira Teryn

Race: Half nymph and half wood elf. While somewhat adept at magic as her lineage may suggest. She isn't the top of her age though slightly above humans. It is a great cost for her to use magic as she has to reach agreement with two different sets of Gods and Goddesses. Magic as many may know has a consequence for each use. Aira has perhaps due to this arrangement become more reliant on her wood elf traits. Quick like the rustling of leaves in the trees and an innate understanding of the circle that we stand. She is friends of trees and animals alike.


Gender, sex & pronouns:Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Physical appearance:Her hair seemed charred and had eyes like bits of cedar bark. Her gait was that turning of a carousel. Minus the audible rythmn.

My father was from Ferox he had gone to the great library as a messenger when he met my mother. Of the Solstice realm about 70 seasons past -just as that spring had settled against frost a discovery was made. The elders had found something interesting amongst vines and rivers to the north of their settlement. The item glittered like gems but wasn't previous stone or metal. The object was no bigger than a palm and octagon shaped engraved with what may have been words. Away! the elders wanted it from their home. They feared bickering and even fighting not just from within but of the other kingdoms. Yes, the elders thought let the scribes and magisters and whatever may lay in Athanaeum fret over this item. My father wasn't chosen for his deft feet or even immense stamina. The elders chose him for he was the last of his generation not to have ventured to Arbor or even Waymoor. There was lengthy discussions with my father and his parents but it culminated in his first pilgrimage. To Arbor he must go and bid the goddess' aid to Athanaeum.

This is where my mother would shush my father that I needed to be older to hear the rest. My mother was from Dryadalis and as a wood elf stumbled upon my incredibly lost father that autumn and somehow helped him to his goal. Often she would say what enchanted me was the knowledge of mechanisms more than his youthful face. It hurt she once said, his eyes seemed too bright. Blue, she muttered. But not like ice or the sky or even the sea! And then she go off for awhile. I had long accepted their union was such a private thing I didn't ever attempt to push past what was offered. Which be forgotten every few years. They both at one point called away and I had to strike out on my own.

I had a brother but he took up arms somewhere along the way. We lost communication between youth and adulthood. I had become a wanderer and a messenger for it was easy coin when winter came and food was harder to find. I heard whisperings of a place where being a halfling wouldn't mean anything. This took bartering which was infinitely tiring but it was an attempt to learn outside my grasp. For I had a network of fellow messengers many were ambassadors of grand Lords or some form of nobility. So most of my fellows couldn't fathom or grasp wholly what it was like to wander.

The twins Rin and Jali merry little dwarves who had asked for me to be a guide through the mountains often exclaimed "What adventures you must have with no master at hand!" I would laugh and shake my head. The dwarves as a people often mistrusted me. I understood and hardly lingered last payment. The heavy Gates of each city weren't ever slammed but I still felt the coldness in my partings.

Every winter through summer it seemed I was guiding or delivering messages. The hobbits often wanted me to stay to help garden(I knew secrets didn't I?) and their love for parties in the dreary months had me well into the spring months in their lands. In time for planting and I hardly could mind. For then I was invited to harvest celebrations and found myself cutting the cost of delivering to the hobbits. I was friend first and everything else was just not in mind. I told my dear friends I be back if this place wasn't what I sought. They were sad and didn't wholly understand. The wiser ones though whispered this could be home and I nodded. For it certainly could.

Others like an elemental who feigned humanity who foisted her messages on me. Her laziness led me to dealings of men. Cities were grand in a homely way and the people brusque. I wore male clothes to endure the leering. But the elemental when drunk would say it was wiser to cherish what you already have. It seems you already chose which race you are most like? Why does any need to know otherwise? She faded on the wind not long after for I wouldn't respond to that. I couldn't forget one parent for another. But some helped…

Like Keli a half siren but would never mention his other half. Proud of his deep turquoise almost seafoam hair and slick stone eyes. Preening in reflections whenever we met. Keli felt no need to impress me and we grew close in this. Due to amusement or pity he gave me tidbits. Thus a great journey I came upon the land of Hope. Would they need a courier or mail lady? I was certain to carve anything there. For I was named for an August breeze where summer lingered it's dying breath and autumn was seething just beneath.


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General note: as we have people applying for off-worlders, for now races not native to Earth will not be approved.
This may change in the future, depending on how big the RP grows.


The Phoenix
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Oh no, I didn't mean you had to change races.
Was just a general note that future characters won't be allowed this. Because I approved Dae's Fairy, Izack will be putting a demon and you have a half-breed. SO before somebody else applies with one, I just wanted to get a note out.
Name: Jacqueline Nguyen

Nickname: Anything but Jacqueline. She usually tells people her name is Jellybean or JJ.

Race: Human

Age: 21

Gender, sex & pronouns: Female (she/her)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Place of origin: Earth

Physical appearance: A pretty typical-looking young woman who's about 5'2" and 129 lbs. She's of Vietnamese descent and has tan skin, black hair, and black eyes, the 2nd of which she usually ties into a semi-long braid. Small scars are visible on various parts of her arms and legs, though none of them seem to be recent.

Personality: She’s a pretty laid back gal who’s rarely upset by problems or obstacles, choosing to laugh them off or try and distract everyone through her own “stupidity”. She rarely takes anything completely seriously, and so she can be rather annoying to those already at the end of their rope. She doesn’t seem to care about their opinions of her, though, continuing to brush things off and take risks like nothing in her life matters.

- Soldier: Her past behind this is explained more in the "Backstory" section. Basically, she has training in the most common weapons (guns, knives, etc.) available to humans and is pretty used to being in high-stress scenarios.
- Professional BSer: Though it's not a commonly thought-of skill, she's very good at making things up. Her big mouth usually isn't good for much, but when it comes to lying convincingly it's more helpful than most would think.

- Humanity: In not only the physical meaning of the word, she is limited by her species' faults. She has no training or ability in magic, and despite her hard-fought training in weaponry, she still is limited by her relatively small body.
- Aversion to weakness: She completely loathes talking about her feelings or faults, seemingly scared of someone perceiving her as weak or emotional. This leads her to pushing herself beyond her limits (especially in combat).

There was once a girl who grew up on the streets of one of the biggest cities on Earth. Her mother, an impoverished ex-soldier for the planet, and her father, a filthy-rich business leader, left her in a library at the age of 4 and never came back. She was cared for by her kind-hearted cousin Tami for a few years, but after they died in a vehicle accident she found herself turning to a mafia-like gang known as the Masked for protection. They accepted her as a recruitment and so she spent the majority of her childhood with them, learning to fight with cheap but effective weaponry in exchange for the food and shelter that they offered her.

After years of training to become a ruthless killer for their ranks, at the age of 20 her girlfriend was killed for exposing the Masked's cruelties. She spent a few painful weeks questioning everything she had learned before slipping away one quiet night and never looking back. She stole a few wallets and took the train all the way to Western America, loitering around a few towns before settling on what was known as "Hope Valley". After a few shootouts with criminals in the town and a few drinks with the officials, she was hired as the town Deputy.

((i'm flexible w/ her role being the sheriff or some kind of weapons merchant, just let me know if you want me to switch ^^))
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The Forever Tired Void
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Name: Liam Devereux
Race: (Knowledge) Demon
Age: ??? (Looks 30)
Gender, sex & pronouns: Male, Male, & He/Him
Sexuality: Pan
Place of origin: ???

Height: 6’2
Weight: 177
Body type: Lean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue (Black depending on mood)
Skin color: Pale white
Markings: Has a large intricate tattoo on back and shoulders. It seems to flow when the user looks at it. He’s usually in full dress so no one sees it.

Personality: Eventhough Liam is mostly a quiet, cautious, and reserved person, he willing converses with customers and doesn’t shy from flashing them a smile or getting excited about a new bit of knowledge. He tends not to understand regular humor and looks down at people that constantly joke or fool around - condescending jokes not included. Though he will go out of his way to talk to and engage with people he deems useful and trustworthy, Liam very rarely considers anyone his ‘friend’.
As his true nature would suggest, Liam has a great thirst for knowledge. He will stop at nothing to satisfy his curiosity, but tends to horde the findings to himself, unless a suitable price paid for the information. Due to spending copious amounts of time in England, Liam speaks with an English accent.
Additionally, Liam never wears anything less than full dress, even on the hottest of days. He constantly wears gloves and does not like people getting too close to him, physically or emotionally, for fear of being found out as a demon.

About: Can summon creatures from various planes of existence and share thoughts/feelings/sense with each other. Only lower intelligence beings (ie, beasts, plants, animals, lower class demons, etc) are able to be summoned.
Limit: Can only summon up to 3 at a time depending on the size of being. If Liam summons anything too large/powerful (without other supplementing the spell), he could destroy his body and banish himself.
If a summon takes too much damage (damage is relative to size), it will be banished. If Liam wishes to keep a summon around longer, he can opt to share damage. If he does, he will receive wounds roughly equal to the summons wounds. If this is enough to kill him, both Liam and the summon will be banished.

*Familiars are not the same as summoned creatures. They require a long time to ‘make’ - they require a soul of a dead person - and will die, instead of being banished, if killed.
About: Cast spells on the darker side of the magical spectrum.
Limits: Casting spells drains Liam’s energy and, if used too much or on large combat spells, could destroy his body, thus banishing himself.
About: Since Liam is originally a demon, this enhances his healing, strength, stamina, and senses in the body he currently possess.
Limit: The increase in physical abilities does not make his current form invincible or superhuman, but gives him an above average enhancement to those abilities.
He can hear people who whisper around him as if they were talking normally, but he cannot hear someone in the next building over.
When he gets a minor cut or scrape, it heals almost instantly instead of a few minutes.
Additional Use: If the situation calls for it and at the cost of his body, Liam can shift back to his original demon form for a limited amount of time (about 15min). He can cast powerful black magic and summon horrors from the abyss while in this form.Once this time limit is up, Liam is banished back to where he came since he no longer has a physical tether (aka a body).**

**This will never be used in this RP. I included it only as information about the character, what he can do, and that he has a different form.

(I will be adding to his backstory later)
Not much is known about Liam Devereux’s personal life except that he, and his store, seemed to ‘appear’ one day. Most people remember that there was an empty building close to the center of town, but they can’t recall when the ‘Lumaria’*** came into existence. All the council knows is that the right paperwork seemed to have been filed, and so the General Store/ Bookstore came to stay.
Due to the man’s odd arrival, there were always rumors about him. The town speculated many theories about Liam’s life and who he was. Is he a wayward vampire that came to this town to escape persecution? Was he once a black mage who has since settled down from turning people into cats? Or is he just a weird, eccentric gentleman with an even weirder collection of tomes? People seemed to stop prying into Liam’s past once they found he could get just about anything the townsfolk required. Though some were still a touch creeped out by Liam’s raven, Tamwin, who would occasionally speak.
Liam has now lived in the town for the last three years. He tends to help out town when he can, as long as it does not put his health or identity at risk. Due to his efforts, Liam has even earned a spot on the council. However, he can't completely repress his nature. Since Liam is a Knowledge Demon, he does keep tabs on all of the residents in Hope Valley. Not maliciously, but to make sure he can properly stock anything they require. He's able to do this since he has encyclopedic knowledge; meaning he can retain everything he has learned and read. He can recall the details of a book or events down to the last detail, which is helpful keeping track of the store as well as potential 'problem' people. With those people, though, he always hopes they would be willing to make a deal with him. There is always something someone desires.

***Lumaria has 3 levels to the building -
Basement: This is where Liam lives instead of in the housing/residential area.
First Floor: This floor is the general goods section of the business. Food/medications/other items can be found here
Second Floor: This floor is dedicated to all types of books.
Liam is also more than willing to do special orders if there is something a customer looking for/needs.
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