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Intermediate Accepting Hope Valley [IC]


The Phoenix
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Talia walked out of the door to her home, happy to start another day. She was happy with their little town, and proud with what they had accomplished over the years. What had started as random houses in the middle of nowhere had turned into a self-sufficient town where peace was the normal state of being. As with any town, they had suffered losses, they had suffered pain, sorrow and hard times. Talia was proud to say they had also gained and learned a lot, they had grown in numbers and most importantly, they’d build a community.

Of course, the surrounding cities and towns weren’t happy with them being in the area. Talia had learned not to care too much, as it wasn’t personal. They were human and humans disliked everything strange. Humans were a strange people like that. They were very socially driven and they appeared to share this hateful mindset not because it was true but because they didn’t want to be outcast amongst their own. It was a trait she both admired and hated in them; their ability to convince themselves other races were vile merely because they belonged to that race. Talia knew that many a Siren had sung sailors to their demise, but that didn’t make all of them horrible and it wasn’t as if Humans were innocent. The fact Sirens weren’t innocent at least made her understand why the humans didn’t like her race. She could also understand understand why they were wary of the vampires. Where the halflings were concerned though, Talia was still at a loss. Halflings were friendly creatures, that loved making friends and telling stories. She considered hearing a story from one of them a pleasure.

Talia mused as she walked the streets on her way to the cafe. She wanted to check on everything for tonight. Not to mention, breakfast. The woman trusted everybody involved in the planning, but it was always good to double check. Better safe than sorry, in the end. The town’s anniversary was always quite an event. Everybody had been invited to join the evening festivities. Good food, good liquor, friends and family. Of course, it was more ceremonial than anything. While she herself had settled there nearly seventy years ago, it hadn’t been a town back then. It hadn’t been a specific date that it had turned into a town. It had been a process. In some ways it was still ongoing. However, somebody picked this arbitrary date just so they had something to go on.

The Siren made her rounds before going to her own dress-shop - The Seamstress Song, where Layla was hopefully finishing up the clothes still to be finished. Talia arrived with Layla working on various orders. On account of the sun, the vampiress had fled to the back of the building.
Layla looked a little surprised when Talia walked in.
“It's that time already? Crap.”
“Yeah, want to crash here? The sun’s been up for a few hours now.”
“I’ll have too, the sun is up." Layla shook her head with a soft chuckle. "Most of the tailoring work is done though. There’s a few fittings today, a little work left. Want me to stay and help?”
The two went through everything that had been done, and still had to be done, the appointments of the day. With tonight's events coming up, there were sure to be few emergencies and walk-ins as well. There always where.
As it was, it didn't take long before the first person arrived to the shop.
JJ always knew that her life would never be safe. Not just in the literal sense of the whole "hey I grew up on the streets haha" thing, but also in the sense of her knowing she couldn't be happy if her life lacked the danger it did. Thrills were her best friend in this world, for better or for worse, and even after her little escapade from the city her world was no different. Over the years, she'd learned that species was no deciding factor (no matter what most said) in the morality of beings- most were jerks or easily became jerks, and it was her job to deal with whatever mayhem they left behind. She was the sheriff, after all, and though the job could be stressful at times she knew she'd simply die if she had been taken in as some kind of boring healer or dressmaker.

She didn't mean to offend Talia with that thought, of course, considering she was coming to her with yet another pair of ripped cargo pants. Hey, it wasn't her fault so many criminals in Hope Valley just happened to have some kind of fondness for all things sharp! She was just doing what was in her job description. And yet, as she was forced to walk in without any kind of appointment whatsoever, she couldn't help the slight nervousness that rose up within her. She may have been the town's most unapologetic and arrogant citizen most of the time, but even she knew not to mess with the terrifying lady that was Mayor Talia.

And still, a few hours past the sun's rising, the young Sheriff was found waltzing into the Seamstress Song with a laid-back smile on her face, because, well, she's JJ. She doesn't tell people she's afraid of them. She gave the two in the back a friendly wave, ripped pants draped over her left arm. "Hey there, ladies, what's the news?"
The night that passed quietly with Daylily found herself passing felt wrong, it was far darker than she was used to and the sky only showed one moon, this set her on edge though her empty stomach had forced her into town where she had found something she would mark akin to a fruit she had known back in Ironwood and so she grabbed it and took it back to her plant that she had been hiding in prior. She ate sparingly, though this might have simply been due to the small size of her species and a much lower caloric intake that was required. She made sure she was well hidden from prying eyes before she curled up and let herself drift off into what would be considered a half-sleep keeping aware of her surroundings in case of predators. The night was quiet, cool, and dark, these were all things that set her on edge, however, it was nothing like her home where the humid warm air and bright moons were added to by a cacophony of sounds from the natural wildlife.

When the morning dawned she felt the warmth of the sun as it filtered through the leaves and branches around her and stretched her small body out trying to work out the kinks from not sleeping on her bed. With a sigh she slowly roused her self taking in this strange and unfamiliar landscape and town which seemed to be coming to life in the sunlight now. She was admiring the architecture of the buildings when a tall slender being walked past and caught her attention, She would be reminded of elves however the being in question, however feminine they looked did not look like an elf at all and this would pique her interest.

She flitted closer as she kept to the shadows and bending the light around letting her turn invisible, using the shadows in an attempt to hide the tell-tale shimmer of her invisibility. She watched the being enter a building and was about to follow when she saw another, this one looked as different from the first as a wood elf looks to a snow elf. She was fascinated and in her awe, she almost lost concentration on her invisibility, however, she regained control moments before it faded from her small frame. After the second woman entered she quickly flitted through the door before it could close completely with a silent sigh of relief she found another in the room, she wanted to know what these creatures were, as they spoke she found she was able to understand them, which was a huge relief and she flitted to the furthest corner from everyone before setting down fully onto her feet, moments before her invisibility fell away from her. Should the others have noticed they might have picked up a shimmer of light moving around the room before it settled into a corner and fell away revealing a girl with pale skin, pink hair who stood at an optimistic height of one foot high. Her eyes would be wide and trained on the others as she took in all their features.


The Forever Tired Void
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Liam Devereux

Liam was already awake when dawn broke over Hope Valley. He had spent most of yesterday acquiring some needed goods for the general store as well as some interesting new books. After getting back to town, the store owner then used the rest of the night to restock Lumaria’s shelves before heading off to bed. Not to sleep of course, since Demons did not require rest like other inferior beings, but he had to keep up his cover as a ‘Human Mage’ so no one would question him. So for the night, he chose several of the most interesting reads he had acquired that day. By morning, he had finished reading the whole tower of books.

Setting down the last tome and now noticing the time, Liam muttered to himself, “Guess I should open the shop for the day.”

He casually strode from his reading chair and proceeded to throw on a clean suit. Once he made sure there was no exposed skin, beside his face, Liam grabbed the stack of books and proceeded upstairs. As he opened the door to the first floor, the man was greeted by his raven familiar.

“Good morning, Sir,” Tamwin croaked as he took flight to perch on his master’s shoulder.

“And good morning to you,” Liam replied, “I’m a little behind schedule and have to get these books back to their proper place. Unlock the door and flip the sign to ‘Open’ for me. Also, keep an eye out for any customers while I’m not downstairs.”

Tamwin gave a nod at the man’s command and took flight once more. As Liam walked up another flight of stairs to the second floor, he could hear the faint click of the lock and tap of the sign as his familiar flipped it over. The gentleman swiftly put the books away while expecting to hear the ringing of a bell to signal his first customer for the day.

Zachariah Lionel

The previous night had been uneventful for Zac. For the past few days, his services had not been needed at the sheriff’s office due to most of the criminals being caught red handed. This suited Zac just fine since he could relax in the peace and quiet of his home. His focus had mainly been getting through the stack of books the vampire had acquired from Lumaria a week ago.

Since coming to Hope Valley, Zac had finally gained a sense of normalcy he never thought he would obtain in his life. Over the year, he had spent time re-teaching himself how to read and write since his education was unfinished. However, this goal was easily reached since he worked day and night to catch up on his studies. Zac now had no issue reading the most difficult stories or writing long reports for his office. Though math and science were still not his strong suit, he had begun to work on those recently.

As dawn approached, Zac made his usually sweep around his house to make sure all the curtains were drawn. Luckily his abode did not have many of them and he almost never moved the curtains, but he enjoyed the routine of it. As he passed a hanging mirror in the hallway, Zac stopped to look at his appearance. Though he still hated it, he had gotten used to the white hair and red eyes of his new self. As he looked closer, he gave a sigh.

My cheeks are starting to look sunken in and I have been ignoring my hunger, Zac thought as he placed a hand to his face, I guess I should go to see Claude after the event tonight and get my allotment. His shoulders drooped at the thought of eating but knew it had to be done. Well, at least it’s easier this way than hunting, the young vampire mused to himself in an attempt to cheer himself up.

Once he had made the rounds, Zac collected the book he was working through and got into bed. Not long after he did, the vampire heard his cat casually strode over and saw him leap onto the bed. As Milo settled down on the man’s lap, Zac felt the emotions of contentment and pleasure roll off the white cat as Milo began to purr. Now that he had a cat in his lap and a book in his hands, Zac settled in for the day and awaited the night festivities.


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Pain was the first thing Claude felt as he woke up, his head was pounding like a smith wailing on an anvil, he groaned and sat up from his desk. Turns out he had fallen asleep while reading a book last night, he'd of course need to reread it now, as he couldn't remember a thing about it currently. Closing the book he stood up and stretched his back popping as he did so, which both gave him a moment of relief and then pain as the sound aggravated his headache. Grumbling to himself he moved out of his office and walked towards the kitchen to brew himself some coffee, while he waited for the coffee to percolate, he went and got himself cleaned up and took a much needed shower after which he put on a pair of black dress slacks with a white long sleeved undershirt and a blue sleeveless vest on top of that.

As he came back the coffee was ready and he quickly got himself a cup as he noticed where the sun was. Grabbing his cup he headed downstairs and moved to the door to the clinic, he unlocked the door and flipped the sign from closed to open. Nodded and seeing people passing by, he smiled and waved, the retreated inwards to the clinic desk to drink his coffee and prepare for a day of helping people.

Turned out though, the day was nicely slow, not to many getting hurt or sick it turned out, though the Johnson's boy did have the start of a flu coming on, which Claude happily helped out with. AS the hour grew later, he figured it was time to close up shop and get ready for the celebration, he hadn't been in the town as long as most of the people, but he did love the town.

Heading back upstairs, he changed out his vest and opted for a blue sports jacket for the nights festivities, he also pulled his hair into a tight ponytail and smiled at himself in the mirror. Heading downstairs he unlocked the door and stepped into the late afternoon sun, he turned and locked the clinic door, then took a casual stroll through town, taking his time to enjoy the rest of the day before the celebration began.


Amaya poured the last of the freshly brewed beer into the wooden barrel with a heavy sigh of relief. Depending on how quickly this batch ran through she figured she had at the bare minimum enough beer to last her most of the week. She walked around the saloon checking everything again, checked the wooden tables, scooted in the barrel chairs, and once again shuffled the freshly opened pack of cards. She smiled bittersweetly taking in the fresh newness of the place for the last time. After tonight the place would never be so new. She knew dust dirt and scuffs were going to tarnish her new home but she was regretting it just as much as she was excited about it. She was excited to see where the scuff marks would end up, how many extra Aces would end up in the deck, how many tables and cups would end up having to be replaced due to bar fights. The possibilities of fights night were endless.

Amaya shook her head. She didn't have time or energy to waste on being emotional soon the town would begin to truly become alive the sun would be setting and the and would begin she had to be ready. After all, how could anyone expect to celebrate without booze? It was just plain criminal to think anyone could make it through the nights, dreadfully boring pathetic attempt at local town patriotism that they called an anniversary, sober. She showed heavily as she made her was upstairs passing the three tiny bedrooms and entering hers at the end of the hallway.

She quickly began changing into the black and crimson red corset top, a tear-away black and red ruffled skirt and a set of fishnet stockings that were held up with a garter belt. She painted dark colors around her eyes using charcoal making her blue eyes sparkle in comparison and used deep red rouge to brighten used her cheeks and lips. She pinned up her hair back using a large rose cap to pin her hair to. She stood in front of a floor-length mirror admiring her handiwork one last time. She smiled at the new dress loving the way it tightly clung to her curves. The way the dress flowed freely open revealing her athletic pale legs. She ran her hand against her thigh opening the skirt more. She smirked gripping the blade and flinging it out expecting. She didn't figure any problems would arise but she wouldn't risk it either. She replaced the blade in the holster on her outer thigh. She fixed the skirt back and swung her hips side to side attempting to making sure the material caught on the grip and kept the blade hidden. She nodded at her reflection finding it acceptable enough. She smirked eagerly. "Showtime!" She said with a grin and flourish as she made her way back downstairs and to her piano music box.

She was still surprised that crazy fool gave her something so extravagant. She ran her hand over the intricate wood and painted on golden carvings of the box. She cookout a small key and began winding the mechanism. She loved the jaunty tune that played beautifully in the background. She smirked and fluffed up her hair. She walked out of the saloon towards the edge of the porch and leaned against a beam exposing her leg. She waved and blew kisses at passerbys trying not to laugh at how quickly they rushed away from her afraid to get caught with a whore. 'I'm going to have way to much fun in this town....' She thought with a smirk.


The Phoenix
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Talia and Layla both eyed JJ with an amused look. Of course their sheriff had another little accident with the pants. Sometimes Talia wondered if the woman made it a point to tear her clothes. But then again for business.
"Nothing much," Talia said as she motioned to take the pants, "It seems you have another story to tell, though. What happened this time? Handsome stranger couldn't handle the beauty that is JJ and decided to attack you wardrobe?"
Talia eyed the damage and gauged if it could be fixed without it looking ridiculous. She didn’t pay much attention to Layla, or she might have noticed the woman being on guard from one moment to the next. Layla’s age and experience made her a trusted ally, and Talia usually took it to heart.
“I can fix this, without you looking like it’s patched up over and over again. Will you need this for tonight? Please tell me you’re coming. It wouldn’t be the same without my favourite sheriff.”

Layla's senses made her look up and about as Talia and JJ bouted back and forth. Her eyes narrowed and she looked around the room. When she found nothing wrong, she carefully walked to the front of the house - as far as that was safe. Something was off, though for better or worse Layla wasn't sure yet. There was a scent and energy in the air that shouldn’t be there. The vampire has felt and smelled this before but never on Earth.
When she saw the little thing in the corner, it didn't take Layla much to put one and one together. Although, this one looked different from the ones that she’d seen in the past. While Layla had seen Fairies once or twice before, they had always stood out on account of their greenish skin. They hid in the forest better than most creatures.
“Good afternoon, forest dweller. You are a long way from home,” Layla smiled, “What may we call you?”
“Layla, darling, care to explain?”
"This lady's story is not mine too tell. She'll have to do that herself."

Talia looked between the town's sheriff and her business-partner and then back at the small, winged creature. There were so many questions to be answered. Not the least of which were about who this creature was, and why she was there. However, Layla seemed to have few issues with their new friend, which put Talia at ease. If anybody's gut could be trusted, it was Layla's. She'd gotten as old as she had with good reason, although she hadn't walked through life unscarred.

The Siren soon got called away by the various clothing related emergencies and appointments that arrived at the shop, and had yet to finish JJ's pants. It would be a busy rest of the day. Talia let JJ and Layla deal with the Fairy for now. There was little she could do and this is what JJ did; make sure they were all safe. Although half the town was also capable of defending themselves, and she herself was more than curious about this new arrival. However, as long as those two were ok with the Fairy, Talia was fine with everything. With everything going on, the day flew by and before Talia knew it, evening was upon them, and it was time for her to make the final checks, though she doubted anything would go wrong at this point.
She also wanted to know more about their newest arrival and sought them out once more, and hoped she'd stay around a while longer. There were still so many questions.
Finding her again, Talia smiled and finally asked the question on her mind since first seeing her, "Hello, stranger. What brings you to this town? Other than our great reputation and beer?"
JJ gave the two a slightly-sheepish smirk, tucking a stray piece of hair (she'd come to the conclusion it was untamable) behind her ear as she handed the ripped pants to Talia. She honestly didn't know what she'd do if this place didn't have actual seamstresses. Suffer, likely, since she was straight-up awful with a needle- always managing to poke herself or sow her socks together, no matter how much people tried to teach her.
"C'mon Tallie, ya know no one can resist my guns." She gave one quick flex of her left arm while motioning with her other arm to the pistol that was currently tucked into the holster of her non-ripped pants. "And plus, is it my fault everyone in this town's got some weird liking for all things sharp? Just doing my job for all you beautiful citizens out there."

Her mouth opened a bit, looking surprised at the realization of the event tonight. Whoopsie daisies. She was planning on changing into her pajamas (yes, the bee patterned ones) and waiting for any criminal activity from her usual posts around town, but hey! She could do that just as well at the festivities tonight. "'Course I am, hun. No way it'd be a party without me, and I can keep all the drunks at bay for a few hours."

As the mayor was called off for various dress-related emergencies- see, it wasn't just her- JJ found herself casually strolling over to where Layla and the small girl stood. She really had no idea how to deal with non-humans, having grown up in a situation that didn't allow her the time or resources to learn the history behind them, so she let the tall vampire deal with the talking in fear of her big blabbering mouth screwing something over yet again. She did, however, give the small creature a disarming smile- something decidedly different from her usual smirk. New people in this town tended to be afraid, whether they showed it or not, and so she knew keeping calm would help with the situation.


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
At first there was a loud chiming, the ringing of a clock to be exact, and it chimed on for a minute, when no one came to silence it, it stopped. But as soon as it had stopped, there was a slow ticking sound that gradually got faster, and right as it was about to crescendo, a hand shot out from where it had been under the covers and quickly hit the stop switch. A content sigh escaped the owner of the hands mouth, then, blankets were shuffled, and Whitney sat up in her bed and gave a mighty stretch(mighty for her that is). Following her stretch she looked over to the clock, the her eyes widened and she scrambled out of bed, only to get tangled in her blankets and crash to the floor. The blankets flailed about before Whitney sprung out of them and across the room into her bathroom, all the while, the words, "I'm late, I'm late, so very late." flowed from her mouth. A time later she ran out the bathroom and proceeded to get dressed, hair still slightly dripping. Dressing quickly and putting on her glasses, she ran down the stairs of her home, and into the back room of her shop.
She ran to the front door as fast as her little legs would take her, and in just a few swift motions, she had the sign flipped, and the door unlocked, she sighed in relief that no one had been waiting, meaning her chronic tardiness hadn't hurt to much this time. Taking her time, she walked back through the shop and into the back room, which also functioned as her workshop. Across it were quite a few pocket watches, some, spare gears, and even a cuckoo clock that had been brought in. They were projects and commissions, some she'd be paid for, others for her own interest.
And so she busied herself through the day by tinkering and fixing the things she could, and it turned out she had the time, since it had been quite all day. AS the hours grew late in the day, she wondered, Why is it so quiet today? What's the occasion? Then it clicked, "Oh blast it!" She said as she carefully placed her current project down and raced back upstairs. "Why am I always late?" she asked herself as she washed her hands before changing into better clothes. As she jogged back downstairs she braided her hair into one long braid and tied it off. Reaching the door, she flipped the sign and made her way out, locking the door behind herself. Then she began to fast walk to the location of the town anniversary, hoping she didn't misso ut on the fun.


The Phoenix
Staff member
Talia kept running around helping where required, and checking adn double checking until everybody was satisfied. The Siren watched as the people started to file into the saloon and street. Afternoon changed into evening and the sun dipped closer and closer to the horizon. She looked up to reassess that the weather would remain nice. It would be, she was sure of it. Seeing the others filing in, and thinking about the fireworks planned for later tonight. She was happy when she saw Layla, Whitney and JJ. Whitney seemed a bit flushed and Talia chuckled. She had a real gift for being late.

"Happy to see you, JJ," she greeted happily, "Did you already get something to eat a drink? I was promised it tops everything of the past few years."
"And have you already picked your song?" Layla offered.
"I'm not singing."
"Who better to sing our anthem then you?"
"We don't have an anthem... ?" Talia visibly questioned Layla's sanity. "JJ, how about we go get some liqour and leave Layla to her delusional jibber jabber. And I believe I saw Whitney around somewhere as well. She hoped to see Liam, Zachariah, Amaya, Daylily and Claude as well.