Casual Hello! I'm new here.

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and to roleplaying. It would be really cool to have a partner to do this with. I don't mind any roleplay, as I haven't done any yet so I'm not sure what I dislike and like. I don't mind someone who knows a lot about roleplaying already(so they could teach me as we go) or someone completely new, like me, so we could learn together. Anyway, reply to this post if you're interested or have got any ideas.
Yo! Welcome to the site, I'm pretty new as well, it's dope to see someone just delving into RP, if you'd like to hit me up on the discord it'll be the same name and profile picture as this site, but if you also prefer to just stick on here that's cool too! If you were looking for some teaching I'd be glad to give you whatever info I have stored away in my brain, and there's also some neat guides on the site that put the basics down for you pretty well, but yeah feel free to message me or just respond to this if it sounds like something you're down for.


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I'm also new to the site ^~^ But I've been roleplaying for many years now so I'm always down to teach newcomers! If you've got a favorite genre of books to read, that's a good start for what you would want to roleplay. There's also different kinds of roleplays. My preference is post-by-post, where a story is written with either a group of roleplayers or a one on one session. But there is also some roleplays that use dice too (Contravan would likely know more about that than I do. I've never done that one)

But definitely check out the site's info on common words used. It's pretty solid.
I would imagine here, most fourm type places are like that, but you can always do something interactive, say there's large party and someone, you might have heard the term DM'ing, which is basically just controlling the flow of the story, brings the players through situations where it's more a quick paced chat type thing. It's really all you make of it and the people you meet
Hmm, that's slightly harder...
I mean I like things that make you go, "oh damn" at the end if you get what I mean.
Good resolutions to a good climax, if you like twists then RP'ing is a good space for you to explore. If you want to move on from there I'd say is to create a character, or a concept of a character and just run with it! There's a bunch of examples of how people set up their characters, and if you'd like links to those then I could probably find you some decent ones. Really from there on out figure, do I wanna do a 1x1 RP, with a small group of people, or large group? Shit man, try em all why not, you might end up really enjoying one that you didn't expect you'd like. Then just send that shit, meet some cool people and it's just sailing from there.