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Happy New March


The Phoenix
Staff member
On this fine first day of the month, we thank
for their continued support~

Let us also give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who gave feedback in our forms~
We thought we'd make a few comments on the feedback;

The Chat
Staff has received lots of mixed reviews for this one since day 1. We've even considered removing it at some point. We are aware and understand that it's not very mobile friendly and in general perhaps not optimal.
The problem with both these points - valid as they are - is that staff is not involved in the development of this feature. While we can - and have - talked to the original dev, neither are things that they are willing or able to change. About mobile-friendliness in general Staff is going to have to point out that we are an online forum. We understand the request for mobilefriendliness, but overall, that is not where our priorities are. It is a nice to have

We also got comment(s) about it's placement. Staff would be happy to listen to suggestions to where else it could (should?) be placed. The top ribbon was for us a logical place, along with the other helpful links. We'd also like to make sure that members are aware you can replace the chat itself (to a degree).
On the chat page, under settings (the little gears), there is a Display Mode option. If it's on default you see it on the chat page. If you set it to another setting, you will see it according to that setting (e.g. below all the nodes, above them or on every page).

Site Navigation
In the past, Staff have re-vamped the site to make navigation easier for members by trying to group certain sections of the site in logical ways. Additionally, staff do have a welcome message for every new member that they receive upon signing up (see spoiler) as well as a Starter Information forum, that has a List of helpful pages. However, we know not everyone thinks the same. Therefore, staff urge people who feel that navigation isn't optimal to explain themselves further and make suggestions on what would improve navigating the site. (For example, what exactly did you have a hard time finding and where do you think it should be?)

If we find the suggestion appropriate, and that other members feel the same way, Staff are more than happy to change the site to accommodate the request.
Welcome <member>
Glad you found our slice of roleplay paradise. Solvitur Charta staff hopes you find all the roleplay partners you want!

Here are a few helpful pages and links to get you started;
Starter threads
Starter Information; (there are also helpful guides here if you're new to (forum) roleplay)
Frequently Asked Questions
Staff members

Helpful guides;
Forum Roleplay Guide if you're new to (forum) roleplay
Age Verification (if you want to access our Erotica sections)

To get started RP wise
Introduction Section.
1x1 RP Search for all your 1x1 desires
Group search section for all your group requests.

Other sections include our Creative Center and Creative Center where you can join discussions or post a journal, among other things. We also have a chat & Discord if you want to live chat with other members :D

If you have any other questions please post in the Questions and Suggestions sections. Community Volunteers (blue names), Mods (purple names) or Admins (red names) will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible!

We're happy to have you, and look forward to making new friends.

- Staff

PS: please do not reply to this message. This account is a general staff account and is not closely monitored.

The Medals
There was a bit of confusion surrounding some of the answers give to this section; Namely the one where people ask to be given medals for events. Most of our events come with a badge, thought there are sometimes specific conditions to receive that badge - length of post, making sure a certain word is used, most likes on a post, etc. These conditions will always be stated in the event rules. Additionally, we have other types of medals that are given by just posting in certain sections (e..g posting in the Pet Pics or posting in our Art section). There is a list of medals right here, which also lists how they are awarded.

If for some reason a member is missing a badge that they earned, please bring it to a Staff member’s attention. We will look into it and fix the issue.

Site Themes
Staff received a lot of comments regarding the site themes. We hope that this explanation will answer and clarify some of our members issues regarding this subject.

For our site, we have currently 9 available themes to choose from with “Inverted Space” being our default. (You will notice in the "Themes to Choose From" spoiler image below there are 10 themes but the “Holiday Theme” is a seasonal one that is currently turned off.) Some are easier on the eyes (like “Inverted Space” and “Calming Zen”), while others may give you a headache (like “Robyn's Colors” or our “Pride” theme). Each theme has something going on so Staff suggest members check to see if one of the existing themes is to your liking.

On that note, all members can easily change the theme on every page by following these steps:
1. Scroll down below until you see the “About Us” box.
2. Right above it there should be a little Pencil/Brush with the current theme you are using. ("Button to Select Theme" spoiler image)
3. Click on the theme and you should get the popup. ("Themes to Choose From" spoiler image)
4. Select any theme and your page will refresh to the theme automatically.


If none of these themes meet your liking, Staff would like to hear more details on what you have in mind. Please note though, we cannot make an entire theme based off vague comments like “I want a lighter theme” or “I want a theme that pops.” What “pops” for staff might not “pop” for you. Instead, try to give us a picture of what you would like, or a palette of colors that you would want for the background, foreground, text, etc.

Staff would like to point out though that, at this moment, we do not have a dedicated artist on the staff team. This means any changes to the themes (or theme additions) will take a bit longer. We thank you in advance for understanding.

Staff activity
Let us start by saying that we heard you loud and clear.
We know that staff is not always as active on the forums as one might like - including us. Part of this stems from the fact that we are 3 people strong - all with full time jobs and other obligations - and staff duties take precedent over fun times. It has to, because reports and rulebreaking must also be addressed. In order to properly address this issue - because we recognize it for what it is - we still urge you guys to sign up for the community volunteers. Many hands make light work, in the end.

Last but not least
Staff understands that we are not going to make everybody happy. This is a simple fact of life. While we'd love to see it differently, what one would prefer in the way or site layout, location or even the way the site is run... Somebody else will always disagree. In the end, Staff will choose the way that works with the vision we have and the one that works for most people.
That said, we still want to hear your thoughts and ideas, because if we don't know about an issue, we can't consider it. If we are unaware that you are unhappy with how the site looks, or how we handled a certain something, we can't address it.

Mandatory reminders
We have a Event suggestion thread
SCRP has a mandatory age verification in place for ERPs and erotica writers
Posts and private messages have a report button if you feel rules are being broken

We hope to hear for you lovely lot
As always, happy hunting~​