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PG-18 Not Accepting GTA: The Cartel Wars (1x1 Fox and Nykyrian)

Rated PG-18 for: violence, drug and alcohol usage, implied sex scenes, and violence. Lots of violence. This is the story of a gang war set in the Grand Theft Auto universe, trust me there will be violence.

We already discussed most of this in private. But for those who may come to watch this unfold!

The Commission collapsed a few years ago after the Ballas, Families, Marabunta Grande and Vagos attacked in what was called Dia De Los Muertos , after which caused a war between those gangs and the Commission and their allies. Unfortunately the war left both sides weakened, allowing the Cartels to move in, and take over the criminal underworld, alongside the Lost MC and the Marabunta Grande. The leadership of the Commission disappeared a bit before that though, Kyrian Salvatore went back to Vice City upon hearing of his uncle, Don Salvatore, taking ill, he would go on to become the leader of the Salvatore Family, moving their HQ to Blackwater, Texas. Khan DeLuca, aka Kobra, would go back to Italy to reclaim the DeLuca family there. Akira Honda would remain in LS and, with the help of Uncle Hwan, her uncle who headed up the Korean mafia, and Mr Chen, the head of the LS triads, would form the Three Dragons of Los Santos, in which they would secure parts of the city and stop the Cartels from completely taking over, the Three Dragons would then move to Hawai'i and expand their criminal empires, as well as go into various legit businesses. And Ricky "Psycho" Pazzo, well he would just...disappear. He wasn't in prison, he would've rather died then be locked up, and someone with his reputation, he didn't have that nickname for nothing, word would've spread of his death.

But that was over 10 years ago, and now in 2020 the Cartels have become complacent and comfortable in their control of the city. And complacency breeds laziness, and that can be the cause of your downfall.

Character sheet


Name: Akira Honda
Nickname(s): Aunty Akira (the lower ranked members of the Yakuza, Korean Mafia and LS Triads call her this). Fox.
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese-Korean from her mother and Russian from her father.
Description: Akira looks like your standard Japanese woman, light skin, black hair, brown eyes etc. She keeps her hair in a short bob cut, and has purple streaks through it. She has a petite yet athletic body. Her standard clothing changes depending what she's doing. She has a couple of leather jackets she wears, one of which is white with a black faux fur neck on it, black leather pants, and under the jacket is a faux turtleneck top. She also has a suit she wears for business trips, as well as a few casual outfits.
Position: Leader of the Honda Yakuza Syndicate. She's also head of the West Coast branch of BilgeCo International Shipping.
Businesses: Her legal businesses include The Palace nightclub, S.Ho Korean Noodle House, various hotels in Los Santos and Hawai'i, mostly along the beach and the BilgoCo International warehouses (airport and harbour) HQ near the airport. As for illegal businesses, she has a cocaine production facility, as well as document forgery and counterfeit cash mint. She also runs an escort agency out of one of her hotels, even if it is illegal, for now.
Personality: She appears friendly and calm, exactly how her mother does. This is due to how the yakuza like to operate, be nice to the general population, make them want to work with you not against you. But beneath this is what her father brought out, her vengeful side. If someone, like say a rival, pisses her off she will flush them out relentlessly and show them what an oni (Shinto version of a demon) can do.
Family: Himiko Honda (Mother)
Viktor Volkov (Father)
Hwan (Uncle)
Catherine Volkov (Cousin)

Name: Catherine Volkova
Nickname(s): Catt. Catherine the Great.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Russian
Description: Very beautiful Russian lady. Catherine has shoulder length blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She wears similar clothes to Akira, although she usually wears a blouse with the first two or three buttons undone or a tank top under her jacket, she also wears a black pencil skirt most of the time. She is curvy, fairly buxom, and she knows it, it's to her advantage.
Position: Akira's second in command. She also has a fairly high rank in the Volkov Family in Liberty City and San Fierro.
Businesses: She helps to run The Palace nightclub. Her business dealings are mostly with Akira's businesses, but she mostly deals with the escort agency and hotels. She's also instrumental in the weapons smuggling ring Akira has set up recently, and she herself is planning on opening her own strip club in the city soon.
Personality: Flirty and hard to pin down. Catt has used her friendly, flirty nature to get men and some women on her side. It was part of her unifying the gangs in eastern Russia, around Vladivostok and in the rest of Siberia. When that didn't work she went in and killed everyone who stood in her way through assassinations or direct action. Her conquest of the criminal underworld for her father and uncle earned her the nickname of Catherine the Great, after the famous Russian Tzarina of the same name.
Family: Ivan Volkov (Father)
Natasha Volkov (Mother)
Viktor Volkov (Uncle)
Himiko Honda (Aunty)
Akira Honda (Cousin)

Name: Jermaine Beauregard Jr.
Age: 28
Race: African-American
Description: Jermaine is, as you would expect, fairly muscular, but not overly so as he is also athletically built. His brown hair is always in a high-top fade. He always wears either a green varsity/bomber jacket and jeans or a black t-shirt and jeans, and sometimes a flat-brimmed snapback cap, and sneakers. When he's working for Akira though he tends to wear a buttoned shirt, a black waistcoat and slacks, and sometimes a black pea coat and green tie.
Position: He has a high rank in Akira's family, the mafia equivalent would be made man, he also holds a leadership position in The Families, the street gang he grew up in.
Businesses: He owns both the Los Santos Limousine Service and Leroy's Electronics, an electrical appliance and pawn shop. The former is a business Akira started but handed over to Jermaine, the latter is run by his father, Jermaine Sr, and his uncle, Leroy, for who the store is named after. As for illegal dealings, Jermaine is Akira's contact in "the hood", with the corner on providing weapons and drugs to his old gang, as well as using Leroy's Electronics as a fence for stolen goods. With the limo service he also provides drivers for illegal activities.
Personality: He appears to be serious and hard, but he can be a big softy sometimes, and a bit of a joker. He grew up in South Los Santos, where he quickly fell in with the gang he grew up around. He also helped his father and uncle with their business, Leroy's Electronics. As such he learnt quickly how to run an effective business, and how the life was. After meeting Akira his personality turned a bit less violent, as he was on the path of becoming a known multiple murderer.
Family: Leroy Beauregard (Uncle)
Jermaine Beauregard Sr. (father)

Name: Anna Garcia
Age: 23
Race: Hispanic
Description: Anna is athletically built, but still fairly petite. Her brown hair is in braids which she keeps in a ponytail that goes over her shoulder. Her clothing is very Chola inspired. She is usually wearing a cropped tank top under a buttoned shirt, sometimes with just the top button done up, as well as chinos or jeans and sneakers.
Position: She hasn't been inducted fully into any gang, although her rank in Akria's gang would be equivalent to muscle in the mafia. She's also an associate in the Varios Los Aztecas, Little Seoul sect.
Businesses: She doesn't own any, but she does work with Akira's friend Hao at the Los Santos Customs near the airport. She also helps with various illegal activities, mostly taking drugs, cash and counterfeit cash to Leroy's.
Personality: She walks quietly and carries a big stick. She seems a bit sad due to recent events, and has an underlying anger and want for revenge that Akira has been reigning in. But she is always down for some fun, whether that's a car meet, cruising around or a party.
Family: Christian Garcia (Brother, dead)

Name: Hwan (No one is sure if that's his first or last name)
Nickname(s): Uncle Hwan
Age: 66
Gender: Male
Race: Korean-Japanese
Description: He's the elderly Asian man, his hair is grey, wrinkles are showing in his skin. His outfit usually consists of a three-piece suit, sometimes white with a white overcoat, and a white broad-brimmed fedora.
Position: Head of the Korean Mafia on the West Coast.
Businesses: His legal businesses include Hwan Cafe, which is named after him because he opened it, Kayton Banking Group and formally S.Ho Noodle House, which he gave control of to his niece, Akira. He also runs various bars in Hawai'i. As for his criminal empire, he mostly deals with protection rackets, vehicle thefts and the occasional assassination.
Personality: He holds a similar philosophy to Akira, keep the regular people on your side, and they will respect you willingly. It's one of the reasons he dislikes the Cartels, they rule through fear, people only show respect because they have to, not because they want to.
Family: Himiko Honda (Sister)
Viktor Volkov (Brother-in-law)
Akira Honda (Niece)

Name: Mr. Chen
Nickname(s): None (people only know him as Mr. Chen)
Age: 69 (heh heh nice)
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese (Hong Kong Chinese not mainland Chinese)
Description: He is the older Chinese triad leader, slightly shorter then Uncle Hwan. His hair is still black, although it's probably because he dyes it. He wears polo shirts and slacks normally, but will be in a dress shirt and tie, and a sports coast if needed. He walks with a slight limp, and as such also has a cane. Said cane is actually a cane-sword.
Position: Dai-lao (head) of the LS triads
Businesses: His illegal businesses include some of the same as Uncle Hwan, mostly in the protection rackets, although he works over the shops, the nearby fast food restaurant and gas station, where Uncle Hwan usually just deals with the Korean Market. His legit businesses are mostly in Hawai'i, these include jet-ski and boat rentals, scuba diving and other tourist activities.
Personality: Mr. Chen appears calm, and friendly, but out of all of the Three Dragons he's the most likely to chop someone up with a cleaver and dump their body in the ocean or feed it to the dogs. Which he has had to do, on multiple occasions. Mostly when he was younger though.
Family: Unknown.

Name: Daisy-May
Nickname(s): May
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Description: She is a goth chick from Paleto Bay. She has a pixie cut hairstyle in jet black. When she's not working she usually wears black tank tops and jeans, or other goth/punk outfits. When she is working though, she wears her uniform. She always wears black make-up though.
Position: LSPD Captain, head of the LSPD side of the joint LSPD-FIB Anti-Organized Crime task force. Although she works to help her girlfriend, so ina way she's corrupt.
Businesses: None, she's a cop.
Personality: Serious, all work type person. At least when you see her at work. Otherwise she's just as friendly as Akira.
Family: Deceased father (killed on orders of Akira, was a corrupt Sheriff from Paleto Bay)
Akira Honda (Girlfriend)
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The Salvatore Family


The Salvatore family isn't your grandpa's mob family. We combine the cutting edge modern technology and business with the traditional honor system that existed in the original formation of the Mafia. As a family, we are the kind of men and women who protect our own, who administer justice as well as provide for those under our care. But we are also businessmen, who provide goods and services that often places us on the wrong side of the law. Good, bad, it doesn't matter what we are, so long as we maintain a sense of honor. We live by a code that is our own, that we adhere to lest we become nothing more than common criminals, whose legacies amount to nothing.

Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

1. Our word is our bond. To promise something is to try it. To give your word is to do it. Few people may recognize the difference between a promise, and your word. When we say we will do something, it means we won't just try. We will do or die. Nothing less. Always more.

2. Fair Price. We offer a fair price for our services, and discounts for those in the Family. Why? Because it ensures a satisfied customer, and a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. Why don't we charge high-prices? Because asking for a percentage of the income puts them into a contract that over time will generate more money than a high-price sell.

3. We are Family. When you join the Family, when you become a full-fledged member of one of the families, then no matter where you are in the world, you have a family member who can help you with whatever you need; room and board, food, weapons, protection. We will provide for one another, because that loyalty is what makes us more than common criminals.

4. Eye for an eye, Blood for blood. Someone hurts us, we hurt them. They kill one of ours, we kill them. It's that simple.

5. We're Professionals. We don't kill for the fun of it, we kill only out of necessity. That includes cops. We do everything we can to avoid killing cops short of self-defense. Everything we do serves a purpose, and that includes taking lives.

This is our code. This is our Honor.

We are the Salvatore Family.

Name: Kyrian Salvatore

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Don

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Age: 32


FN Five-Seven 5.7mm handgun with integrated suppressor and atpial laser sight

HK417A2 rifle with either 20 in or 12 in barrels depending on situation, suppressor, Elcan 1x/4x scope, gripknife foregrip

SPAS 12 Gauge Shotgun with foldable stock, pistol grip

HK USP .45 ACP backup handgun

Legal Businesses: Ghost Security and Investigations, Ghost Import & Export, Valentine Escort Services

Illegal Businesses: Arms Dealing, Prostitution

Name: Vicente Salvatore

Relation: Uncle

Family: Salvatore

Rank: (Former) Don

Businesses: Blackwater Inc (owns shares in all other family legal businesses), Blackwater Blues (A Jazz & Blues Diner)

Name: Ciara Salvatore

Relation: Aunt

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Matriarch

Businesses: None

Name: Santiago de’ Rojas

Relation: Family Friend

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Consiglieri

Businesses: Limousine Service, Valentine Escorts

Name: Dante Salvatore

Relation: Father

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Underboss

Businesses: Ghost Guns Manufacturing

Name: Morrigan Salvatore

Relation: Mother

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Wife of the Underboss

Businesses: Hell’s Stripbar (Stripclub)

Name: Nicholas Salvatore

Relation: Uncle

Family: Salvatore

Rank: Capo

Businesses: ScorpioWylvan Security (Security company with government contracts that works primarily overseas)