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Cute in Pixels
In a village that was largely abandoned one creature remained in it. A being that stood over six feet tall, with a tail of a lion, horns like a goat, claws and teeth as sharp as blades, and eyes that shined like gold.

A town that was a day north of this old village was very aware of it and many told of the monster that lives there. None of them know what the monster is like. A few have saw it and ran before it could see them, or did they? That’s what they say.

This town was a stop many traveling hit and so many heard of the story of the beast that was a day west of town. Many that go there return and claim they saw the monster. Each told different things of how the monster acted, so no one was sure who lied and who told the truth.

So one day one of the travelers decided to find out for themselves. They head to the old village. What will they find?