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Intermediate Adventure Fantasy Fantasy Pirate Ship, YARR!

Ahoy, all roleplayers! I be lookin' fer a pirate crew to get tagethar and STORM THE SEAAAS!

Join me as the crew of the pirate ship The Countess Dragaria in a Fantasy-based world! All sentient species are welcome to be a part of this ship—from werewolf or Unicorn. I'm open to any ideas that people have!
I’d like this to be a more informal, open-world and open-ended roleplay. I’d love some creative minds to help build the world and interesting characters to fill this ship! I will begin the OOC chat thread after three people have shown interest, but I will keep it open for up to six people other than myself.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you have.

*Note: Despite pirate’s historical ways, this roleplay will be safe for work and can be as violent or as clean as The Crew wants it to be!
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