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Intermediate Accepting Fantasy Pirate Ship, YARR! (OOC)

Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome Aboard the Countess Dragaria! Let us begin by Brainstormin' Plots as well as characters! No stats are necessary for characters this time, but feel free to share them to help us understand your character more if ye wish.

Fer the original post, click here: https://solviturchartar.com/threads/fantasy-pirate-ship-yarr.2089/

Let us unleash our imaginations as the sea shall unleash her merciless tides upon us!

P.S. I am still new to this lovely site, so bare with me on the organization part of this adventure.
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I will play the Captain of the ship, and I will also be the "GM", in case anyone is wondering. Although I want this to be a more casual roleplay, so my managing will be limited to solving any disputes we have, and playing random passers-by as need be. I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has!
For the sake of fairness, I'd rather there isn't one. I wouldn't want one player (who isn't the GM, since we need some order) to feel higher-up or in more control than the others. However, feel free to argue me on that point if you think it's a good idea to have one!
Hindi roleplayer??
I'm sorry, but I don't speak Hindi. I only know English and Spanish. If either of those are comfortable for you, feel free to join, but unfortunately it would be really difficult for us to roleplay together if the only language you're comfortable with is Hindi. 😣
I think this would be a good place to post our character info. Let me know if anyone has questions about what should be in the characters bio. Whenever you're all ready, go ahead and share it! I'll be posting mine tomorrow.
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