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PG-18 Fallen and Chaos


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
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Axel looked around the human’s room, not quite able to reel in his disappointment. He’d expected to find a badass teen with rock posters all over the walls and a stash of weed hidden somewhere when his boss had said ‘she plays the electric guitar’. What had he discovered instead? A nerd. There were boxes of books cluttering up every available space, piles of scribbled in notebooks and an open laptop which was blaring “Take Me to Church”. He had to admit, for a first class assignment, this wasn’t terribly exciting. The job was simple. Influence the human without pissing off the demon too much. They had to prove demons and angels could live together in peace, or some crap. So far, he didn’t even know if he could live together with the human. All her My Hero Academia merch radiated so much ‘dork’ he would go insane.

That being said, he plopped down on the bed next to her, unseen and unfelt, looking over her shoulder at what she was typing on the computer. The moment his eyes landed on the words ‘Wattpad’ and ‘lemon’, he nearly gagged. What in the name of the good lord and savior was management thinking? Putting the war on the shoulders of this human? Were they insane? This one was already with one foot into hell, and the other deep into anime. They should have sent Denise from accounting. She would have been so much more suited to this particular human.

No doubt, the atrocity would be arriving soon as well. They had made the demon’s job too easy. Axel sighed as he started reading the crap the human was writing, cringing from the lack of grammar and accuracy. He was mentally correcting her spelling mistakes and anatomy, his eyes burning when she used the wrong ‘their’. For heaven’s sake, at least sound coherent, he thought in exasperation. One shouldn’t write about sex if one had never had sex! Especially about the opposite gender, good heavens. The moment she described one of the characters as ‘smiling softly’ was the moment Axel fell backwards on the bed with a defeated groan. ‘How does one ‘smile softly’” he demanded out loud, knowing full well she couldn’t hear him. “Nobody does that! Nobody! Seriously, find some other way to describe it!”
Name: Keir (pronounced KE-EHR)

Nicknames: Key

Race/Species: Devil

Age: Who knows? In human form, Keir appears in his early twenties

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: In human form, Keir appears perfectly human at first glance. He has thick black hair, falling down to the demon's shoulders. It is always perfectly in place, and not a single stray hair seems to exist. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and severely contrast Keir's pale skin. Depending on the day or occasion, Keir can either be found wearing a formal black shirt, or a dark button down with dress pants. His ears are pierced, and two charcoal black studs rest in his ears at all times. A tiny clock hangs from Keir's neck, and it seems to never come off. He is very tall, around 6'5, and has a very lith, but muscular, build.

Personality: When first meeting Keir, one might assume that he is chaotic and random, but very quickly, his true nature will find it's way out. He always plays by the rules, never stepping out of line. Keir knows his job, and he does it reliably. He's very loyal, and once he puts his trust in someone, it doesn't go away. His sense of humor is dry and sarcastic, and Keir rarely smiles.

Likes: Following rules, clean areas, Kit-Kats, destruction, the violin, and cats.

Dislikes: Chaos, disorganization, reality TV, failing goals, and humans
Axel Anthony Darcy



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Human Form: Standing at around 5’9, Axel is a well built guy with shoulder length blonde hair which he wears 80s rocker style. He has one blue eye and one green. When he was young, he used to wear a green contact on his blue eye, but after it started affecting his vision, he stopped. Now he is forced to wear a monocle, as his blue eye is nearly blind. Clothing wise, Axel has always been a little chaotic. Pantokrator band shirts (christian deathmetal band), jeans so ripped you’d think he was attacked by a pack of savage dogs, a leather jacket torn at the sleeves and metal cross earrings in both ears. He also has a handgun tucked in his jeans, at the small of his back.

Angel form: He has huge white wings sprouting from his back and is completely covered in blessed iron and silver jewelry. I’m talking earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle hoops, rings. Also, because he is a strong believer that the Old Testament can suck it, he is clean shaven and has a giant tattoo of a phoenix on the back of his neck and the words ‘Isaiah 6:8’ on his wrist. Those tattoos appear differently when he is in human form. The phoenix is a flame which curls around his neck and back, and comes to a rest in the place his handgun is. The words are replaced by ‘send me’

Personality: He is the very definition of ‘chaotic good’. He’d burn down the world if he thought it would lead to something better. When he is in a good mood, he tends to be really loud and in your face. He’ll sing stuff from Hamilton and sorta vibrate with positive energy. He’s also a really touchy person. Handshakes, hugs, aggressive patting on the back, you name it, he done it. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re in a bad mood, you’re getting a hug.

When he’s in a bad mood, however...Don’t touch him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t even look at him. The chances of getting yelled at are really big. There’s two ways he can react. He’s either snappy and gets annoyed over small things. Or he’s silent. That’s when you should be concerned. It means he’s gone on a downward spiral and he can’t get back up on his own. If you leave him alone for long enough, he’ll do something stupid, and either hurt himself or everyone around him.

Likes: People. He’s fascinated by them. Hot chocolate, donuts, saxes and electric guitars. Really crowded cities. Fluffy romance.
Dislikes: Heat, being bossed around, when people chew gum loudly, jokes about abuse/suicide, being reminded he’s young.
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Disgusting. That's the first word that came to Keir's head when he appeared into his assignments room. Absolutely disgusting. How long could it possibly take to pick up your belongings, and put them in the right places?! This girl should be thankful that Keir existed on another plane of existence, otherwise his glare at the state of her bedroom could kill. The design of her bedroom was even worse, posters unevenly thrown on walls, and colors contrasting against each other everywhere. A wooden board hang above the girl's bed, monogrammed in gold with the name "Elsie'. Even her name annoyed Keir, and the demon found himself struggling to not roll his eyes. At least her music taste wasn't horrible. Taking out a small notepad from his suit pocket and a pen, Keir scribbled her name on the first page, making sure to make his handwriting legible.

Looking around the room, Keir only then noticed the angel, looking over Elsie's shoulder, and looking as disgusted as Keir felt. Immediately, something felt different with this angel. Of all the ones he had ever seen, this one looked different. Maybe it was the ripped jeans, or the leather jacket, but Keir hadn't ever seen an angel look so....disorderly. It confused him, and Keir couldn't seem to control his eyebrow raising as he sent him a polite head-nod as he walked closer to Elise and whatever she was writing.

Wattpad? Oh, this would be easier than Keir thought. Good luck to whoever the angel was. Skimming his eyes over her computer screen, Keir looked away almost immediately. Why. Just why. No wonder the angel looked so upset. This would be a "fun" experience


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
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Axel didn't need to look up when he felt the room suddenly get darker. The devil had arrived. Yeah, that sounded so much more dramatic inside his head. He peered over into his direction, trying not to look to obviously interested. As a guardian, he had to deal with demons all day long, but being tasked with keeping one under his thumb? That was something new. And then the dude had the gal to nod at him? Who did that? No hello, no handshake , no nothing. Just a nod.

The demon was so fancy. He looked like a lawyer...What, with that black dress shirt and sober pants? And he was so obviously gay. "You're probably laughing your ass off about that, aren't you?" The angel nodded to her Wattpad, giving a weary sigh. Yeah, he'd given the 'life ain't fair' speech to many people, but now when it was coming back to bite him in the ass, he wasn't enjoying it. Axe pushed himself to a sitting position when Mr.Evil walked over, keeping a hand on the blessed dagger he'd hidden under his jacket. Assignment or no, he wasn't letting the Satan's spawn catch him off guard. "So...I guess you're my new...partner? What are we, exactly?" His eyes were on Elsie's wattpad as he spoke, trying not to grimace when he saw her username. 'GayShit005' apparently was a good slasher, if you judged by the 458 followers.

"NO!" he exclaimed, appalled, when one of the characters in the story pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Stop! Good heavens, my eyes." No longer able to take it, he started going through the doc and correcting the spelling mistakes, while making the computer download Grammarly in the background. After a couple moments, Elsie closed down the doc without publishing, thank the heavens, and pulled up a Drarry lemon. "THAT'S IT," the angel groaned, sliding off the bed and going as far away as the room allowed. This human being was gonna get to him before the demon did, if she kept going at this pace.


~now is the time to seize the day~
All of the angels Keir dealt with on a daily basis were so polite and kind, never so much as making a face at the demon. However, within a millisecond, Keir identified this angel as different. The angel wasn't like him, that much was obvious enough, but on first impression, seemed much less unbearable then all the others. To be utterly realistic, when he was chosen for this duty, Keir had no clue what was even expected of him. The boss had come up to him, motioned Keir into his office, and explained the rules in extreme detail, but nothing more. Not that Keir would break the rules anyway. Not to boast, but Keir was by far the most trustworthy in his position, always listening to his superiors, unlike his frankly stupid coworkers, who never thought about the long term effects of any action they took.

Focusing his attention back to present, Keir noticed the angel was talking, and using a very basic sense of logic, probably to him. "Wattpad is ..definitely... a surprise." He finally said, careful to keep his face composed and expressionless. Keir might've been a demon, but he wasn't stupid. There is no way to make anyone angry at you then to be cocky, and since he truly didn't know how long they would be expected to work together. "And I presume we are partners. I was not told our official titles, and I assume you have not been told either." As he answered the angel, Elsie pulled up another writing, this one a Drarry? Keir had not heard this term before, but he got the gist, due to Elsie's "habits" of reading within the past minute. Lord below, how was he to deal with this girl!

Keir eyes popped back up when the angel screamed, walking away from the computer to the other side of the room, loudly complaining. Trying to hold back an eye roll, and almost failing, Keir stood up and walked over the the angel again. "She's a real special one, isn't she? I don't have a clue why the ones on top chose her. She doesn't seem...adult enough to decide the fate of the universe." Deciding to reach out a potential olive branch first, Keir opened his mouth again.

"My name is Keir. What name do you go by?"


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
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“Excuse me for sounding like a boomer, but, I hate their generation,” the angel moaned, closing his eyes in weary defeat. “They have such easy access to shit nowadays” Fifty years ago, if you wanted to steal music, you had to go to the records store yourself. Now? A few clicks on a youtube downloader was all it took. If you wanted porn, you had to be the porn, damn it! Axel pulled out a small earring from his pocket and put it in, waiting for a few seconds and praying there was someone in accounting listening to him. “Denise, may I just point out,” Axel started politely after a few seconds “That this human has nothing for me to work with?” There was a disapproving cough from the other end of the line. “That’s why we sent you Mr. Darcy. You need a few cases like this under your belt if you want a promotion.” Axel cracked his knuckles loudly, imagining dragging Denise down here by her hair. “Now, now,” the accountant chuckled. “We talked about the anger issues. Are you taking your pills, darling?” Yeah, okay. Axel ripped the earring out and shoved it in his pocket. “Nobody tells me anything,” the angel snapped envisioning all the things he would do to that woman is she wasn’t his brother’s sister. The angel turned to Satan’s spawn, a tired frown on his face. “So I guess we’re in the same boat.”

Well… the dude seemed okay enough, even if the fancy-ass clothing rubbed Axel the wrong way. It was the kind of stuff the other angels liked to wear, frowning at him for not following suit. In their defense, he had burned a similar outfit under their noses when they’d so very politely suggested he stop dressing like ‘a degenerate’. “This kid,” Axel sighed, “is perfect. She’s trapped between worlds, isn’t she? With all the porn and the gay shit, she’s great for you. And then her parents are alcoholics and drug dealers, which means I do have some way to bring her over. Introduce her to church, show her there is one true saviour, make her parents pay attention to her, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.” Big brother was a lot smarter than Axel ever liked to give him credit for. “Hi,” the angel said. “I’m ‘Mr.Darcy’ if you’re a snob, Axel if you don’t tell me how to live my life. So which one is it?”