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Explain your Name~


Feel free to call me Dovah~
I'm always super curious as to why people choose their Profile/User name.

I've had an endless amount of usernames with various RP sites, video games, etc. Currently, the most consistent one is LadyDovahkiin or LadyDovah. The two main reasons for this and most of my nicknames are that I have a slight obsession with dragons. Dovahkiin means 'Dragonborn/Dragonchild' in a game called Skyrim, hence my username. Lady is just a term I like using because of my liking of fantasy medieval culture.

Soooo, your turn!

Edit: Thinkin' about changing my name to another game I've been playing a lot lately, called The Witcher. {I played the game before the show came out, saw the show as well.}


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Awww this is so cool!
I chose Jester after reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer.
The Jester was one of the main characters and I loved his personality.
On other sites, I either go by Jackson Lockwood (Jackson, because it's a dope name, Lockwood because of Jonathan's Stroud's Lockwood and Co. series) or Jay Blue.
I use Jay irl as well, because so far, all the names I've tried so for start with the letter J.


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Eyes name
Uuuu well, I guesss.... it's not a surprise?

I choose it because it means something along the lines of "bright fame" or "shining". And of course because of the relation to the birds - who will soar through life. Robyn is not my legal name, but the name I generally use online and in private settings. If I could legally change my birthname, I'd change it to Robyn.


Feel free to call me Dovah~
@Jester Ooooh, sounds interesting! I'll have to take a look at that book! I've had no many I can't remember them all. XD I can understand having a favorite letter, mine used to be and still times is, 'Z'. I loved using Zack or Ziva, or even Zero, as a name for my hundreds of RP characters.

@Robyn I think that's awesome! I like looking up names to see what their original meaning is. The name Robyn is so pretty too. I love the various ways it's spelled.


It’s Adventure Time
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So has anyone heard of the anime Sword Art Online? If not then don’t worry about it. But the main gist of it all is about people being locked up in a virtual game. The main character’s username is Kirito, a mix of his irl first and last name (Kazuto Kirigaya).

At the time I was 14 or 15 and thought that was such a cool idea to have your username be a mix of your real name. So after moving some letters around, I landed on “Reytian”. Obviously I’m not going to give out my real name but just know it’s just a fragment of my first and last name combined.

If I don’t use my username then sometimes go with something that has to do with dragons (I agree with you Dovah, dragons are cool), dinosaurs. Or just a simply “Lockdown” or “Grimlock” because it sounds cool and I like those Transformers.

Thanks for this thread Dovah, it was a really cool idea that I’m surprised no one thought of until now.