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i don't live in this world
Nick let Jasper lean against him, even though he felt the need to have support for himself too. He was hurting quite a bit but he wanted to give Jasper the support he needed. He was relieved when Jasper assured him that he was alright, that Elliot hadn't hurt him as much as he had thought. Then his expression darkened. "What else did he do?" He turned on Jasper immediately, concerned. "Tell me... we can press charges, you know? He didn't exactly seem like a safe, loving boyfriend." He walked as he spoke, helping Jasper along. "Also... shall we go over to yours? Or would you prefer mine?" Nick didn't have a car, which was a bummer because he didn't have enough money to buy one. He had to walk all the way back home or to Jasper's home.
Jasper and Nick leaned against each other as they slowly walked away from the place where the incident had happened. He could feel that the other person tried to be the one to support him, but that Nick himself was in more need of the support and Jasper shifted his weight to make it seem like the other did support him a lot but when in reality he was the one to support Nick the most.

As Jasper let it slip that Elliot had given him worse injuries before, the other turned to him and he immediately looked away as he couldn't stand the upset look the other gave him. "It's.. It's nothing really.." He mumbled as the other asked what Elliot had done to him before.
Upon closer inspection it would be clear that his nose was more crooked than it had been before, courtesy of Elliot breaking it at one point. He was also skinnier than he'd ever been, weighing about as much as he did in his mid teens.
He was also quite certain that the old yellow tinged bruises had been joined by new ones on his chest and lower ribs.

As he brought up the thought of pressing charges, Jasper bit his lower lip. "He'll just find yet another way to make life worse. And not just for me, but for you too" He said in a low voice.

The two of them hobbled along, supporting each other as they slowly made their way somewhere else. As Nick asked where they should go, Jasper froze for a second before continuing like nothing had crossed his mind, although it became clear what had made him freeze as he spoke. "I kind of.. Live with him" he admitted as feelings of shame washed over him. How could he let this happen? Not only did he put himself in this situation but he also put Nick here.
"Shouldn't we go to the hospital? You need to get looked at.." Jasper said as he glanced over at the others disheveled form.


i don't live in this world
Nick had no idea Jasper was actually supporting most of his weight, he was trying his best to walk with Jasper and not focus on his own pain.

He frowned when Jasper said why they shouldn't be pressing charges. "That's not true. He can't terrorise you forever. And if he's behind bars he won't be able to do much. Right now we don't even know what he's up to. You need to tell me what else he has done so we can report it and you can be safe," he said gently. He was worried for Jasper's safety and wanted to bring Elliot to justice.

He felt Jasper tense up when he asked about his home and stopped for a while with him. Then he continued on and told him the reason, which... was rather surprising, considering the fact that even they hadn't lived together when. they had been dating. Jasper would visit occasionally but he never stayed, and Nick didn't have enough money to purchase an apartment for the two of them, though he had been working hard at it before the break up. Now he had lost all those savings, and had to start from square one again.

"Wait so... you can't go home? To your parents'? You're always welcome at mine, but you... you can't stay." He gave Jasper a guilty look. "The hospital? Oh, I... I don't really like going to the hospital, you know that," he said lightly. It was true. For some strange reason Nick never went, even though he had sustained injuries like these before from God knew where, he never wanted to go. He always insisted on taking care of it himself, and claimed that he didn't like going. "It's nothing I can't handle." He shrugged, beginning to walk in the direction of his home.
As Nick talked about pressing charges, Jasper clenched his jaw slightly. If Elliot did face justice, it would probably be too late to save his relationship with his family anyway and he just wanted to end this horrible chapter in his life and not dredge up everything. Mostly, he blamed himself for getting him in this situation.
"Okay. I'll think about it" He said, not really knowing if he really meant it or not.

Jaspers breath hitched in his throat as the mention of his family reminded him of what Elliot most likely were doing at the moment. He didn't know what to do about it either, if he was just going to let the guy ruin his life further or if he should try to fight him, telling his family that Elliot was lying about him being gay.

Deep down he knew that his family were already suspicious since the so called girlfriends he'd had during the years never seemed to want to meet with his family. The lies he said where he wanted to focus on his studies and later, work, also fell flat as they expected him to find a girl and start a family with said girl rather fast.
His parents had met in their early twenties and stuck together throughout the years.
In fact, his older sister was getting married soon and he'd tried to come up with a possible explanation for coming solo to the occasion with no luck. If he said he wasn't in a relationship, they'd surely try to match him up with someone and he did not want that.

"I don't.. Think they would want me back home" Jasper said, rather quietly. "Not after Elliot's told them anyway" He added, his heart feeling heavy. He knew he had to tell Nick what was going on but he didn't want to. He wished he didn't have to. Then again, he wished he hadn't broken up with him, nor did he wish he had gotten together with Elliot.
There was a lot of things he wished he hadn't done.

Jasper glanced over at the guy when he said he didn't want to go to the hospital. He raised an eyebrow slightly but let it go, as he didn't want to go there either. The staff would probably ask the pair questions he didn't want to answer and if he could avoid that, he would.


i don't live in this world
Nick met Jasper's gaze. He could see the heartache in his eyes and he wondered what was troubling him. He didn't like seeing others troubled. "What did Elliot say?" he asked quietly. He could almost guess but he didn't want to assume. He had stopped walking and was just holding Jasper close. It reminded him painfully of the times they had spent together in the past. He missed Jasper so much. When he had chosen Elliot over him, it had been the most heartbreaking thing to see him suffer and not be able to do anything about it. Now he was broken, and Nick couldn't do much about it. Plus he couldn't even go home to face his parents after Elliot had told them something. Things were so messed up now. He missed the times when he could just lean on Jasper for emotional support when he needed it, someone to go back to and someone he knew would love him no matter what. Jasper had left him and for that short period of time, his mental health had really spiralled out of control.