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PG-13 Dragon Slayers || History


Before the humans

The time is 7 million years before humanity was created (short b.h.) The first creatures were coming to the planet Terra from another planet to make the planet Terra full of life again. These creatures were Unknown about how they looked like or where they came from there was no information left behind about them.

It's 5 million years b.h., the first Dragons hatched from their eggs, the first known elemental Dragons were:
Dragona (Fire), Regterra (Water), Elime (Nature), Ugrada (Weather), and the two-headed dragon Regenda and Rigenda (Night and Day). These dragons could take on a human form and had incredible powers. In their human form, they weren't bigger than a now existing human being.

How humanity was created

We are writing 2 million years b.h. and the last four dragons hatched from their eggs, Elgra (water), Zombra (Fire), Herda and Anubis the two-headed dragon (day and night) and Undras (Nature). They wanted to create life, they wanted to make the Unknown creatures, their creators' wishes true and make the planet Terra full of life. They created humanity and gave them magic and power over the planet. They took their human form for a model to create the mortal living beings' body. The humans could speak many languages, but they normally used a magic league, it works like they are speaking all leagues on the world at the same time.

The army named "Dragon Slayers"

After a while Undras got bored, it was boring to see the mortal living creatures live in peace and friendliness, he betrayed her sister and brothers and created a war in the world of humanity. The four siblings get separated into two and after a while four nations, Elgra went to North, Zombra to West, Herda to South and Undras to East. They all gathered humans into their own nation and created cities and villages. All the nations had their own capital main city where the dragons had their own houses. The first ever Army that was first named "DS" was created by Undras and the enemy nations made one too, but they named their Army "Dragon Slayers" and they gave their own nation a color: West (green), North (blue), South (red) East (yellow). Till Elgra and Zombra created a friendship between their nations, Undras started to hate his siblings even more, the only one who stayed by his side was his sister Herda. Undras and Herda made a covenant between their nations and the war between the four-nation began.

The end of the first "Magic World War"

At the end of the war it looked like Elgra and Zombra where on the loosing side, Undras had more soldiers, and a stronger will to kill. Because the army in north was getting weaker and weaker every day Elgra sent her strongest soldiers to east, and they wanted to make a total attack which would have cause north to fall, but the night before the total attack a mysterious explosion destroyed the whole east nation, and Undras died. With this army loss Elgra lost the war, and the first Magic World War ended.

Ranking system

In an army, there has to be a ranking system and there is one in the world of Dragon Slayers too. There are Soldiers, Commanders, and on the top are the Captains, you can be a captain if you are over 25 years old and your H.L. is over 200.000. There are two groups of captains,

Team captains:

They have a team and their team always gets missions, after the mission, they get money the half of the money goes to the dragons and the other half to the captains and the team.

Solo captains:

The solo captains are the stronger half of the captains, they don't have a team, and they normally get much harder missions than a team captain, you can be a solo captain only if your H.L. is over 300.000.

The uniform

Every single dragon slayer has to wear a uniform, it always has the color of the nation on it. Till normal soldier and commanders only have to wear the uniform captains have to wear a cape too (the color of the cape is always the color of the nation).

What's a Hikten Level?

The Hikten Level (short H.L.) stands as the Power Level of a Soldier. If you are over a certain H.L. you can be a Commander or even a Captain.

The job of the Dragons

Every Dragon has a job what is connected with their element, the most important job has Herda and Anubis (night and day) their job is to stabilize the sun because their sun is unstable and if they wouldn't stabilize it with their magic the sun would explode and kill every single planet in the star system and some other star systems too. (Sooo that means if the magic would somehow disappear then the sun would explode... we hope it will never happen.)

Some side information

The whole story is happening in the Zertro galaxy what is my own galaxy for all my stories.