Intermediate Drama Fantasy Dragon Blood


The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.



Young people have been staying and studying in a large academy known as Castell College. Most of the students are staying there for protection from the outside world, others are there because they have nowhere else to go, and others are going there like anyone else would go to finish their studies. It is a very large academy, filled with many dorm rooms and activities and jobs for each student to partake in. Though it is a called a college, students as young as fourteen attend there and most do not have to pay a single penny to do so. When one graduates, they are still allowed to live and work on the campus.

Living among the students are very special students-- the dragon hybrids. These students have dragon's blood coursing through their veins-- something that is very rare. Dragon hybrids have only been able to live to the age of 20 and it is said that the reason why they live such short lives is because the dragon blood within them is killing them-- tearing them apart from the inside out. Each dragon hybrid student's power level varies in ranks, the less powerful being rank A and the strongest being rank SS+, though it is very very rare for someone to be ranked SS+. The known, most powerful dragon hybrid is Johan Nathaniel Knight, the principle of Castlle College, and he only uses his powers when absolutely necessary. He is also the oldest dragon hybrid on record, living around 1,000 years on earth.

He created the college to help other dragon hybrids to learn how to control their unstable powers and to help them have someplace safe to live. The technology has greatly improved and he has been trying to figure out a formula to stabilize the dragon blood within the hybrids, to help them live longer. However, much to his disappointment, he has not been able to find the solution to it yet. He has only just discovered a strum to help stabilize the dragon blood for a short amount of time. Even when a student is injected with the syrum, most still lose control and either die or turn into Dark Knight. Dark knights turn into more of a dragon than human, giving into their dangerous and blood thirsty, beast selves and they will attack anyone nearby to quench that thirst. Many of the students who have transformed into those creatures have been permanently eliminated by the high council and even the principal himself.

While on a field trip, group of students have stumbled upon a secret cave, which was being used by a group of scientists. The scientists were wore long white coats with a big black 𖣔︎ logo on their backs and shoulders. That mark was only used by a supposedly dangerous governmental military group known as the Dark Cohlisi. The men and women who work in that group want to bring back the dragons and are using dragon blood to create super soldiers to take over the world.

Upon being discovered, the group of students run for it and are somehow able to get back to the rest of the student body. When they return to the campus, they tell the principal about what they found and a few days later, he comes to them to inform them that they will be going on secret missions. Some feel like they aren't good enough to do anything of the sort and the principle tells them that he only allows a few students to go on missions. They train for months and go on a few missions, most successful. When they return after one mission, however, they find out that their home has been invaded and nearly destroyed by the military group. Students and teachers alike have been kidnapped and/or killed or maimed by the soldiers as well.

Without anyone to really help them, the group must work together to save their fellow classmates, the principle, and even the world.


Extra Informtaion

° Genres °

• Fantasy
• Slice of Life
• Sci-Fi
• Adventure
• Action

° Dragons °

•Dragons were supposedly wiped out one hundred thousand years ago and it is unknown how the military group is getting dragon's blood. If a dragon were to return, it would likely destroy the world.


*NOTE: Even though character ranks are low, they can all use powers. The lower ranks' powers just won't be as powerful as the upper ranks. It is possible for the lower ranks to grow, but only by one to two ranks.*


- Rank A characters are the least strongest, however despite not having much strength with the powers the dragon blood gives them, they can still be useful in different ways.


-Rank B characters are a bit stronger with their powers. Much like Rank A characters, they can be useful in different ways. Rank B characters tend to live longer than the other hybrids-- by a couple of years.


- Rank C characters are stronger with their powers than Rank B characters. They are also a bit faster on their feet and can catch onto attacks a little better.


- Rank D characters are much stronger and faster than the previous ranks. They are jump fairly high and have the ability to punch a hole through walls. They are the most common characters found in the Castell Academy.


- Rank S characters are the third strongest of the hybrids. They are very strong, quick, and agile. Some have figured out how to control their powers, while most have not and are still learning.


-Rank SS characters are the second strongest of the hybrids. Almost all of them do not know how to control their powers and are a high risk of becoming Dark Knights. The principle has had to put down so many Rank SS students and is always regretful because when he finds out that a student is a rank SS, he always has to kill them. Sometimes after a few days or months...


-Rank SS+ characters are the strongest of the dragon hybrids. They know how to use their powers and are able to control them almost all the time. However, they are at the highest risk of becoming a Dark Knight, or worse, a dragon slave. There is only one known SS+ ranked hybrid and that is Johan himself. The rest of the SS+ ranked hybrids have been killed off and he was the one to do it.

° Partners °

• I am looking for one to three partners to join me in this roleplay. I'd like to try out a three to four person group roleplay for this, but if not, it's fine.

*I will be allowing two RANK SS characters for this because I don't want everyone being RANK SS. Lol.*


Character Sheet Template

Full Name
Age: (14-20)
S.O.: (What is their romantic preference?)
Species: (Human or Dragon Hybrid?)
Rank: (A - SS || Dragon Hybrids Only)
Short Bio:
•Hair Color:
•Eye Color:
•Skin Color:
•Scars: (If any.)
•Piercings: (If any.)