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Intermediate Horror Mystery Documentary


The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.
(Survivor A) is a journalist. He recieved an email from an old colleague of his that had some pretty juicy stuff written about the Clahski Mental Institution. Things that could possibly get the place torn down and him a pretty hefty paycheck and a promotion. A deal like this was way too good not to grab!

(Survivor B) is a college student who happens to be job shadowing the journalist. He was a pro at his job and she was inspired by him to begin writing in the first place. When he asks her if she wants to join him on a possible case he may have, of course she agrees!

When the two arrive at Clahski Mental Institution, they find that all the doors are locked, so they find a new way inside. As soon as they are in, they only have a moment to look around the room they have sneaked in until they both are hit harshfully enough to be knocked out cold. The two awake to find themselves strapped in chairs with bright lights blaring down on them. Someone from behind them says that they will get them out and in a matter of seconds, they were released from their bounds and the doors to their cells were locked.

They quickly get reacquainted and both are surprised to find a guard of the building looking like complete shit. He has blood all over his uniform, scratches and bruises across any skin they can see, and his hair is disheveled. He looks like he hasn't slept for days and he is breathless when he hands them their belongings.

"How did you two get in here in the first place?! I thought I locked all the doors... Anyway, you have to get out of here. It isn't safe here anymore. The place has gone to hell--" He quickly walks past them and continues as he heads for the door, "I'll tell you more about it when we get to the front exit. Follow me and try not to make too much noise."

As the trio make their way towards the main lobby, the guard explains to them that a malfunction had occurred in the security locks and the inmates and test subjects had been released and were running lose all over the building. All the inmates had been tested on with some sort of experiment dealing with lucid dreaming and other torturous ways... It made the man shudder just thinking about it.

As they neared the exit, the guard had turned to face them and started to tell them about something else, but his head was suddenly ripped from his shoulders and his body fell limp to the ground. An inmate had somehow sneaked brhind him and a bright smile was on his face as he droppes the head and said, "No, nobody is leaving... You-You just arrived!"

The two sane people turned tail and booked it in the opposite direction of the inmate. When they reach someplace they think is safe, they look at eachother and wonder just what the hell was going on and how they were gonna get out of the asylum alive.




(I do not need Survivor A to do this rp, but it would be appreciated.)

Survivor A: (Open)
Survivor B: (Claimed by Miro)

(Attackers are the inmates. I need at least 1 attacker to do this rp. If your attacker dies, feel free to make a brand new one!)

Attacker A: (Open)
Attacker B: (Open)
Attacker C: (Open)

Possible Inmate (Attacker) Characters:
*These are just character ideas you can use. If you don't want to use them and wish to make your own character, go ahead!*

▪Appears to be friendly and not too dangerous.
▪Has made up his own belief system and followers.
▪Believes the two survivors were sent to him to record his gracious teachings.
▪Aids them from time to time, but also knocks them out cold when he believes it is necessary.

▪Is a self taught "doctor."
▪Loves getting his hands dirty.
▪Hates the priest for whatever reasons.
▪Loves to experiment on others/Has many patients.
▪Has a sense of humor.

▪Can be cool headed one minute and then pissed off in the next.
▪Thinks certain people he meets will be his bride and have his children. Doesn't matter what gender they are.
▪Quotes things his mother used to tell him.

Other Information:
°Clahski Mental Institution has been used as both a mental asylum and a plave where the founder could do whatever forms of experiments he wanted. Pretty much everything was allowed and if someone threatened to tell the press or got on the man's nerves in any way, he would say that they were mentally ill due to having taken some drugs or having seen some of the other inmates drove them nuts.
°The outbreak occurred 3 weeks before the journalist and the college student arrived.
°All the women in the institution were either moved or killed. That is why all the inmates that are left are male.
°All inmates were given a type of syrum to make them physically stronger than the average human. Most died from the side effects. Some are stronger than others.
°The main goal for the survivors is to get out alive. Get the information they need on their way out.

•Ask for parts!
•Do not harm or kill another character without owner's permission.
•Blood, gore, and violence are allowed.
•No sexual scenes.
•Have fun!

Character Sheet Template
(Are You Survivor A or one of the Attackers/Patients?)
Full Name:
ID Number:
(For Attacker/Patients only.)
Short Bio:
Appearance Description:
(Describe what they look like. How tall are they? How much do they weigh? What color are their eyes, hair, and skin? What type of attire so they wear?)
Appearance Photo: (Realistic or Semi-Realistic Artwork, please.)

If you are interested in doing a 1x1, check out the other version below. If I have people more interested in the idea below, let me know. :)

[Muse A] is a new writer and a struggling college student on her last year. She wants to one day work as either an author or as a journalist for the news or some other big news press company. When she gets a call from one of her close friends, William/[Muse C], she is ecstatic about the news he gives her. Will/[Muse C] is a news journalist and is a pro at his job having worked in the field for eleven years. He told her that he got an email from one of his old colleagues which had some juicy, suspicious accusations against an asylum called "Crestion Mental Institution."

Written in the email were short sentences along the lines of "illegal experiments with lucid dreaming, brainwashing," and other torturous things happening to the patients there. What is worse is that there are accusations against the man, who began the entire experiment after having bought and taken over the asylum, had allowed pretty much anything and everything to happen to those poor souls. Even if someone from the inside threatened to take his shit to the press or if someone got on his bad side, he would write them a resignation and put them as a new patient for some surprisingly good reason as to why they went nuts.

[Muse A] and Will/[Muse C] get to the asylum and find that everything has gone to hell in a hand basket. Nobody is safe. Dead bodies and blood are everywhere and the patients are loose. Some of the more sane/accused patients tried to get out, but had been killed. Now that the two newcomers are trapped in the asylum, they don't know how they will escape or if they will even survive through the nightmare. A couple of hours after they are seperated, [Muse A] falls through the roof and gets up without too much damage. At least she can walk... Without hesitating, she starts looking for another way out of the new area of the asylum.

As she walks through large rooms with various sewing machines, tables, chairs, and cloth, she stops short when she sees some words neatly written in red paint (at least she hopes it is red paint), "Welcome home." She videos it for a second and finds a door with a large window on it. As she tries to open the door, only to find it locked, she looks up and gasps and jumps backwards a bit when she sees a man staring at her from the other side of the window.

"Darling!" [Muse B] exclaims with the most excitment in his voice, a smile beaming at the woman's terrofied expression.

As he turns and walks to her left, down the hallway, she hears another door open and close. Then the footsteps and as she ducks someplace to hide, she hears him speak up again. His voice is much to giddy and eager with a hint of apologetic twisted in as he talks, "Did I frighten you? I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to. I just got so excited seeing you, I just had to show myself!"

The woman kept quiet as she moved about the room, further away from [Muse B] and his next question made goosebumps flutter over her skin, "Have we met before? I'm sure I've seen your face somewhere. Maybe after I woke up... Anyway, why are you hiding? Don't you want to meet your husband?"

She had managed to creep away from him and into the hallway her had come from. However as soon as she started to quiclly walk away from the room, she heard him yell the pet name again and she began to run. She mobed as fast as her legs would carry her and it seemed that he had no problem keeping up with his brisk strides.

What did he want from her? Why does he call himself her husband? Will she make it out alive? Would she find Will/[Muse C]?


Additional Information

[align]Survivor A[/align]
🥀Muse A is job shadowing William.
🥀She is scared shitless during the whole ordeal, but will do just about anything to survive through the noghtmare.
🥀Takes notes and videos like crazy.

The Groom
🥀Muse B is a patient who was put in a heavy induced lucid dreaming state.
🥀He has an obsession with having a wife and he doesn't care which gender it is. He also wants children to take care and be a good father to.
🥀Is highly dangerous.
🥀Is very charming and can hum just about any ol tune.
🥀Due to experimentation, he has gained suoer strength of sorts. He can bust down just about any door and lift heavy things a normal human cannot.

Possible Survivor B
🥀Muse C/Will is very good at documenting things whether it be on his camera or notebook.
🥀He is also scared shitless in the nightmare.
🥀Is much stronger than Muse A.

What I'm Looking For
🥀For 1x1, I need someone to be Muse B (The Groom).
🥀If anyone wishes to do a 3 person group rp, then I need a Groom and a Will. :D

🥀 This is a survival horror based rp. There will be blood, violence, and gore.
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