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Intermediate Accepting PG-16 Delta Contingency (OOC)

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Pilot With The Three Strikes
Earth, 2088

Times are dire.
An alien virus, referred to as "The Infection" has arrived on Earth, after mysteriously overtaking a colony on Pluto. U.E.G. fast reaction forces were unable to stop or slow the initial outbreak, resulting in the virus quickly spreading across the nation of Kazakhstan. As the U.E.G. recovered from being absolutely steamrolled in Kazakhstan, the virus began it's blitz into Mongolia. The Military were prepared and ready at the border, or so they thought. On the horizon, hundreds of vehicles and aircraft sped towards their position, accompanied by various ground based forms. The soldiers at the front fought valiantly, but were ultimately overwhelmed and added to the already massive ranks of the vile creatures. Units further in the country were warned of the new, mechanized threat, and prepared accordingly. In this time, the Infection had acquired enough biomass to begin producing further mutated forms, interfacing with discarded human weaponry, and generating hard, chitin armor for protection. Despite their preparedness, the remaining forces were crushed within a matter of weeks. As Mongolia fell, a small contingent of viral forms managed to spread into and overtake Southern Russia, which prompted the U.E.G. to begin a firebombing campaign across the infected area to contain the outbreak, and to prepare, train, and equip extra reserve forces to station around the border of the zone.

Luck was on their side.
The constant firebombing was able to constrict the Infection's movement, and allowed for U.E.G. forces to set up along the borders, fortifying their positions. With this success, construction of a massive wall to completely contain the outbreak, and allow for eventually eradication.

So here you are.
One of the many flash clones created for the U.E.G's Project Contingency, a program to create clones of past conflicts, in order to form a massive reserve force to combat the virus. You are part of Wave 3, designated the Delta Contingency, comprised of former military, naval, and air special forces. The best of the best. As the wave completed it's mandatory Special Warfare Reintegration Training, a high ranking officer notified them that their wave had just been bought out by Shade Solutions Inc, one of Earth's largest and most professional private security services. Shade has a very shaky past with the U.E.G, having instigated and backed many a coup and revolution on Earth and her colonies. But, in this time of great duress, Shade was their best bet at keeping the Infection at bay. With this announcement, the Delta Contingency was shipped out to Goalpost Facility, a Shade garrison base on the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan Border.

You're Earth's best shot at survival, so bring your A game.
Good luck, Godspeed.


Kept you waiting, huh?
Once again, good day to those reading this! It's Sturm again. I don't have anything particularly interesting or long winded to say this time, so I'm just going to be re-listing my general expectations/rules, followed by the character sheet.


-Solvitur Charta site rules apply, so read those if you haven't already
-1 to 3 paragraphs per post
-Decent grammar and a good grasp on the English language
-Two character limit per person
-Post consistency of about 1-3 posts a week
-Decent grasp on Military lingo
-If you're sensitive to violence, this is not the place for you
-NPC Character Text will be typed in Blue


Character Application Sheet


--Weapons and Equipment--
Primary Weapon: (Designation and Picture)
Secondary Weapon: (Above applies)
Melee: (^^^)

Armor: (Be descriptive!!)
Apparel: (Above applies)
Appearance: (Picture or Description)
Ordnance: (Explosives)

--Service Information--
Past Units Served:
Conflicts Served In:
Years Served:
Commendations Received: (If any)
Current Rank:

--Addl. Information--

Short Biography:


Open Slots

Squad Leader: Volksturm (Wonder who that is)

XO: Open
Rifleman 1: Open
Rifleman 2: Open
Rifleman 3: Open
Pointman: Open
Automatic Rifleman: StarCelery
Incinerator: Open
Engineer: Open
Grenadier: Open
Marksman: Azathoth
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Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Staff member
Name: Luchias Orion

Nickname/Codename: Aquilas

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Nationality: Greek

Ethnicity: Greek

Personality: Luchias is in person, a bit of a jokester, cracking smarmy remarks and joking with his squad. He is usually cheerful and carefree, making light of most situations, and is easily likable. In the field however, Luchias becomes Aquilas, who is disconnected from most all emotions, having found it to be a coping mechanism from his past life, not being able to deal with the death he brought and the lives he took. He is a stone cold killer, precise, efficient and calculated.

(Note both hold both sets of skills, but are used differently)

--Weapons and Equipment--

Primary Weapon:

LMA-08 I.E Bellum

Fires tungsten flechettes using a magnetic rail system. Power supply connected to suit for reliable firing, has a backup on board system if disconnected from the suit.

Weight: 20 lbs

Length: ~4ft

Secondary Weapon:

MTRWs Models 14&15 I.E


Fires .45 ACP each gun modified to have an added effect to the shots. Model 14 'Fulgur' using magnetic induction allows the projectile fired to be superheated, searing and burning through targets on hit. Model 15 'Glacies' has the opposite effect, causing the bullet on impact to cause a freezing/super cooling effect on the target.

Total weight: ~ 10lbs


TDB- Model 05 I.E Scalpere

The Model 05 'Scalpere' carries a high voltage dischargeable current around the edge of the blade, both cutting and electrocuting simultaneously.

Length: Blade-10 in. Hilt-4 in.

Armor: Aquilas is outfitted with TDR-403 model light armor, which on the inside is a layer of isothermic systems and padding, which keep the wearer cool or warm depending on outside conditions. On the outside it is light armor plating covering the vital areas of the body and allowing for as much movement as possible without restricting the wearer. It also comes with a built in light shield generator which can be toggled on and off by the wearer for energy conservation and recharge. Armor comes with a Light refractive cloak, which when powered bends light around it making the user almost undetectable from the naked eye.

Apparel: Luchias can typically be seen wearing either his BDU's or his casual issued attire which range in color from black to tan.


Ordnance: TD-112 Cryo-Bang

--Service Information--

Past Units Served: 119th Sniper Division Codenamed 'Lion', 78th Spec Ops Battalion Codenamed 'Epsilon'

Conflicts Served In: 4

Years Served: 14

Commendations Received: Silver Star, Purple Heart(or equivalent)

Current Rank: Sergeant

--Addl. Information--

Short Biography: Luchias was born to a family in a small town in Greece. His family wasn't poor but was rich, they lived within their means and did the best they could. As he grew up, he always saw the soldiers on TV and read about them in books, and always aspired to be one of them. At the age of eighteen he joined up with the military, showing his aptitude for marksmanship and long range combat, he quickly made his way into a sniper unit. Quickly out in the field he found that the life he had read about wasn't all glory and fame, it was death and destruction, and his mind couldn't handle the deaths on his hands. In a fit of psychosis, his mind fragmented, splitting into his callsign, 'Aquilas'. Aquilas could do what he couldn't, took the lives they had to in a cold manner, emotionally detached from Luchias, so that the burden of grief didn't break him further.

After many years, Luchias luck ran out and on one mission, due to a lucky shot by an enemy sniper, was killed as a bullet shattered through his scope and into his brain.

Now, as a clone, he lives as the original did, only this time, knowing what he would be getting into, or so he thought.

Miscellaneous: Proficient in using handguns and rifles, and is a deadly efficient sniper and Marksman. Is trained in several hand to hand forms, and is capable with a knife or similar weapons. Is fluent in Greek, Latin, Italian, and English.


Pilot With The Three Strikes
Name: Sascha Ehrenfeld
Nickname/Codename: Jäger
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Nationality: Austrian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: A loyal, bulltrue warrior, Sascha is something of an imposing presence on the battlefield. Confident in her leadership skills, she allows herself no room for error, and any form of loss as a result of poor coordination weighs heavy on her. Off of the battlefield, she's a reliable worker, and equally, if not more so confident than when she's in the heat of battle.

--Weapons and Equipment--

Primary Weapon:
Mordhand-Locke EMAR-7 IAR
Integrally suppressed, with internally powered electromagnets to increase ammunition velocity, the EMAR is well suited for ranges beyond that of a standard rifle.

Chambered in 7.62x51mm

Length: 2 Feet, 9 Inches

Weight: 6.8 LBS

Secondary Weapon:
V-NET Conglomerate TS-9
Equipped with a rather large recoil compensator and flash hider, the TS-9 has nearly no recoil when spacing shots.

Chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum

Length: 1 Foot, 2 Inches

Weight: 4 LBS

Kress Model 0-1 “Boomslang”
Nothing beats a good ‘ol Choppa. A rather long knife, bordering on the classification of a machete.

Length: Blade 9.5 Inches, Hilt 4 Inches

Armor: Considering her roll as Squad Leader, Sascha typically wears a full set of Combat Reinforced Enhanced Assault armor, designed to take a few ballistic projectiles before breaking. Along with her set of CREA armor, she’s also equipped with a Full-Face Anti-Ballistic helmet, installed with a full communications suite, tactical advisory system, and heads up display. As a personal cosmetic choice, the helmet has a painted on shark jaw.

Apparel: Usually, Sascha wears an all-weather G3 Uniform, though can be spotted around base wearing varying sets of tank tops and cargo pants.


Ordnance: Mk.8 HE Frag, M-1 Stun

--Service Information--
Past Units Served: 177th Special Operations Assault Battalion (177th SOAB), 4th Mountain Reconnaissance Company (4th MRC)
Conflicts Served In: 3
Years Served: 12
Commendations Received: Mannerheim Cross (Achieved during a peacekeeping operation with a Finnish Army brigade)
Current Rank: Master Sergeant

--Addl. Information--

Short Biography: Born in Innsbruck, Austria some time during the mid 21st century, Sascha was welcomed into the world in moderate wealth, living a rather comfortable lifestyle. Her aspirations were rather mundane when she was younger, as she’d originally intended on getting a degree in engineering, and settling down somewhere in Spain. These plans were short lived, as she was drafted into the Austrian military to serve in some far off conflict. This was when she realized her true calling, that of a soldier. During a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine with a brigade of Finnish Army personnel, Sascha’s unit was ambushed by a small rebel militia force in a congested suburb. Sascha, with help of squadmates, was able to route their attackers from their positions, swiftly cutting short the ambush, and saving the lives of their pinned comrades. This exemplary show of bravery and courage earned the then Corporal Ehrenfeld and her squad Mannerheim Crosses, and a transfer to the 177th SOAB. Sascha served with the 177th for about six years, before transferring to the 4th MRC for a ‘change of scenery’, as she put it. Her service was abruptly ended during a nighttime raid on a military installation in the Ural Mountains, where she was severely wounded in an explosion, resulting in her bleeding out.

Now, after being cloned, Sascha is a soldier once more, still as steadfast and headstrong as she was in the past.

Miscellaneous: Master Sergeant Ehrenfeld is an adept tactician and coordinator, with a knack for guerilla tactics. She tends to push those under her command to their limit, in regards to skill and combat prowess.


Name: Lucia Squalo Arnlet
Nickname/Codename: Volume
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Nationality: Italian
Ethnicity: Romanian
Personality: Lucia is a very loud and expressive woman. She will joke slightly but always listens ad keeps calm when the situation arises almost getting aggresive when others don't pay attention. She is a very no-nonsense member, taking objectives seriously and allowing very little to entertain her. Among the few times she smiles is out of spite for others. She gives new member's a hard time as she doesn't want others to fall into the same pit of nativity she did years ago. Shes not afraid to get knee deep in the enemy if they need be as she gets hyper aggressive.

--Weapons and Equipment--
Primary Weapon:

HBFR-63 MM Masquerade
Fires .50 caliber FMJ rounds using a polymer bullet casing for to increased accuracy from long sessions of hip fire. The weapon fires from a closed bolt, but is belt fed. It has experimental add-ons such as small micro flares that extend from the right of the rifle. Useful for long session of fire.
Secondary Weapon:
Beretta 651 Pass GE-8.7
A prototype pistol developed by Beretta in 1989 and later was released in a limited set to the Italian military. The recoil spring has been replaced with a magnet rail. Fires 8. .38 bullets.

Melee weapon/Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 11.17.39 PM.png
A knife designed for cutting and slashing with the added bonus of being and explosive.
Volume is equipped with a Skat-9 set of body armour. A modern military armored suit is designed for assault operations in anomalous areas. Comprises a PSZ-12p heavy military armored suit, built-in compensation suit, and an anomalous protection bodysuit. The armor provides excellent protection against bullet and fragmentation damage, without greatly reducing the wearer's mobility.

Apparel: Mostly Lucia wears a Esercito Italiano regular uniform but will also wear a red beret along with a jacket drapped over her shoulders with a array of singlets and cargo shorts.
Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 11.45.49 PM.png

DM51 Grenade

--Service Information--
Past Units Served: Alpini Battalion "Morbegno",Alpini Battalion "Bassano",
Conflicts Served In: 3
Years Served: 13
Commendations Received: (If any)
Silver Medal of Military Valor (Saved two crashed pilots hit by machine gun fire during Operation Paraquet.)
Current Rank: Sergant

--Addl. Information--

Short Biography: Lucia was born on the streets of Naples. She devoted her early days towards pick pocketing and thievery to support her family. She decided to devote herself eventually towards a degree in biology but after a risky theft she was sentenced to military time to make up for it. Lucia was hesitant at first but found her footing as a effective gunner. Being placed in Alpini Battalion "Morbegno" She took part in the UK's attempt to take back the falklands islands. While making her way back to their regiments base a UK helicopter was taken down behind them. So Lucia commanded her units to successfully take back the helicopter from enemy face by ambushing them through crevasses in the mountains. Their group slowly but surely managed to force the enemy into a retreat saving two pilots with vital information. Due to her gallantry shown herself and regiment were awarded Silver Medals of Military Valor. Lucia decided to stick to the mountains as she found it more comforting than "another bland city space" Lucias service was cut short after an argentine attempt on the town of Grytviken where she took an 10mm round to the back of the head.

After being cloned. Lucia is desperate for more action and wishes to prove herself again

Miscellaneous: Mainly proficient with Heavy Assualt Rifles she relys on brute force and her own skill to pull through. She is multilingual and can speak Italian,English and Russian.


Pilot With The Three Strikes
Apologies for the radio silence lads. I intend to hopefully get a post out tomorrow on the IC, so stay tuned!
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