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Accepting PG-16 Delta Contingency (IC)


Pilot With The Three Strikes
September 16th, 2088
Operation Dawnbreak
Somewhere over the Hellfire of Kazakhstan
0200 Hours

In the obsidian black skies above a war-torn city in Central Kazakhstan, an aerial formation entered the airspace overhead. The craft were unmarked, but they were all easily identifiable as to what type of aircraft they were. A single C-200 Transport, flanked by an escort of two F-88 Broadsword Multi-role Fighters.

"Five minutes til we're over the drop zone, make sure everything you're gonna need on the ground is strapped tightly to yourself, 'less you wanna hit the dirt without a weapon!"
A shout came over the radio, originating from the cockpit of the C-200 Transport. The bay mounted seating of the cargo aircraft was lined with contractors from Shade, totaling at 20 strong. Each armed and equipped appropriately for such a deployment. Among them, two stood out, one Master Sergeant Ehrenfeld and her comrade, Sergeant Orion. The two both shared similar special forces training, and both were assigned to lead this deployment.

From their 'premiere' seating aboard the C-200, all that was visible were distant fires bellowing on the ground, and sporadic exchanges of small arms fire. It was a three way war on the ground. U.E.G forces were combating the Infection, whilst also fighting rouge P.M.C elements. Shade walked the fine line between ally and enemy with the U.E.G. It was an uneasy alliance, but one both sides were willing to maintain for the sake of the region. Civilian casualties weren't necessarily reported on, but all sides knew that they were numerous.

"Albatross, this is Oxide. Escort's splitting off now, you'll be reaching the DZ soon. Stay safe out there, heard there was quite a bit of double A in the region, over and out." One of the F-88 Broadsword fighters escorting the C-200 sounded off over comms. The transport rattled some as the two escorting fighters began their return trip. "One mike til we jump! Everyone, line up on either side of the cargo bay, ten to the left, and same for the right!" Shouted the flight's jump-master to the contractors in the bay. Ehrenfeld obliged the order, standing. She then turned to her squadmate, Orion, offering him a hand to pull him up from his seat.
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Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Luchias had spent the majority of the flight in his own world, his feet tapping to mental music in his head. He didnt particularly like planes, he preferred to have his feet on the ground or in a boat. He should be used to planes, but the irrational feeling remained irrational. He was pulled from his mind as the jump master shouted at them. He gave a sigh and looked up to see Ehrenfield offering her hand to him. Smiling he took her hand and pulled himself to his feet, "Ready to go squad leader?" He asked with a grin, "I'm sure ready to get my feet back on solid ground. Even if it's full of infected bags of flesh." He chuckled and rolled his shoulders, then sighed, "Now for the fun part, jumping out of a perfectly good plane."


Lucia stood up from her book, she had ignored the firefights down below wanting to keep it a surprise. She stumbled slightly as she walked over to the exit barely making it setting her at unease f it due to her stationing in the alpine mountains of Falkland islands. Her short reminiscing of the powder dusting the mountains were broke from the piercing shout of the jump master. "Don't get too cocky." Lucia spoke sternly as she watched the Landscape fly by. "We don't know what those over sized blood bags are capable of." Lucia swept a stray strand of hair away from her face. "Lets just get down to the ground. I do hate the air."


Pilot With The Three Strikes
Sascha cracked a small smirk at Luchias' remark, rolling her shoulders after helping him up from his seat. "Though I'd have to agree with Lucia, it never hurts to go into the storm with a little bit of lightheartedness. Can't exactly sap much joy out of the current state of our situation here, eh?" She gave Sergeant Arnlet a hardy pat on the shoulder, turning to grab her own helmet from the rack above her seating. She slid the helmet on over her hair, tapping a few buttons on the side of it to lock it down to the rest of her combat harness. The opaque visor soon faded into clarity, the Master Sergeant's dull hazel eyes piercing the darkness inside the helmet. "According to our handler, some Government soldiers ran into a decently sized hive in the city below, and decided it would be a perfectly O.K. idea to try to root out the Infection themselves. Of course, they failed, and ended up waking the whole damned hive. The commotion of their little firefight down there attracted the attention of some Monolith mercenaries, who then chose to engage them. We were called upon to sort out the mess they started. We've got quite a sizable paycheck waiting for us, courtesy of the U.E.G if we manage to succeed, which of course we will. With that said, I'd hope you lot are ready to go boots against the dirt, cause we've got some baddies to bust up." She spoke with a slight grin underneath her helmet, turning towards the jumpmaster and nodding, proceeding to shout towards him. "On your mark, Lieutenant, we're ready!"


Lucia sighed as she slid her helmet down to cover her head. Its display appearing in front of her eyes as she secured her ammo belts to her vest as she went through final check of her armour. "So they failed at a simple task and we have to clean up the scraps?" Arnlet asked as she shook her head in annoyance. "Typical. No matter lets just keep level headed and they won't know what him them." Her voice rung out. Lucia took a deep breath before quickly looking back over to Master Sergant Ehrenfeld. "After this lets grab a Helo and grab a drink. I know a place in venezia and I could go for some bucciarati." Lucia spoke with a chuckle before preparing for the drop.