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Darkness Rising [OOC]


The Phoenix
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The Nymphs have had a difficult past. The nymphs nearly destroyed each other. One court has been destroyed already, which means only four remain.
Four courts, each having their own agenda. Now, though, it seems conflict is at it's highest, and rising still.
In order to avoid an outright war, the nymphs decide that they need to unite the courts, and the people. Every court has a family line, descendants from Ohra herself. From these, four council members and one leader will be chosen.

One person, however, seems disgruntled to be left out of the decision making and to miss their day in court. Mavros decides only one should rule, and that it should be him. Taking out everybody who stands in his way, he soon crowns himself king. Yet, whispers cross the land, that one other descendant of Ohra still lives.

Now, it's a race against time to find this stranger - if they even exist -, ready them to face Mavros and hopefully save them all.

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