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PG-18 Count Your Blessings

Skull Tooth

"When life is precious, death is paramount."
Contents of the hotel beyond anything they conceptualized, concierges at the counter, four hotel key racks behind them. Despite the hotel's extortionate characteristics, primeval tactics of locking rooms not outlandish. Such a nice establishment, too. The floors squared kashmir white granite reflecting tiles polished and waxed to perfection, walls of bourbon and a maroon ceiling to match. Not only that, but the inside was a temple with pillars and statues of mythological beasts and gods among the many religions courses throughout time. Here was a place of lively aptitude with creative constructs to bring about the heartbeat of the hotel. Every staff member dressed in formal consisting of ties, pants and skirts dry-pressed and ironed. Hair in ponytails or cut short for probity. Not a single thread out of place; not a single animal hair present. Not to mention staff even stood outside a ballroom sized casino with double doors opened wide. Inside were slot machines, card tables and even roulette wheels where rich folk pissed money away like fecal matter. They were in the presence of the big shots- maybe a little underdressed and very short on funds. A bar located at the end of the casino, three bartenders fished out drinks strong enough to indulge the sturdy alcoholics.

Trenton found his words swallowed harshly when he realized festivities here were far
from free. No matter, a stumbling couple laughed out of the casino, the male holding a ticket. Jokes and memories fueled their laughter until they stopped before the poor couple of Briana and Trenton.

"Are you huh having a goood time?" Drunken make asked in his drunk and stupor;
glassy orbs resisting to open fully. He could trip and fall on nothing he was not careful. The older female wrapped by his arm just as drunk, smiling at a blissful evening they were leaving.

"We just got here," hesitation conquered her tone- powerless in hiding her vex.
Excitement would be far from their reach without any funds to access the merriments offered.

Said vex tone seized the male in sympathy, he handed Briana a ticket.

"Then allow your night to be on me. Drinks all around!"

What? This ticket was expensive! No way she could allow him to bid farewell to his
rightful winnings. She was poor and by her own achievements. She allotted this to happen, she would revel in it.

"Please, I insist!" Drunkenly leaning toward her with his his hand cuffing his mouth. "I
got more money than I know what to do," he whispered.

Cst caught her tongue, she did not know what to say. Irises glued to the thousand dollar
ticket, the couple laughed their way to the entrance.

"Have a WOONDERFUL night!" He cheered as he disappeared into the compelling

"Oh my god, Trent! This is a thousand dollars!" Absent-mindedly revealing to the world
their luxurious find. Uncanny; impossible, but the evidence stared her in the face in the form of a piece of paper worth as much as she made in a single week. Sure, more could have filled her pockets if Trenton's carelessness did not dispose of it all, but still. This much could give her a night she would never forget. Fuck the gambling, she was getting drunk!

"Shhhh," warned Trenton. "Don't you know you can't be saying shit like that! You could
get robbed."

Contemptuous scowling stared them down. Why would they be interested in his money?
They had enough for themselves to go around and then some. They could keep their pocket change- no interest robbing easy prey. The glares departed shortly after, striking Trenton where he stood. Okay Trenton- you are not in familiar company- relax. Sighed through his teeth; Trenton uncomfortable around flocks of established people. Middle class out of his range; however would he survive in the presence of success?

"All I'm saying is we can actually have some fun!" Briana proclaimed; porcelain smile
brightened the room. Silly to think her night ruined by gluttony- tomorrow would be a new day.

The casino roared in echoes, Briana and Trenton infiltrated, dead set on cashing out the
ticket. Booths to the right- machines with slots to drop the ticket in. Their cash spat out, Briana deposited the cash in her purse; whisked to the bar for a couple drinks.

"I'll have an apple martini, please," virtuous and kind, finger in the air fetched a
bartender's attention.

"Bourbon with some ice for me," added Trent, a grin collecting on his face. A quick mix
of drinks and Briana sipped on a wonderful concoction to dull her senses. A glass with ice cubes and a brown liquid sat in front of Trenton. "Not so slow tonight, is it?"

"No it isn't mister eh…" bartender answered.

"Davis. Trenton Davis." Trenton held out his hand, a firm greet of two male hands
solidified a momentary relationship.

"Mr. Davis." Put that in the pocket of the mind- never forget. The bartender's voice was
of proper proportion; hair short and black- combed to perfect. The outfit he wore stood out like an infected thumb- red dress coat and white shirt, topped with a long time hanging from his neck.

"I'm gonna be frank with you, good sir," Trenton's egotistical manner recently developed. Headup in the sky as it rained a beautiful green over him. Up in his knees, he would need boots to get around. "My girlfriend and I have fallen to sad times."

Where the hell did this come from? Trenton displaced uncommon mannerisms, Briana
clueless how to respond. Was it the money? Funny- she was only sharing enough to get him drunk; bold enough to even leave him here in the middle of the night once she got her rocks off. One call, she would have a ride out with all the money- he virtuously abandoned and broke. Hell, on her way out, she would even toss his fucking clothes out. Leave you naked and alone. See how you like it. You can collect your things from the end of the yard, too.

"We're looking to have some fun. How much would it be to part ways with that bottle?"

He was not serious, was he? Okay, they had the money, getting drunk was part of her
plan and whiskey ; perfect ploy if she played along. After this stunt, abandonment was surely waiting for him in the near future. Slimy snake, thought he entitled to any ounce of that money. The ticket was given to her, she had the job; what did he have? Besides an overly obsessive need for sports television and sofa lounging problems- nothing! Still; if she played along, he would wake to a surprise in the morning.

A glance at the bottle, "what? This? For the whole thing, I would be willing for fifteen

Fifteen dollars! Briana could not believe it! Sheer luck; the evening was shaping out to
be better than she thought. First a thousand dollar ticket graciously slipped into her grasp, now a bottle of good bourbon sold for cheap.

"Fifteen dollars?! Wow. Is there some kind of catch?”

Bartender leaned forward. "Only to enjoy yourself, Mr. Davis.”

Holy shit! She marked this place in the back of her mind; she was returning. Counted
her blessings, this all had to be a dream- don't shake her, she was afraid of waking.

"This is awesome!" Trenton, blissfully consumed, proclaimed like he was on top of thew world On a mountain shouting to the treetops, one of the best nights of his life.
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