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PG-18 Coffee and magic


Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
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"Finally we can close up for the night. Hey Shelby can you finish up on the dishes while I count the tills?" Your manager asked you. "Yeah, I can take care of them Kathy." After about 30 minutes of dishes you can finally get off of work. Tomorrow is the begging of the weekend, finally I can sit at home in my PJs all day and get some writing done.

You check your phone to see you have a message from your dad, you give it a quick swipe to make it disappear from your screen, it is 9:15. That is some pretty good timing if you do say so yourself. Usually you are at work until like 9:45 cleaning up. But you and Kathy are an efficient well oiled machine when it comes to closing up.

You take off your apron and hang it from a hook in the break room. This coffee shop job wasn't anything special, but it pays the bills until you can I can get this writing career going. As you grab your backpack from the locker Kathy comes up to you. "Hey great work tonight, I really appreciate the joy that you bring while working." You feel your cheeks grow a bit warm. "It's nothing, I enjoy this environment." You give a little shrug.

You head out the door and Kathy follows you out and waves before turning to lock the place up. You put on your favorite headset and begin your walk back to your apartment. It is only about 40 minutes to walk there, which to some people may seem like a really long walk, but you really enjoy this time spent walking. Well until winter hits...

Calm and quiet, that is what it's like along your route home. Though it is a longer route, you always take this way as it keeps you away from where the bars are. You can't stand the drunks who hit on you when you pass by. Plus that smell of cigarettes, Bleh! No thank you. No you would much rather walk a little longer to avoid that nonsense.

A chilling wind hits you about half way home. Ah the begging of autumn, great soon we will be getting our heavy snow storms. Oh crap and having to ride the bus to work when the weather is bad, you had completely forgotten about that. "Uuugh, I hate the bus." You exclaim as you pull your shoulder straps a bit to re-situate your backpack.

Suddenly out of the corner of your eye you see someone moving towards you, actually they are moving really fast. *Smack* They plow right into you, and you both tumble onto the pavement. "Aaah!" You begin to freak out, what the heck is going on? Is this person going to hurt you? You give them a forceful shove and push yourself up to your feet. You get in a defensive position, you are ready to fight.
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Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
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When your mind gets a focus on who had smashed into you, you find a girl who is knelt down looking very afraid. She is looks about the same age as you, you'd assume she might have also been heading home too, though seemingly in more of a rush than yourself.

Suddenly you here shouts from down the alley, the girl jumps at these shouts and looks to you with fear flooding her face. She is being chased, this is a sticky situation you have ran into. You offer a hand to her, "Come with me, we need to get away from those creeps back there!"

She takes a hold of your hand and you tug her to her feet and begin leading her down the street as fast as you can. The sound of running footsteps from the alley begin to reach your ears. Just as you turn a corner you here indistinguishable shouting from behind you. I can't let us get caught, this has gotten extremely dangerous. Should I go to the police? No that would be further than heading home. But what if they find where I'm living, that could be worse.

Your thoughts are running almost as fast as you are. The girls who's hand you have is struggling to keep up, she must have been running for a while. She can't keep this up, I guess that settles it, we are heading to my place instead. You take a turn down another street and then run down an alleyway.

As your burst out of the alley you take a left and round a corner at the end of the street. You aren't sure wether you lost them or not, but you aren't about to look back to find out. As your running down the street you here a couple loud cracks ring out behind you. Holy shit are they shooting at us! What did this girl get herself into?!

You haphazardly cross the street and run down another road before taking a right and then running through a door. You fiddly to grab your keys out of your pocket, your hands are shaking so much it makes it difficult. Struggling to get the key in the slot for it you grab your wrist with your other hand to try to steady yourself.

The key slides in and you give it a turn and push the door open, you shove the girl through the door and slam it behind you two. She takes your hand again and you rush her up three flights of stairs and down a hall. You come to a door marked 326 and grab your keys again and unlock it. You rush yourselves inside and slam the door behind you, locking it and putting the small chain lock on it too.

You collapse against the door and set your head against it. Breathing heavily, mind racing in circles, you somehow made it. The girl across from you is breathing heavy her eyes wide with fear, her face looked a little pale. Suddenly she vomits on the floor in the entry way to your apartment. You squirm away and hold you legs tight to your chest.

(Will write more when I can)