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PG-18 Not Accepting Border Kings

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Border Kings
(Rated PG-18 for all covered content)

King County, Texas
August 21st, 2032

King County is one of the most dangerous in the United States. Over the past few years, the number of cartel and gang related crimes have increased exponentially. In an attempt to curb the growing threat, law enforcement officials have formed a special task force within the Sheriff’s Department to combat the Sicarios and Gang Members. With three main cities including Night City, Blackwater, and Los Revanos.

King County Sheriffs Department has formed the Special Investigation Task Force, a group made up of about half a dozen Detectives, a full dozen patrol officers, 3 tactical teams, and other support personnel. These individuals have been thoroughly vetted to ensure their commitment, integrity, and skills met the requirements of the Task Force.

To be selected for the Task Force you must have a minimum of 3 years experience in Law Enforcement or Military Experience, a personal recommendation from an already existing member, and undergo additional tactical and surveillance training.

Our story will begin in Night City, a large sprawling metroplis with tall twenty to forty story high rise buildings, brightly lit neon lights everywhere contrasting with dark colored glass and dark grey concrete structures. With a dozen large banks and several newly legalized weed shops it is a very expensive city to live in, one which the cartels have long since been fighting for control over.

Name: Salem Grimm
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Rank: Sergeant

FN Five-Seven 5.7mm handgun with integrated suppressor and atpial laser sight

HK417 rifle with either 20 in or 12 in barrels depending on situation, suppressor, Elcan 1x/4x scope, gripknife foregrip

SPAS 12 Gauge Shotgun with foldable stock, pistol grip

HK USP .45 ACP backup handgun


The son of Vincent Grimm, a well known corrupt cop whose activities were only discovered after his severed head was delivered to the Sheriff’s Department in Los Revanos. Salem’s father had apparently lived a double life working for the Cartel for nearly a decade, covering up several crimes and setting up competitors to take the fall. This knowledge has haunted Salems every step as he grew up, leading to most officers shunning him both in the academy and in the following years.

Despite the hardships, Salem thrived as a cop. Growing up in downtown Los Revanos, he had grown up in one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods and formed many friendships and connections that he was able to exploit to make several arrests. People who normally wouldn’t talk to the police, would talk to Salem. This served to only further isolate him from most of the other officers, leaving only a few who trusted him.

Within 3 years, Salem was promoted to Detective where he really began to shine. With more informants than any other officer in the City, his information was instrumental in numerous large drug busts, cash seizures, and disrupting Cartel operations in the city. Slowly he began to earn the trust of certain individuals in the Command and among his fellow detectives. Eventually he was selected for the Special Investigations Task Force, where he has been for two years now.


Aggressive Yodeling Expert
Ellis Stewart




Telescopic Steel Baton
Glock 18
MAC - 10

From the time she was a young girl, as cliche as it sounds, she was aware she wasn't like the other girls. Ellis was driven. Always reaching towards benchmark and taking on challenges she could never hope to surmount. And when these things knocked her down. She gt up again and again and again. As many times as it took to get the job done. It was this driven attitude that's carried her through her life.

She took on all the sports and dominated her academics. One thing after another. So when it came time to carry on her life - she wasn't sure higher education would be the challenge she needed in her life. So, the police force became her calling. Her family had fought back against her whims her whole life - and this one they fought the hardest. But she was never one to back down.

She fought her way through the training and ended up in a small precinct where she tossed herself wholeheartedly into her work - climbing the ladder as aggressively as she could six years there. She found herself held back by gender discrimination and the 'good old boys', but in the end she fought through it as she always had. When she was 28 she ended up transferred to a bigger unit. And by the end of the year, she found her self selected for the Special Investigations Task Force.
IC is up!

Sorry it took so long, holidays were a lot longer than I wished. I figured we'd start off on the night shift, 12 hr shifts. Keep things interesting, you know? By the way, Adara merely approved your transfer to the Task Force, so you can still decide who referred you.
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