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do you believe the illusion that the world has put before you? or, do you already know the truth? the wind in the cypress trees hold secrets that span out for ages. scratching the surface only leaves you drowning in either questions or regrets.

vampires, witches, and all of the sort aren't as far fetched as one would imagine. the world we live in is only a gilded cage for them. the luxurious lives of the old ones, who control more about your day than you know. witches, who bend the laws of reality to their own will and remain feared to those who have had the misfortune to cross them. demons and angels alike exist in this imaginary world that is only as imagined as we allow it. especially in the town of ducchanes, louisiana-- the fabled hellmouth of the south. but, something old and powerful has arisen among the lilies and the sugarcane. and, whether the inhabitants of this town like it or not it has come to claim something from each and every one of them. welcome to the end of the road.
or any other supernatural creature, with my approval​