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The Phoenix
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On this fine first day of the month, we thank

for their continued support~

We would also like to thank everybody who participated in our Twitter Giveaway.
With some delay, all the winners have been contacted via Twitter DM. If you haven't yet, please reply to our DM as soon as possible so we can send out all the prizes~

Of course, we have a new Monthly observance. Hope over to Events and Writing discussions to enjoy new threads! Of course, with October here... Expect SpOokYnEss
Our monthly prompt is an EVENT PROMPT because Halloween is nearing, our monthly observance has everything ot do with POETRY. So hop on over and join the discussion~

Thank you to those voted in our poll, staff appreciates the feedback!
We will work on implementing this new system, we're not sure yet how and when it'll go live but we'll be sure to note you when it does~

Rule related note; after several requests staff has decided to drop the one 1x1 thread per member rule, at least for the time being. Consider this a trial run that may or may not stick.

Mandatory reminders
We have a Event suggest thread
SCRP has a mandatory age verification in place for ERPs and erotica writers
Posts and private messages have a report button if you feel rules are being broken​