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August Fun


The Phoenix
Staff member
And on that note, it's A U G U S T

On this fine first day of the month, we thank

for their continued support in donating money to keep us going.
If you want to support us as well, and get some upgrades. The input goes right back into the site.

July was unfortunately, the month where we did not celebrate Member Highlights.
If you feel a character or a person did something amazing, please shoot staff a message and give that person or character the ultimate shout out! Medals are involved!

On a funner and lighter note;


In other news: August 4th staff will do some maintenance on the site. Some features will be tweaked, and we'll move from one webhosting service to another.
While we will try and limit down-time, we cannot promise anything. We'll send out notifications before we start and once we're done so you know when to expect potential issues.

Mandatory reminders
We take Theme suggestions
We have a Event suggest thread
SCRP has a mandatory age verification in place for ERPs and erotica writers
Posts and private messages have a report button if you feel rules are being broken

Happy hunting
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