April Smapril


The Phoenix
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And from March Madness, we fly straight in the April Absurdity
This should be short and sweet

Let us start by welcoming @Reytian & @Azathoth to the Staff team and @Jester and @purplekoala20 to the Community Volunteer team.
With their, as well as your, help we think we can go

However, we can still use 1 or 2 more mods to help out. If you feel like you have what it takes, fill out the application below and send it to @Robyn or @Izack
Applicant Questions


How old you are currently, in years. Provide an exact number pleast. (26 or 19 and not late teens or mid twenties, above thirty etc)

Are you willing to go through the age verification process for the Approval Badge?
RP mods have to be 18+ in order to access all our forums.

Forum(s) you're most active in?


What is your time-zone? If you are between multiple time-zones, please state them, along with the frequency you are in each time-zone.

General Questions
Your skills:

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This doesn't have to be too personal, but anything that could affect your abilities within the staff team. We all have them, so please be honest.

Why should we choose you?:
What makes you stand out when compared to other applicants? What can you bring to the community? What contribution(s) have you made so far? Etc.

Previous experience:
Have you been a moderator on another community in the past? If yes, what were your experiences.

Are you currently a staff member on other communities?:
If you are staff on other sites/communities please list where and what your tasks include, and how SCRP would fit into your schedule.

What does being a staff member on SCRP mean to you
What do you think the job entails, or should entail?

When would you be able to dedicate time, on our forums? Try to provide a time-frame, such as 5pm-9pm weekdays. (EST and/or GMT)

How would you act in the following situations?

1. A new member signed up only a few hours ago and immediately put promotional links and text for another site (with RP section) in their signature. You notice this as they start posting around the forum. Checking the rest of their profile you also notice a link to said site on their profile.

2. A member comes to you, telling you (and giving you proof) another member PM'd them on-site wanting to discuss an argument that happened off-site. They member contacting you made a request to the argumentative member not to contact them again but this request also happened off-site.

3. Somebody you're friendly with brings an argument to your attention but they're also in the argument at hand. The situation is getting pretty heated and it appears some members band together against another.

Extra Questions

About yourself (optional):

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself? This doesn't have to be too personal, but we would love to know about the potential members within our staff team (what they enjoy, what they dislike, etc).

With this, staff hopes to pick up some events again, and get back on track.
In the mean time, you should totally come hang out in our renewed Discord server;
We've added roles and channels, including writing/RP help roles

Of course, we hope everyone stays safe and sane during the Covid-19 crisis. General reminder though, that SCRP still operates under a preset set of rules.
Please keep them in mind.

That was it for this month~

Mandatory reminders
We have a Event suggest thread
SCRP has a mandatory age verification in place for ERPs and erotica writers
Posts and private messages have a report button if you feel rules are being broken