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A Whole New World


The Phoenix
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Art by @Squigglez

Welcome to this world building extravaganza

Little is known about this strange new place, which has not yet received a name.
Will you help explore this world? Will your name be renowned in it's history books for discovering ... anything?
If so, what challenges will you find? What creatures are walking this planet?
What will this new world show us, teach us?

Which wonders are hidden in this world?

Welcome to this World building extravaganza, where YOU are part of what happens and how this world looks.
Together, we will build a world more grand than anything one person could come up with.
However, there are rules to follow, and guidelines to adhere too.

There are various medals to earn in this event
There will be 1 medal for entering, and one for having your idea becoming canon.
How to get your idea to become canon? Simple! At the end, we'll run a poll per category and members can vote for their favorite idea.
The ideas with the most votes gets to be canon.
Note: as this is as wide open as can be, staff reserves the right to tweak ideas to create a final world that makes sense.

All SCRP rules apply
You can enter 3 (three) categories max.
You can enter 1 (one) time per category.
Entries must be between 100 - 750 words
For the category "Geographical", art is allowed (it's preferred, even!)
You can enter until the 22nd of August

Guidelines for world creation
Magic/supernatural powers may or may not be a part of this world.
At least one humanoid race walks this planet

Categories and Entries

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Good people are few and far between, cherish them.
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I am going to make one entry for now till I come up with my other ones.

Culture - The Apex humanoid species of this planet (whatever it may be) is one to protect the climate. This has caused many of their cities to be overgrown and not to crazy industrialized. They are very cautious of the carbon emissions and do every thing they can to protect the environment. They care greatly for the planet and all of its life.

They had a slight period of time where they had an increase of harm being done on the environment and had quickly realized the mistake of their ways. This caused a massive culture shift that grew in it's followers in record time, this allowed them to manage the impact they had to bring them to where they are today.

And that is my first entry. I hope some more of you will join us in this world building event!

Climate - Low-orbit purification plants, takes the pollution out of the sky and stores them in barrels that can be transported to facilities that generate power using {redacted} processes.
Energy Plants - These use the barrels created by the low-orbit purification plants to generate power, using a process called {redacted}.
Vehicles - These vehicles are extremely quick, sleek hover-vehicles that compress air and force it through vents that lift it up. The faster they go, the more air that gets compressed, and the higher it can hover.


The Psychopath
Cultural groups / culture

A world where you cannot trust what you see, where even animals could be spying on you. Where the trees have eyes and the wind has ears. In which your own family would gladly see the back of you if your blood proved different from theirs. Yet also the same world where friends of the same 'clan' would gladly throw their own lives down for the good of the others.

A world where 'family' clans only hold meaning until you reach 17 years old, at which point you undergo a series of screening tests. After that, you have one year, before you reach eighteen, to join a clan, or form a smaller subset of one of the major clans.

The four major clans: The Shifters, the Whisperers, the Singers, and Rogues.

The Shifters. Those who can change forms, fully or partially. Who can become wildcats, a tree, another person. Some who might be gender-fluid. Some who can only make a shark's fin appear on their back. Some who cannot control the change at all, and are doomed to live in hiding, away from other humanoid creatures due to their 'disfigurements'.
Shifter Branches: Animal, Plant, Other

Whisperers. Those who can...speak. Some can convince a judge of your guilt, or your innocence. Some can cause countries to rise and fall with a single, well-delivered speech, those of the Human branch. Some talk to animals, and communicate with them, receiving news and having animals work for them gladly, easing their lives. Still others boast of rare talents, where they can whisper in someone's mind, make them do their bidding by force, the Controllers.
Whisperer Branches: Human, Animal, Controllers

Singers. Those who command the elements. Light, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Electricity. Each Singer has a song unique to them, that they hum softly to themselves, or play mentally when they wish to draw more power, sometimes unconsciously. They are considered a nobility clan, for their combines efforts could warp the world. They are feared and respected as the controllers of the entire environment by the other clans, and place far higher importance on the ranking of branches compared to other clans as power differs greatly between branches.
Singer Branches (In order of importance): Electricity, Fire, Water, Metal, Wind, Light, Earth.
In ascending order of rarity: Electricity, Metal, Wind, Fire, Light, Water, Earth

Rogues. The most mysterious of them all, those with...different talents that don't fit anywhere else end up here. It is said that if Rogues banded together, the Singers could potentially be overwhelmed. As their talents are so varied, so are their weaknesses. There is no surefire way to ensure the entire clan is weakened. But with so much variance comes differences in opinion, and many spend the time fighting one another. However, they will put aside quarrels to defend themselves as a whole against the other clans.
Rogue Branches: N/A. Alliances are made and broken on a daily basis.

What you are lies in your blood, your bones, your genes. The screening is to classify you into one of the four major clans. And once your clan is decided, you can no longer stay with your family. So the young 'uns under 17 pray. They pray to either get the same genetic similarities as that of their family, or to become a Singer. For as in every other world, shit flows down, money and power flows up. A Singer would be able to request visits to their family clan, even if the family did not truly wish to acknowledge the 'outsider'.

The four clans largely tolerate each other, if only to keep their respective lives flowing smoothly, but there is always an all-too-steady current of tension flowing among them. Ownership of land is a topic of constant debate, with the Whisperers, Shifters and Rogues arguing while the Singers demand some form of 'recompensation' for settling said disputes. As such, small wars are not uncommon along the borders of each city-state.

[Word Count thus far: 687]
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The Phoenix
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I'll let my lil creation speak for itself. Ignore names and titles, as I couldn't remove or edit these in the tool I was using without removing the entire towns and important places. We will edit these as applicable to the world we're building.
Cultural Groups/Culture:

Humans-The human/hobbit countries called Aqaba, Albion Eridu, Zendikar, Uruk, Kaladesh, and Sumer, hundreds of small kingdoms, and several different tribes. Many Human empires, kingdoms, and tribes often gather in large groups together at end of battles to hear the news when the messenger has returned to either rejoice or have a moment of silence together as one, many towns gather for a feast once a month, and the rest varies from civilization to civilization. So, several guilds were formed which provide jobs such as protecting certain people, neutralizing certain people, and keeping Nightstalkers and other beasts in control.

Hobbits-Live alongside humans, living on the edges of human civilizations that they're allied to, preferring to live just outside the towns and cities, and albeit
their small stature they eat heavily, otherwise they're very much alike humans. But, they're still treated as lesser than humans, while they have equality in law, but there's still heavy racism.

Revenant(Human spirits)-The souls of the dead that refuse to leave the mortal realm, so they wander, most of the time staying near loved ones.

Nightstalkers-The dark twisted creatures that stalk the foggy Moors and the dark crevices, that feed on the flesh of the living. They have smarts of an animal. They're said to be a twisted form of sinners, but in truth they're the physical form of the revenants that just never came to rest. (Inspired by the Nightstalkers from Mantic's Kings of War:1565903978380.png the miniatures game)1565903871849.png1565903895305.png1565903929427.png

History: By the time of the first written history, hobbits and humans had just begun to make their human or all hobbit respective kingdoms. The latter only having small skirmishes over cattle, food, and space near rivers. Over time they started developing the longest-living tribes into Kingdoms, and the Kingdoms began to become Empires, and new tribes came into being.
In the year 2,359 Written History (WH), meaning that humans had recorded history for 2,359 years, five countries fought each other in the first large scale war. The countries included were the New Sumer kingdom, the Aqaba empire, the new Dominarian empire, the Amonkhet empire, and the Kingdom of Innistrad. The war lasted 5 months, and Aqaba defeated Amonkhet, and Dominaria was destroyed.
5, 679 WH the year of the Second large scale war between the newly formed Kaladesh empire, the Aqaba empire, and several kingdoms which had several significant battles, around seven smaller battles, and about fifteen skirmishes in the Ixalan jungle. The winner, Aqaba, then annexed into Ixalan and started to mine stone from caves and caverns to use for their architecture, and used it to gather more fruits and to hunt within the Ixalan forest. The war gave rise to famous Hobbit war heroes who brought down racial tensions, but only slightly.
Then in 5, 683 WH a large wandering mass of Nightstalkers banded together to attack a small tribe, resulting in the tribe being wiped out. Then they camped near the next tribe, so that they could wipe out the tribe after the sun went down, so they sent requested assistance from Kaladesh, and after a couple of hours of debating, Kaladesh organized a couple of squads and followed them warily(they didn't fully trust) back to the tribe's camp. Together they fought back the monsters, and the collaboration strengthened their ties, and they started to trade and became allies by 5, 685 WH, and they began to reach out to other tribes, kingdoms, and empires.
The year 5, 691 WH brought with it the city of Mirrodin became a global trade city, which many kingdoms trusted enough to trade their precious metals, precious stones, fine silks, and all manner of useful and precious things and the gathering brought them to share knowledge.
However, in the year 6,127, a lethal plague broke out in Kaladesh and was spread through their travels to other cities as they traveled, and it lasted for about fifteen years, claiming the lives of forty-five thousand globally. Soon after the leaders organized a meeting to discuss the new disease, and how to prevent it in the future, and their conclusion was that it was the anger of the Gods, and the leaders started to enforce more on religion.
In the year 6, 145 the Chief Bishop became the leader of the most widespread religion and slowly began to gain more power than the King as time went on, and gained influence over most kingdoms and empires, and he began to reside in the empire of Kaladesh.
But in year 6, 147, the Chief Bishop ordered the destruction of Mirrodin, claiming that it was corrupting the people through false knowledge and religion. The order was carried out by year 6, 148. In 6,148, the people rioted against the Chief Bishop, so he came out and gave them a speech about what he did was save them from eternal damnation, and they went home. However, after that he went to stricter in his rules, and eventually outlawed other religions in Kaladesh and the other places that he had control over, and soon the Chief Bishop led a legion of soldiers and knights out to search for new people to convert, but many were lost to Nightstalkers, hazardous terrain, and ruthless tribes and returned with no results. So, in the year 6, 173 several hundred people gathered in Kaladesh and rioted against the Chief Bishop overcoming some hundred guards and assassinated him, and the King regained full power over Kaladesh and feeling pressured: eliminated the outlaw of other religions and lifted the restrictions.
After that, in 6,482, the people started to focus more on exploration, Kaladesh, Aqaba, and Innistrad explored the seas together and found The New World and founded settlements such as Ravnica, Eldraine, Phyrexia, and Alara, which they ended up naming the land Albion. As time progressed, Albion became more and more independent, and the Aqaba, Albion, and several other kingdoms became countries by the year 6, 531.
In the year 6, 736 the Guilds were formed, and they started to cut down on Nightstalker, wild animals, and criminal activity. The native Crovax tribe began to trade with the citizens of Albion, and the Kozilek and the Benalish tribes joined the newly formed Albion.
Then finally in the year 6, 752, the people started to use coal, and the continent that Albion was on had a large and plentiful coal deposit just outside of the country of Albion, so Sumer, Eridu, and Albion began to fight over the coal, and the conflict lasts for over two decades and results in a small part of the deposit being destroyed and Eridu winning the deposit, and so they start to settle the unclaimed portion of the continent where Albion is. Then finally the train used more since its invention in 6, 791 as railroads began to be built globally. Hobbits began to get jobs on trains fueling trains and working as engineers. As trains started to be the primary mode of transportation, the Hobbits were hired more and more, and soon started fighting for equal rights, and they ended up winning.
Finally, in the present day, 6, 904, whose main event is a global war between Albion, Kaladesh, Sumer, Eridu, Zendikar, and Aqaba, started when an Albion group assassinated the Eridruidan leader of the Coal mine industry, so Eridu's ally Zendikar defended them, Aqaba joined with Albion, and Kaladesh joined Eridu, and so Sumer joined Albion and Aqaba.

Some stuff taken from Magic the gathering(some and stuff names) and Kings of War(Nightstalker look and picture))

Technology: Their current level of technology consists of rifles(1890 to 1918), sniper rifles, revolvers, and swords for weaponry. The level of technology is also that of steam and coal powered engines.
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