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Casual MxM A Salty Heart


An unknown world lives beneath the sea, with little numbers of humans knowing about it. One of these people is Ray Sniter. He is a fisherman that mostly uses nets to capture fish. He lives near the ocean which was‘t easy on its own. It’s far from any other places, with a ten minute walk to town.

Ray had moss green eyes and messy brown hair. He wore a blue fisherman smock that had three buttons, a sun bleached skipper cap, tattered up green pants, and brown waterproof boots. His home is small and has two room. One is the restroom and the other had his bed and kitchen in it, he doesn’t have a living room as he thinks it is a waste of space. His house is wooden and has two windows. One near the bed and one in the kitchen part of the house.

One day that was like any other had him in his small boat, dragging a net behind his boat as he planned to fish with his rod tomorrow. He then pulled up his net and found something that was unbelievable to him. Along with a couple fish lay a human with the tail of a fish, its tail caught in the net. He puts the net on his boat and ties it close. He stares at the thing and asks “what are you?”.

Characters: Fisherman(m/c) x merman (y/c)

(I’m new to this site, so I’m still learning)