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PG-18 A glass of beer


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It was the end as we know it. Just as the reelection was about to begin the deadly disease called the corona virus went from a epidemic to a pandemic and there was nothing we could do to stop it. And there was only 2 people that i knew of that were alive and they were both male so this could be the end of the world as we know it. My eyes start to gather tears and there about to run down my face knowing this could be the end.
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Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
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H was crouched behind a car, blood trickling down the side of their face, warm and sticky, filling the air around them with the scent of blood. It was a quiet night, the only sound daring to fill the void being the howling of the wind and chattering bugs. Ever since the summer of 2020, things had gone south. Food and supplies had died out, disease had killed off most of the people, and now, H was stuck without bandages for their head, about half a liter of antiseptic, two guns and a long, curved knife they'd stolen from an antique store. So...things were just peachy. H let out a muffled curse as they lifted their hand to the trickle of blood, knowing full well it could and would get infected if they didn't do anything about it. And soon. Slowly, the survivor crept from behind the car and into a clothing store. By then, all the medical supplies had been exhausted, but for some reason, nobody had thought of using those fancy ass shirts.

So there was H, breaking the window with the back of their knife, a shower of glass falling around them. For a brief second, shards were suspended in the air, light refracting through them and creating a million little rainbows. And then that second was over, and all of it came crashing to the ground. By the time anyone could notice the window, H had stuffed a whole bunch of clothing into their bag, thrown on a leather jacket and scarf, and got out. Other people tended to get violent when they thought you had supplies they didn't. H made their way back to their hiding spot, the said overturned car, which had conveniently crashed right above a giant hole in the ground, covering it perfectly. They had their own little hideout, which nobody would dare go into. The danger of tetanus and burning metal kept them at bay, even if they did spot H on their way down. The survivor dumped their bag into the hideout and after wrapping their head in the shirt, hoping it would stop the bleeding, crawled back out, knife between their teeth.

Their eyes zoned in on a boy which they hadn't noticed before, who was just sitting there and bawling their eyes out. Certain it was a trick, they kept their distance at first, but after a while, they got tired of seeing the unmoving shape and not doing anything about it. Cautiously, with their knife out, they approached the figure with a frown on their face. H was a tall person, ridiculously muscular and sunburned. Their skin was the color of rust, their clothes had been patched up ten times over, hair which had obviously been cut with a knife fell to their ears, and oddest of all, they didn't seem to have a gender. There were no defining characteristics of either sex on them. Their clothes masked curves, if they had any, the short hair didn't really give any hints and their voice belonged to either a feminine guy or a masculine girl. "Sup," they said, extending the knife to the boy's throat. "Did your mommy and daddy leave ya?"


His comment angered me i don't know why it did but it just really pissed me of. I stood there with my hands in tight fist thinking about punching he but i knew if i did that i would for sure get a knife in my stomach. My face was getting red and i thought i was going to faint i started to sway a bit because a the blood was rushing to my head and was making me dizzy. I turn around and start to make a run for it i pose ready i count down from 3 in my head. 3 2 1

I start to run in the opposite way of they guy how was standing there mocking me, I had no idea where i was running but i knew i was running far far far away from him. It was hard to run with all my heavy gear on me it was slowing me down but i still had a good gain. I kept running and running past the builds that were starting to turn into ruble I ran past the abandon car just trying to get away from him.

I eventually had to stop because i was getting cramps and my stomach hurt i went behind a car and slummed down and rested my head on the exhaust pipe trying to regain my breath and trying to make myself fell better. I started to close my eyes thinking i was far enough from danger to take a nap so i close my eyes and went to sleep.