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fantasy roleplay

  1. JellyfishInTheDark

    Multiple Pairings Looking for roleplay :)

    Hi everyone! I am looking for people to roleplay with! I have about 6 years of rp experience but I haven't roleplayed in quite a while so i'd love to get back into it (even though I might be a bit rusty x,D) So a few important things I think?: I personally like to rp using quotations ""...
  2. Niri Blackmark

    Casual Multiple Pairings Niri Blackmark Partner Search

    Hello, I'm looking for one-on-one or group role-plays. I would be okay with any original role-play. I will explain anything as needed if you request it. Worlds: The Darkest Minds Series The Inheritance Cycle Series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) The Maze Runner Series The Hunger...
  3. soulful&sweet

    Hey there!!

    Hey everyone! My name is Savannah, I am 20 years old, and a full time college student. I have been roleplaying for nearly 8 years now and enjoy it very much! I am looking for loyal, detailed partners who enjoy all kinds of plots including fantasy, fandoms, modern day and much more. I try to...
  4. ArtyMyella

    Intermediate Accepting PG-13 Lost in Another World [OOC]

    LOST IN ANOTHER WORLD When a pair of human children, twin sisters Cher and Kate, mysteriously find themselves on the fantasy-esque world of "Ametiszt", they must learn how to strive and find a way to get back home, making new allies and enemies alike and avoiding the forces of "Cosmo," a queenly...
  5. NesyExecutive

    Casual Intermediate Nesy's first roleplay check! (1x1)

    Well hello, there people! Hey hey, buddy reader, I didn't see ya there! Heh just kidding! How are my lads and readers doing here today? I hope you guys are doing wonderfully. Because I am here to deliver you some plots and other fun things. So now. Let's get into the requirements and other...
  6. Singing Bones

    Intermediate Accepting Fantasy Pirate Ship, YARR! (OOC)

    Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome Aboard the Countess Dragaria! Let us begin by Brainstormin' Plots as well as characters! No stats are necessary for characters this time, but feel free to share them to help us understand your character more if ye wish. Fer the original post, click here...
  7. Iris Eweyllen

    PG-18 The Exiled Princess (M&F 1x1)

    It’s well know what power can do. It corrupts every inch of your mind, leaving you to do things you’d nevertheless imagine while growing up. The Princess, Alice Eweyllen, watched the process happen to all of the royal families. It left a seed of fear planted in her heart. To see them abuse the...
  8. Izack

    PG-18 Ino's Calling (IC)

    Alex rubbed his eyes as he sat down in his car, unbuttoning his suit jacket as he entered. It had already been a long day at the office and he still needed to pick Matty up from school. At least we’re heading to Brandon’s store to grab some new gear for the camping trip this weekend, a smile...
  9. Squigglez

    Not Accepting Quest for the Moon Gem OOC

    Sapientia Sapenti Dona Data 'Wisdom Is A Gift Given To The Wise' This is the school motto for Trinity Spirit Academy, an institution for the magically inclined. Ranging from first grade through to college the goal of TSA is to prepare young witches and wizards for the life beyond their hidden...
  10. L

    Paper Trail {fantasy group RP}

    𝖂𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 Welcome to Calahar, where magic is part of every day life for most people. Magicians are equally feared and revered. Some people hate them, others think they are the leaders the people need. Magicians come in many forms, from having a simple card-trick, to full blown elemental control...
  11. Robyn

    PG-18 Quest For Athora [1x1]