Terms and rules

SCRP has rules and staff expects them to be followed.
This is our corner of the internet. Staff puts in a lot of time, effort and even money to keep this roleplaying site up to date and fun for everybody.
Don’t ruin it for everybody.
Play nice.
Follow directions and basic human / roleplay decency.

Table of contents

Expected Forum Attitude

Posting Courtesy

Language & NSFW

SCRP Is Not...


Illegal activities, major and minor



Expected Forum Attitude

You must be 13 years old or older to be a member of this website.
By joining Solvitur Charta you testify that you are at least 13 years of age. By joining this site, you testify that if asked by an administrator to verify your age you will do so.
In order to join the NSFW section, you must be 18 years of age.
In order to join the NSFW administration will require proof of age. More information can be found here.

Do not open multiple accounts   
One account per person.
If you share an account with another member, or occasionally pop up on the same IP address, note a staff member about it. Staff will find shared IPs.

Note: while you are allowed to share an account, all parties are responsible for what happens on the account. As staff cannot track who posted it, if one person breaks a rule, the strike is against all the members using the account.

Treat others like you want to be treated
If somebody is flaming, baiting or causing problems, don’t respond in kind. Report the post and let staff do their job.
If you respond in kind or decide to deal with it yourself, you could be the one in trouble just as much as the offending member.

Drama, flaming and baiting is not allowed
You're not going to get along with everybody. It happens. However, keep personal issues precisely that; personal. Do not attempt to start drama, do not flame or bait other members on the forums. Do not bring off-site drama onto the site. If somebody is trying to start drama or problems, report them. If they flame or bait, report them.
Do not mini-mod or respond in kind as both may get you in trouble, even if you mean well.

No Harassment, Bullying or Racism / Discrimination
If someone asks you to stop, you stop. Do not post negative statuses, PMs or threads about the matter, or file fake reports to spite somebody and attempt to get them in trouble. We expect you to conduct yourself in a mature fashion. We have a report button and an ignore function. Utilize them as appropriate.
Filing fake reports wastes staff's time, and may result in a warning towards the reporter.

Don't use derogatory terms against other members. This includes racist remarks or anything else that can be seen as hate speech.

Flexibility of Speech
SCRP has flexibility of speech, not freedom of speech. In short this means that you can have and express your opinion but you cannot try and force this on others. You cannot attack a person on their opinions, thoughts and ideas. Respect others to be respected yourself.
Treat others like you wish to be treated.

Do not mini-mod on the forums
Mini-modding is defined as "A normal forum poster that takes it upon themselves to push forum rules and tell everybody how to conduct themselves instead of leaving it up to the mods.". If you see a rule-breaker, report it to the Staff members via the report button on posts or Conversation (private message/direct message).

Posting Courtesy

Do not spam or flood the forums.
Spamming/flooding is defined here as “excessive multiple posting of the exact or substantially similar messages only to get attention and may be of a senseless nature, misplaced and/or of and inappropriate content.”
Posting merely for the sake of boosting your post count is a big no-no. Posting merely to get attention is a big no-no. We have a community area, with chatter threads and games. Use these if you want a lot of messages in a short amount of time

Don't bump excessively. 
Unless otherwise specified, threads can be bumped once every 7 (seven) days. The exception is the Bump Thread (forum game).

Don’t unnecessarily double post or (re)open old threads.
You can use the quote and/or multi-quote option to distinguish between response to multiple people or different parts of a post. You can also use names and tags to differentiate.
If a thread it closed, it got probably closed for a reason.

Don't repost the thread because you feel it shouldn't have been closed. Ask a Staff members why it was closed/removed if you want to know. Staff does not do these things without reason.

Stay on-topic.
The occasional stray off-topic can happen and is fine. If comments completely derail the thread, it will be locked. If you want to continue the discussion with the other members, take it elsewhere; i.e. a new thread or Conversations. Contribute to the thread at hand, instead.

Language & NSFW

Language and NSFW
For the most part, this site is kid-friendly. Tag your threads, at the very least, don’t put mature, offensive or harmful content in:

  • Your profile picture
  • Your thread titles
  • Your signatures
  • Your username
  • Custom titles

Simply refrain from posting potential harmful sites and/or activities. This includes, but is not limited to porn or immoral or offensive materials.
The common language is English, please refrain from posting in other languages.

Hide risqué content.
Label things that are NSFW (or potentially NSFW) and put them in spoilers. Don't post erotica in the public forums. This content is allowed solely in our Erotica sections (for which a mandatory age verification is in place)

Characters in NSFW plays must be age of consent (or older)
Active characters in nfsw roleplays must be the age of consent (or older). If the involved characters are not human, they must be adult/age of consent for their race. NPC's can be any age but cannot engage in sexual situations.
Roleplaying illegal activities, i.e. bestiality is a big no-no anywhere on the forums.

SCRP Is Not...

We are not …
… a dating or hook-up site
Don't treat it as one. Respect personal boundaries, adhere to them.

Note: SCRP is a 13+ site. Inappropriate conduct and contact with minors is reason for immediate banning.

… a therapy site
Staff understands you might have personal struggles, including but not limited too depression or chronic illness. However, members nor staff are adequately equipped or train to serve as a therapist. Don't use the site or server as your free therapy site

…a commercial site.  
Don’t sell anything on this site. Don’t try and use SCRP as free advertising space for whatever you are offering.


Do not poach for other servers and/or sites
There is a time and place for advertising, signing up just to get people to join your site or server is not one of them. On a related note; roleplay requests must be for either site or site discord server

Advertising off site RP / other RP sites is allowed within the set rules and parameters.
We have a time and place for advertising. You do so by posting to the correct (sub)forum, fill out the form. All applications are up for review by staff and are thus not immediately visible. Staff reserves the right to refuse advertisement for any reason, without prior notice. Contact an admin to inquire for the reasons.
Be advised it can take staff up to 72 hours to review and accept/decline your request.

Illegal activities, major and minor

Do not steal content or plagiarize work
Plagiarizing is copy-pasting content word for word or taking artwork and claiming it as your own. Stealing content is taking someone's plot or character and changing the words around to try and get around the "plagiarism" rule, or it can be taking artwork or pictures without permissions.
In doubt, don’t do it, or check.
Give credit where credit is due. Make an effort to source your artwork.

Illegal is illegal!    
Don’t post links to things that are illegal, nor encourage people to partake in illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, pirating, plagiarize and stealing things.

Do not engage in improper conduct with a minor
"Improper conduct" is behaviour that a reasonable and sensible person would not engage in. We have both minors and legal adults on here. Some of those adults like to partake in NSFW / smut plays. Engaging in improper conduct with a minor will result in an immediate ban.
This includes but is not limited to; sending nudes, sexting or asking to ERP


Staff is human, just like you

The Administration & Moderators are here to help keep SCRP running smooth and a place of happiness. They are volunteering their time to aid members when they have problems, providing fun, amusing content as well as forum maintenance.

Respect them. Respect their decisions.

If you feel a staff member has crossed the line with their behaviour or disagree with an action they have taken, contact another staff member and file your complaint like you would another member.

Never insult or call out staff in public as this causes unneeded drama on the forums - just like you won't 'call out' another member. The staff cannot do their jobs properly if they constantly have to worry about an individual attacking them.

Staff members don’t get paid to do their jobs or to run the site. Staff members are unpaid volunteers who put time in effort into ensuring that the site runs smoothly. Some of them even put in hard earned money to help keep this place alive.

Sometimes, we get frustrated, just like any other person. We have to work, we have to go to school, but the biggest thing to remember is we are people, and we are also members. Sometimes, staff wants to take an evening to chat with people, or to work on our own posts, and to have fun at the site. Sometimes, we just don’t have the energy to review your request, or look up what you need. If that means you wait a few more hours, or even until the next day, that’s not the end of the world.

Avoid being demanding and pushy toward staff, and most of all, avoid trying to get a “quick” response out of staff members.
Think of it this way: if you DM/IM a staff member, that makes it seem like you’re an immediate response. Some staff members may be okay with this; many may not be. To you, it may be a “quick question” or a “quick fix”; to them, it means you’re making them have to take care of your problem when they hadn’t planned on doing it, or obligating them to help you when they had planned to take care of other issues and things.

Utilize the Conversation option, instead.


If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the Service. Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to deactivate your account, please contact us. As a general rule, accounts do not get deleted, but deactivated.

Staff reserves the right to change and edit without prior notice and without notice afterwards.